CDL Day 6 Match Blogs (Part 2)

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Match 5

Taylor’s Lakeside Storm vs PSA Eagles

by Adam Riff  (Taylor’s Lakeside Storm)

Three’s a  Crowd

It all boils down to this.

For all the blood, sweat and tears…

This was it.

The final day of the group stage. The final match.

Our group has always been unofficially called the ‘Group of Death’ since the powers that be determined that not one, not two, BUT THREE mighty teams were drawn into the same group.

No offense to PSA Eagles though and kudos to them for going all out even though they were very new to the sport. To be honest, seeing UCSI Red Legion, Inti Hybrids and Taylor’s Lakeside Storm grouped together at such an early stage of the competition was exciting for a neutral. But for the respective teams, it was hell.

Storm had to win against Inti on Match Day 5 or we were out of the league. And win we did. Emphatically I might add. But I did not celebrate much as Hybrids were our friends and allies. As the latest standings show, no one can predict which 2 teams will go through to the quarterfinals. As mentioned by one of the MAD admins on Facebook,

“The heat is on in Group B”.

But It Could Have Just Been Two…

It was the day after the Inti match.

Just as we were about to report the fantastic result to our management, tragedy struck.

They had some mind-numbing bad news for us as a mistake done on our part has left us staring at the nothingness that is; a withdrawal from the competition.

After all the superhuman efforts and so close to qualifying, this had to happen. Those of us at the top level of the club were dejected but did not let our members find out just yet. It was unbearable to imagine the look on their faces if we told them.

I have already told too much and divulging more would be the end of me.

It was a case of “If I told ya, then I would have to kill ya”.

Well, not literally.

But as fate would have it, we were given a second chance the next day.

One that we gladly took.

One that they would never regret giving us.

This was our time to shine. Even God has smiled upon us and saw that our hard work and undying spirit deserved some timely rewarding.

After all, it was a human error that could be forgiven but never repeated.

And so we marched on, towards our destiny.

Breaking News

As we arrive at the venue, news started to stream in that Inti HAS DRAWN their game with UCSI RED LEGION!

This means that if we win our match against PSA Eagles, and everything else goes our way; we WOULD QUALIFY to the quarterfinals!! After all the nail-biting nights calculating how we would qualify, this is extremely good news to calm our nerves.

Before the match started, Jerrard gave a heart-warming team talk that made the team cry as one. Again, I do not want to reveal too much but this definitely united the team more right before we play.

Roxanne shone in the 1st half with multiple catches and kills, the talent that made her stand out earlier this year. Looks like she has got her form back just in time. The Eagles went down 1-0, then 2-0 as Roxanne, Heidy, Jerrard and the guys made very good kills.

In 3rd game, Jerrard made some changes to increase the tempo. Yoesia and Julius made fabulous catches to get their team-mates in when they were down. And suddenly it was 5 Storms against 1 Eagle in the remaining minutes of the 1st half. Alas, the PSA girl finally could not dodge Jack’s shot after evading several. It was 3-0 at the end.

I Solemnly Swear

It was Pledge Day as the cheerleaders had to perform the Dodgeball Pledge as creative as possible. They decided to incorporate mini-flags and home-made pom-poms as part of the routine. The entire team was pulled in to participate as we swore our allegiance to the cause.

1, 2 Dodgeball!

This included a spectacular longer routine by the girls as they pulled off surprise after surprise. The tophat dance was top notch as usual.

A note to the Eagles : Your Thriller medley was awesome! Haha. Good job guys!

Road to Glory?

Though we were 3 games up, it was still tense as the match was not over. The 2nd half started quite badly for Storm as they were quickly 3 men down. The Eagles were trying to make a fantastic comeback and they did. With Jen Jun the last player, he got hit with a flying Eagle Suicide!

Then, Jerrard subbed Fred in; who broke his finger yesterday to get him some playing time in order to get into the MVP team. It was a bold move indeed by the Captain with the Eagles coming back into the game. In the end, Fred was the last man standing with all his teammates out. He was against 3 Eagles and everyone thought he was a goner.

But, Fred had the last laugh as he evaded many shots and played very smartly to while the time away. Though Eagles had the numbers, the win came too late as Storm got a 3-2 win.


I don’t know much but all I know is WE WERE ALL HAPPY THAT WE MADE A COMEBACK IN THE LEAGUE. Hopefully, our group support don’t lose points and we would be there this Saturday for the FINAL!


Group Support

Spokesperson and player – Jeff Ler

For commentating with a broken ankle, he is amazingly spirited.

For persisting with a cracked elbow, he is just too awesome.

Storm Dodgettes lead by Cassandra Kiu.

How cute to see the cheerleaders making their own flags and pom-poms.

Wish I could reward them every day.

Uh-oh, I might need to retract my statement. Haha.

And that’s me,

Adam Riff.

Proud Blogger, Secretary and Player of the Taylor’s Lakeside Storm.

I do not know if I will get to blog again for CDL as the blogger marks will only be published later.

So, in case I don’t, take care and thank you for reading!

P.S. My hand has been fractured for the past 3 blogs =)

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great story and you did a fine job with including in the behind-the-scene details! Your flair for writing is clearly evident and you deserve recognition for that – kudos!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 5

Taylor’s Lakeside Storm vs PSA Eagles

by Nazri  (PSA Eagles)

Perlawanan cemerlang Eagles sepanjang CDL.

Pada 14 Oktober 2010 telah berlangsungnya perlawanan kelima, hari keenam di Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam. Eagles memulakan perlawanan dengan kategori tiga lelaki dan tiga perempuan di mana menurunkan Nurul, Hafiz, Farizan, Muhaimi, Atiqah, dan Marziana. Pada ketegori ini, Eagles tidak menunjukkan taringnya lagi apabila tewas 3-0 di tangan Storm pada kira-kira lima puluh saat terakhir. Namun, semangat pasukan Eagles terus berkobar-kobar apabila semua pasukan dan penonton terus memberikan sokongan yang padu dari luar gelanggang. Pemain perempuan Eagles menunjukkan peningkatan yang memberangsangkan apabila mereka akhirnya berjaya menangkap sebiji bola yang dilontarkan oleh pemain Storm pada hari keenam CDL ini. Usaha pemain ini harus dibanggakan.  Separuh masa pertama bagi kategori ini tamat dengan mata 3-0 dimana nilai mata tiga adalah milik pasukan Storm.

Perlawanan berhenti berehat untuk menyaksikan persembahan pasukan sorak dari kedua-dua pasukan. Persembahan dimulakan dengan persembahan pasukan sorak Eagles. Diakhir persembahan, sebahagian pemain Eagles menyertai pasukan sorak untuk memberikan semangat untuk memastikan hari ini adalah perlawanan terbaik untuk mereka. Syabas kepada mereka! Pasukan Storm memulakan persembahan dengan ikrar mereka yang diketuai oleh ketua pasukan mereka. Selesai berikrar dengan perkataaan, “1, 2, Dodgeball”, mereka memulakan persembahan dengan menggunakan tongkat dan meneruskan persembahan mereka.

Perlawanan separuh masa kedua perlawanan kelima dimulakan dan perlawanan menjadi sengit apabila pasukan Eagles menurunkan Annaz, Raffi,Izzi, Taufiq, Hazrin, dan Adam. Perlawanan pertama separuh masa kedua berakhir dimana pasukan Eagles berjaya mendapatkan mata pertama buat mereka. Tahniah! Perlawanan terus menjadi hangat apabila pemain Eagles berjaya menumpaskan seorang demi seorang pemain Storm sehinga pemain Storm hanya tinggal seorang di dalam gelanggang. Pemain Storm terus bertahan hingga masa perlawanan sepuluh minit tamat. Pasukan Eagles akhirnya berjaya merapatkan jurang tetapi hanya satu mata sahaja membezakan mereka pada perlawanan tamat. Perlawanan antara Eagles dan Storm berakhir 3-2 dengan kemenangan milik pasukan Storm. Tahniah buat pasukan Eagles! Eagles adalah salah satu pasukan yang baharu dan perlawanan ini harus dibanggakan kerana perlawanan ini adalah salah satu corak permainan yang cemerlang buat Eagles untuk CDL kali ini. Teruskan usaha Eagles untuk CDL akan datang.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Good reporting skills but again, lacks that something extra to get your readers excited.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 6

HELP Hyperblads vs Sunway Pharoahs

by May Lim  (HELP Hyperblades)

Match 6 of Day 6: I’ve always believed that two similar numbers bring me luck. Could it be the same for either the Sunway Pharoahs, or will Lady Luck do favours for the HELP Hyperblades? Once again, balls were flying as both teams needed to fight for the win: it would be the last match played by either one of the teams.

The starting 6 of the match was the usual; Captain Tan Jun Kit, Vinod Menon, Chin VK, Lim Su-Zen, Ng Shiann and Jessica Tan. The match started off with a false start due to the excitement of the Sunway Pharoahs. The usual strategy was played by the HELP Hyperblades: 3 would run for the ball, and one would pass one back to Vinod. However, Vinod missed hitting one of the Sunway Pharoahs. VK was the first of the HELP Hyperblades to be hit out, followed by Vinod and Jessica. One of the Sunway Pharoahs managed to catch a ball thrown by Shiann, causing her to be out of the game. The same happened with Jun Kit, and it was Su-Zen left in the cage against the Sunway Pharoahs. Could she defend the HELP Hyperblades? Alas, she couldn’t as the Sunway Pharoahs hit her out with 7 minutes and 22 seconds left on the clock.

Su-Zen and Jessica, tired and sweaty, were replaced by Trisha and Lynn. Once again in the second match, VK was the first to be hit out. The players of HELP Hyperblades were playing more aggressively, throwing balls so hard, they bounced out of the cage. Jun Kit and Vinod were hit; we all could tell that the Sunway Pharoahs were trying really hard to beat the HELP Hyperblades. This time, the match ended with the Sunway Pharoahs having one girl left in the cage. The HELP Hyperblades drew with the Sunway Pharoahs with 5 minutes and 38 seconds left on the clock.

Third match was equally exciting: this time, Vinod was the first to be hit out but the marshalls called a false start once again. The Sunway Pharoahs were really getting their game on! They certainly put up a really good fight, catching the HELP Hyperblades off guard. The 3 boys of the HELP Hyperblades were certainly panicking inside; they knew they had to win this match to stay in the League. The Pharoahs found themselves outnumbered once again with one girl left in the court.

Forth match: this time the girls were having a really good time! The Audience witnessed very well blocks by Lynn and Trisha, though as usual, the boys were the ones leading most of the game. The Sunway Pharoahs seem to favour hitting VK and Vinod out as soon as possible, to no avail. However the Sunway Pharoahs managed to catch up, winning the match. It was a draw by half time.

The dodgettes of HELP Hyperblades 6 lovely ladies and 2 very talented men, got the crowds hearts racing, dancing to song Rockstar by Prima J. They ended with a pledge: SUPPORT TO MADNESS. PLEDGE TO THE JOURNEY. 1, 2, DODGEBALL!

The first match of the second half started ONCE AGAIN with a false start. Players Jun Kit, VK, Vinod, Jason, Gar Jun and Shen were playing this time round. High speed balls were flying to and fro: the HELP Hyperblades probably couldn’t accept the results of the first match. Sure enough, the HELP Hyperblades won once again.


The following matches saw more false starts: were the players excited or full of anticipation and determination to win? The Sunway Pharoahs certainly looked like they wanted to win this game: they were playing really well. More dodges from the HELP Hyperblades brought the score to 6-2 by 3 minutes and 33 seconds left on the clock for of the second half.

In the last match, all the players in the court were extremely panicky. Even the marshalls couldn’t keep up with the boys. However, the Sunway Pharoahs won that round as there were more Sunway players in the cage. Despite their final win, the HELP Hyperblades still won the match with a score of 6-3.

To the Sunway Pharoahs, it’s not the end! Keep it up and practice makes perfect; we’ll see you again next year at CDL 2011.

As for the HELP Hyperblades, CONGRATS ONCE AGAIN! You’ve moved on to the next level.. GAMBATEH AND KUDOS TO YOU ALL!

In the words of HELP Hyperblade’s spokesperson, Denise Chan, ‘YOU GO, HYPERBLADES!’

“It’s S for SUPERSPOKESPERSON” – Denise Chan.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great details & pictures. Good job with inspiring the other team as well.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7

Metropolitan Maestro vs Masterskill Vipers

by Elizabeth Lee  (Metropolitan Maestro)

“We’re ready! We’re ready!”  Our team captain, Aamos cheered out loud, mimicking Spongebob Squarepant’s catchy phrase as he danced at the Politeknik car park! And indeed we were! After our encounter with UPM’s Tupai Kilat on Monday, we; the Maestros, were amped for yet another adrenaline pumping dodgeball match!

Today, we’re up against Masterskill’s Vipers once again (fierce team with an ever more ferocious looking logo)! Our last match with this vivacious team saw us winning with a close score of 4-2. As Wilma Rudolph once said, “Never underestimate the power of human spirit”. The Vipers’ sheer determination and spirit was acute in our minds, and we were definitely going to do our very best!

This time instead of a coin toss, we settled things with a game of one two juice!

Sooner than you know it, the first half began with the Maestros consisting of Guna, Rick, Charlie, Je Hui, Elizabeth, and Serene. At the blow of the whistle, players from both teams dashed for dodgeballs. The game paced quicken as Charlie and Guna were knocked off the court by the Vipers. However, with fantastic catching from Rick, Guna was revived and on his feet (he continuously caught two balls within seconds!). With only a single Viper girl left, Rick went for a shot and we were victorious! The second game was epic! The Maestros nearly suffered a triple kill; but we were saved by Charles as he successfully caught that live ball (reviving three of us!). We were victorious yet again!

And within moments, it was time for an interval! We began with a pledge towards the beautiful sport of dodgeball, increasing our patriotism to the fantastic game! The Vipers’ dodgettes  then showcased an exciting performance of a dance, leaving us dancing to the beat!  Our Maestro dodgettes carried on the show with a performance from our guy players who looked sexy (I must say) with their savvy moves! The thunderous cheers filled us with excitement to continue the game!

Testosterone was pumping at the start of the second half! The blow of the whistle saw Rick attacking quickly with a shotgun. However, the fast shots of the Vipers were difficult to dodge; leaving Guna on his own. We lost the match when Guna failed to catch a fast Viper ball! The next game was a draw filled with anxiety as we had to restart the game twice. Following that, we lose two games to the intense fangs (or dodgeball shots) by the amazing Vipers. The last match of the day was a success as Guna beautifully defended and killed Vipers one by one!

Final Score: Maestros – Vipers 5 – 4

What an exhilarating match (with such a close score!)!! We definitely had a great time playing against the Vipers who gave it their all!  We learnt a lot from this match; gaining more experience on how to improve our techniques and formations. And so, we step out of Politeknik once again, growing and learning as a team (or as we Maestros would say; as a family!). A Revive toast to you Maestros! An awesome job today! We will be back for the much anticipated grand finals on Saturday! GO MAESTROS!

Judge’s Comments:

1.There’s excitement in the way you write – which is good! Solid details on the match and good pictures too.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7

Metropolitan Maestro vs Masterskill Vipers

by Nabilah  (Masterskill Vipers)

Tonight our journey started a bit late, where we all still got our time for a lil bit of laughs and a lil bit of some practical jokes on each other. Since today is the last match before the finals, we’re VIPERS trying to keep it cool and stay neutral so the nervousness won’t affect us in some ways for tonight.

The players were warming up themselves at the compound here in Politeknik and so was our group support, the dogettes were getting their grooves up ready and Joe  our spokesperson was also preparing his amazing voice for the audience tonight.

As you all would know, the adrenaline rush attacking us again tonight, it may be a lie if we are telling you there was no shaking nor trembling in our team, apparently there was, but with a lil bit of prayers from each of us in the team is good enough to release all the bad negativity feelings.

Picture above was the vipers having a some prayers

On the first few minutes (9.23) the adrenaline rush still irritates our players, how 5 of them leaving got knocked out leaving Danson with a huge hope to catch a ball, there wasn’t any, so Maestro got the first score 1 and 0 on us. It’s cool..

At the 7.47 minutes, 4 of us were out f the court, Ulau was trying to get a good catch but luck wasn’t on her side and making Maestro having scored again 2 on them and 0 on us. Game was getting tense more and more for our players to actually get even one point, and just like Joe has mentioned our girls were still striking even though they were feeling fatigue against the Maestro’s! First game was all on Maestro which was a darn good 4 and us 0.

Amazingly done, our team scored by a counter by Eddly and a catch by the vipers in getting a score finally for the first tonight we got a 1 at 8.35 minutes and at 6.25 minutes we got a 2.. :0 Happy 😀 and addernaline rushing still!

At the very last 1.35 minutes amazingly done by Vipers, by getting another 1 score and timewas on our side this time we got a 4 against Maestro who got a darn good score as well 5.






Judge’s Comments:

1. Please take note of the spelling errors and there were some sentence structure errors as well. Pictures were good but something extra is missing – do try and challenge yourself to come up with an interesting introduction and conclusion.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8

City UC Tigers vs UCSI U DD

by Aman  (CITY Tigers)

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera, Salam Satu Malaysia for all dodgeball team present today. Here we meet again in TIGER blogger comment side and today, I represent my team member don’t have much to comment about.


We start with good performance from the beginning but however TIGER lost their first score point. This might be because of all the team member quite little bit scare to the most powerful team and well developed. TIGER try to fight back and try to win the first score luckily we did that and also we manage to get our second score point.


After not quite long leading at the in front with 2-1 score, TIGER seem like to be little bit lack of focus and also don’t really inside the game and the consequences we get tied 2-2 just before the end of the first half.

Like entering the second half there nothing to setup anymore like this is our last match for the group stage level and TIGER think the only way to win again UCSI team is play with all our strength and skill. However, end of the second half we lost again UCSI

and there a lot of weakness that we have to fix.

See u on Saturday

Judge’s Comments:

1. The post kind off reads as if you’ve given up or decided to not put much effort into writing it. Pictures were good nonetheless.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8

City UC Tigers vs UCSI U DD

by Charity  (UCSI DD)

This was the second time the Devil’s Dukes were playing against the Tigers. Since our game was the last game of the day, the team was finding it difficult to keep their focus until it was their turn to play. In the first match, it was pretty obvious they were trying to get their head in the game and seemed to be slacking a little. They won the first game, but went on to lose to the determined Tigers for the second and third round. They drew the last round of 3+3 and the score was 2 to 1.

Then, it was once again time for our amazingly talented dodgettes to perform their routine!They managed to shock us all AGAIN, with their new stunt. It’s called the ‘basket toss’. Everyone cheered and applauded loudly for the spectacular act! Even i was stunned and was in awe. Great job dodgettes and keep it up! We’re proud of you.

As we proceeded into the all-guys game, the guys realized that the Tigers meant business and were fighting to win. So the boys gathered their act together, regained their focus and went all out, not daring to underestimate the ferocious Tigers anymore. Sure enough, they didn’t fail us. They managed to win 3 out of 4 games with a draw for the last game. All of the players did well for the second half. Amazing leg-shots by Casey, one of our strong attacker and catches from our star catcher, Sina.

I should also mention that the Tigers were great dodgers! They managed to dodge most balls that came hurling their way. Amazing performance Tigers, keep up the good work and continue roaring!

Well what can I say, the Devil’s Dukes are definitely going to the knock-out stage! I am so proud of you guys for you have worked hard, trained hard and played hard to get to where you are now. I have seen you guys train in the stuffy Multi Purpose Hall in our university and you guys always seem to enjoy the game and not just training just for the sake of winning. You guys rock on to the finals! Devil’s Dukes lets go for it and fight till the end!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Inspiring and encouraging words are always a plus. Pictures were good too!


CDL Day 6 Match Blogs (Part 1)

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Match 1

INTI Hybrids vs UCSI Red Legion

By Melinda Lee (INTI Hybrids)

After 4 consecutive wins and 1 big defeat, Hybrids were game on for our determining match of CDL. It was either win the game and proceed to the next round or lose and be eliminated. Hybrids spent nights discussing devising a strategy and hours pumping in the confidence lost during the last match.

Tonight, Hybrids wants that place in the finals.

The first minute of the game quickly ruled out 1 Red Legion then 2 within the same minute. With a small audience, the supporters from both sides warmed the hall tonight with their cheers, screams and excitement. At 3.5 minutes, the Hybrids detained 4 players, then quickly 5.

By the fourth minute, Hybrids scored their first point of the day. The lost confidence, sleep and hope suddenly was compensated with this score. Light poured back into our players eyes; they were gleaming and excited to take Red Legions down. But Red Legions remained calm and composed.

The second set started and within the first 30 seconds, 2 Red Legions were out. Hybrid supporters screamed and jumped in the courts. We were all suddenly overwhelmed by that sense of victory and control over the game. Slowly, our counterparts started showing fear and worry—which probably brought out all their reserved strength  and spirit. Hybrids hunger for points didn’t stop. By the 4.5 minutes, Hybrids scored the second point.

The third set was a show of Red Legion’s strong come back. Just 40 seconds into the game, 2 Hybrids were detained and we were outnumbered. Still fuelled with determination, Hybrids charged confidently and strategically. In the next 20 seconds, a Hybrid saved 1 ball and saved one of our detainees, but luck wasn’t on our side this time: that same second, a ball slipped out of one of our players and we lost another player to the detainment zone. Red Legions’ side was equally as exciting. During that same time, 1 Red Legion was detained but one ball was saved. That saved 1 Red Legion on put us under detainment. It was 3 players against 3 players then. With 17 seconds, 16 seconds, 15 seconds, suddenly one ball struck a Hybrid. The Red Legions cheered gleefully. By the time Hybrids could collect themselves, Red Legions had already scored their first point.

The second half of the game exploded with energy on both sides.

Hybrids managed to detain 2 players within the first minute. But Red Legions was fast in their comeback, they scored their second point by the 3rd minute. It was suddenly a tie.

We were baffled but eager to lead the game. 6th minute, 2 Hybrids were detained. 6.5 minute, we detained 2 Red Legions. And with great speed, detained another 3 more and rule out Red Legions during the 4th set. We were in the lead again. The game became so fast paced and unpredictable that it left all of us out of breath, nervous and anxious.

The last set, with only 2 minutes left, was so important to both teams that it became so intense. Balls were flying at top speed on both directions, directions were shouted at players, and whistles were blown over and over again. At 1.25 minute, Red Legions were leading with their number of players. The supporters all screamed “Let’s go Hybrids! Let’s go!” and our players charged, attacked, jumped and – got struck. With 33 seconds left, Hybrids were outnumbered. At the 8th second, Red Legion saved 1 ball.

The whistles were blown hard: it was a 3:3.

It is the last game for Hybrids tonight with this tie. We lack points to proceed to the next stage, but gained more than anything lost. We learned the qualities of honour, perseverance, determination and strong spirit.

Hybrids might have been eliminated early with only 1 lost, 2 draws and 4 wins, but we already won our own game at heart. We entered this game as a team, and left as a family.

CDL is only seeing the beginning of us.

Judge’s Comments:

1. I like your style of writing, you certainly managed to keep me hanging on to every word! Great job.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 1

INTI Hybrids vs UCSI Red Legion

By Tyler Lim (UCSI Red Legion)

Red versus the White!

Once again Red Legion was scheduled to play against Inti Hybrids. Today will be the last day for the qualifying match for Campus Dodgeball League (CDL). And due to that, both teams were playing in their best form in order to take away the winning. The game started off with Inti Hybrids leading the game with 1 point. They won the match by killing all the first line up players from Legions. Well though Legions were feeling a little bit of nervous but that certainly did not bring down the confidents of the entire Legions player.

Benji looking for open targets

The second game started with I’Smile killing Mamali with his first ball. Second kill of the match was successfully made by Aaron, Jacky and Benji by shooting together towards Paul. Though he tried to catch, but the balls were spinning and one of it spun off his hand. But unfortunately, the second point again was grabbed by the Hybrids with their strong communication and team work. Not to say that Red Legions were not team working, but Hybrids were in some way better.

Even though, the Hybrids were leading us, all Legions did not give up. Hence in the third match, they came back stronger and have given them with a point which has changed the scoreboard into 2 against 1. Not forgetting the spirit that was given by the supporters out there, it has definitely pumped up each and everyone in the stadium. To me, with all the cheering and support given by the supporters, it was as though the game was the final match for CDL whereby winners will take away the champions!

Within seconds left in on the clock, Legions won the match by surviving with more players on their side. With the game tied up, Legions has gained back a little bit of hope and confident to win the game. As the Marshal blow his whistle to signal the end of first half, everyone were clapping their hands showing their support for this two teams.

Second half started with Hybrids controlling the game, which has kill one of the Legion’s man, Mamali who tried to catch the ball and slipped. With 5 players left on the Legion side, Hybrids were pumped up and kept throwing their balls once they have one in their hand. Well after a few minutes of surviving in the game, Hybrids won the match by swapping all the players from Legions.

Judge’s Comments:

1.Grammatical errors here and there. I felt like the post ended too abruptly – perhaps more could have been said.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2

SEGI Barbarians vs KDU Chronos

By Rasyidi (SEGI Barbarians)

It was another day of the Campus Dodgeball League, with the Barbarians up against KDU Chronos in the final group match between both teams. Their last meeting ended up with some great action between both sets of player, with Barbarians triumphing 8-0. This meeting was an interesting one, with Barbarians already confirmed qualification into the next round and KDU Chronos playing for pride, being their last game of Campus Dodgeball League 2010. Barbarians were short on players, since Jeffrey and Cedric were not able to make it due to sickness. Their starting lineup of the 1st half consisted of Ezzaty, Awatif and Huda making up the girl’s components and Rasyidi, Mark and Jing the males. With not much at stake, both teams were out to enjoy themselves and soak in the atmosphere.

The first half saw some nice hits from Jing and Mark to see them take a 4-0 lead at the end of the first half. With the absence of Jeffrey and Cedric, they had to call upon veteran players John and Joe, even though Joe was struggling with a long term knee injury. Only 6 male players could attend, making it an exciting half without any substitution of players, with Nadzmi being the other player. The second half saw 2 kamikaze attacks from Chronos players in 2 games after they were the only players left on court up against 5 and 6 players from Barbarians respectively. It was a great show of sportsmanship between both teams, with the kamikaze attacks a somewhat honourable act, since both teams were trying to play as many games as possible regardless of the results, giving each player a lot of match experience. Jing and Mark did not disappoint with countless hits to take out the Chronos players, and Nadzmi and Rasyidi making catches to ensure victory. Their relentless march to victory was stalled by Chronos in game 7 when William, Simon and Ding Dong caught the throws of Rasyidi, Jing and Mark to make it a 4v1 situation with only Joe, the injured player from Barbarians left on court. He managed to stay alive for a few minutes even though he couldn’t dodge or throw, but was finally hit, handing Chronos a game. The rest of the match continued on in good spirits, with both teams shaking hands and congratulating each other for a nice match played, with Barbarians take the match 8-1.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Good details on the players and the game. Pictures were pretty small though. Do try to come up with an attention-grabbing introduction and conclusion next time around.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3

TAYLORS Hyenas vs UPM Tupai Kilat

By Adrian Anthony (TAYLORS Hyenas)

Sports has always been considered a form of entertainment for both men and women. Furthermore, it gets all the better when such form of entertainment doesn’t just come a la carte, but rather it goes hand in hand with the adrenaline rush, and nail biting moments. However, the most ardent of fans would agree from the bottom of their heart that, entertainment aside, a comfortable victory is most favoured, and it was exactly the way the Hyenas dodgeball team intended to finish their final group game against UPM.

At the start of the 3+3 half, Hyenas made several changes to their regular line up, introducing Ming Xun and Deepak to provide a more attacking play, so as to start the game in style. And boy did they do so, for within seconds into the blow of the whistle, they struck first blood, knocking out a UPM player. With an arsenal of hard shooting players, combined with a resolute defence, Hyenas made it 1-0 within 2 minutes.

The second game followed suit with sublime acrobatic dodges and blistering shots as Hyenas made it 2-0. That being said, the best game of the match was to be the next, for with 55 seconds on the clock left, Hyenas had only one player left; UPM had three. 2-1 looked like the likely score, but a catch by the Pua Sze resulted in Wataru returning to the fray, and two bullet shots by him turned the tables and Hyenas led 3-0 at the interval.

Half time, and both teams had their cheerleaders perform their sexy but nevertheless motivating routine. Within minutes, the game then resumed. With the second half being the 6+0 round, the Hyenas, now feeling even more carnivorous, intended to play the game with as much ferocity as possible. They pre-match strategy paid dividends within the start as they made the score 4-0 within 55 seconds.

With things going smoothly, the team intended to flex their muscles and a 25 second blitz knocked out 4 UPM players, causing the morale of UPM to decrease, and it signalled further doom and gloom for them as the scoreboard read 5-0.

2 minutes left and Hyenas now intended to finish things in style, by further turning up the heat (as if they had not). A barrage of bazooka like shots were the final nail in UPM’s coffin, for the final was a morale boosting 6-0 for the Hyenas.

Napolean once said that to triumph without risk is victory without glory, and the risk of placing more emphasis on attack certainly made things more glorious as a resounding rout by Hyenas ensured they finish their group matches in scintillating fashion.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great choice of words, good pictures and I especially liked your conclusion! You’ve found your rhythm and still manage to keep things interesting which is no easy feat, kudos!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3

TAYLORS Hyenas vs UPM Tupai Kilat

By Shahmi (UPM Tupai Kilat)

Hari ke-6 UPM Tupai Kilat Vs Taylors Heynas

Hari ini merupakan perlawanan terakhi pada peringkat kumpulan bagi kedua-dua pasukan. Pada separuh masa pertama ini pasukan Tupai Kilat menurunkan pemain mereka yang terdiri daripada Norkhizan, Syuwari, Fadzli, Chin, Azlina dan Norain. Tupai Kilat turun pada perlawanan ini dengan strategi bertahan mereka bagi mengekang serangan daripada pasukan lawan. Permainan bertahan yang ditunjukkan oleh pasukan Tupai Kilat gagal mengekang serangan bertali arus daripada pasukan lawan. Dalam separuh masa pertama berlaku pertukaran pemain dimana Ziman, Hafifi dan Yusra dibawa masuk bagi menggantikan  Syuwari, Fadzli dan Azlina. Nasib belum lagi memihak kepada pasukan Tupai Kilat dimana mereka ketinggalan dimana Pasukan lama mendahului 4-0.

Separuh masa kedua Tupai Kilat masuk ke gelanggang dengan menurunkan Ammar, Hasmawi, Zheng Long, Fikri, Qairul dan Shah Rezan. Perlawanan yang agak agresif ditunjukkan oleh kedua-dua pasukan. Pada separuh masa kedua ini, berlaku pertukaran pemain oleh Tupai Kilat dimana Tupai Kilat membawa masuk Amir, Ridzuan dan Lutfi bagi menggantikan Zheng Long, Fikri dan Qairul. Malang bagi pasukan Tupai Kilat untuk mengekang serangan daripada pasukan lawan. Keputusan perlawanan berakhir dengan memihak kepada pasukan lawan iaitu 0-6. Tahniah kepada Tupai Kilat kerana menunjukkan semangat juang yang tinggi didalam gelanggang.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Minor spelling errors detected. It feels like the post still lacks some excitement.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4

KDU Ronins vs SEGI Avengers

By Shawn (KDU Ronins)

When the wisel blows the match was an interesting one. The 3+3 game started off with a good lead for KDU as they lead the match 3 to none for the avenger. One of our star player was Shah as he was giving all his strength and skills to play the game. KDU not only got a good lead on avenger but they also showed their true skills on playing dodgeball. There were many fantastic dodge and catches throughout the game. One of them came from Faiz as he caught a ball while not looking. As the game when on, the faces of KDU Ronnins player was clearly having fun as there were some silly moves and players with itchy fingers throughout the game. As there were in between breaks, one of the Ronnins took the place of the dodgette, it was a fantastic song by Chanok.

We look forward to the next year’s CDL as KDU Ronnins will come back with a good performance

Judge’s Comments:

1. Too short, especially at this stage of the competition. Shows a lack of effort.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


CDL Day 5 Match Blogs (Part 2)

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Match 5

HELP Hyperblades vs KDU Chronos

By May Lim (HELP Hyperblades)

It was 9 pm, the teams were all ready for the 5th match of Campus Dodgeball League, sponsored by Revive Isotonic Drink, RTM, Lenovo, Figos, Campus Plus, and M.A.D.

Although the HELP Hyperblades have previously defeated the KDU Chronos with a mighty ratio of 6-1, they weren’t in the least bit over confident. Practice makes perfect, as they say, that that was precisely what the HELP Hyperblades have been doing nearly every evening since last Thursday.

Walking into the court in their red, white and black jerserys, the starting 6 of the match consisted of the usual 3 males, Vinod “The Mosnster” Menon, VK also affectionally known as V-Man, Captain Tan Jun Kit and ladies Jessica Tan, Lim Su-Zen and Ng Shiann.

The first match was a reasonably long one as the KDU Chronos clearly too, have been practicing and giving the HELP Hyperblades a hard time trying to dodge them out. The audience could definitely feel the tension as the HELP Hyperblades sent balls flying only to the dodged by the KDU Chronos, and the KDU Chronos putting up a good fight, even causing Jun Kit to fall to the floor. Despite the KDU Chronos’ efforts, the HELP Hyperblades still managed to win the match after around 4 minutes.

ge in the atmosphere: the heat was ON! Once again, balls flying to and fro, back to back from both sides of the court, and the KDU Chronos even managed to outnumber the HELP Hyperblades. However, the HELP Hyperblades managed to win once again, bringing the score to 2-0.

The last match of the first half was a nail-biting experience for the other HELP Hyperblades watching on: WHO WILL WIN THIS ROUND? Alas, the HELP Hyperblades seemed to have lost their touch in the 3rd match as the KDU Chronos managed to win the game. However, the win was only due to the KDU Chronos having one more player compared to the HELP Hyperblades.

The Dodgettes of today’s matches were coincidentally mostly donning a hip-hop theme, surely by coincidence. The KDU Chronos did a wonderful performance, consisting of 5 girls and 1 guy. Next were the HELP Hyperblades, where 3 girls and 2 guys danced to a song that sang of lipgloss and lollipops.

In the second half of the match, I quote the spokesperson of the KDU Chronos,

“Who will win this round? Will the KDU Chronos pick up their game and beat the HELP Hyperblades?”

To which Denise Chan, spokesperson of the HELP Hyperblades replied, ‘They better!”

The second half had 12 guys in the court, 6 against 6. It wasa heated second half and both teams were fighting for the win. KDU Choronos has a good start, bringing the HELP Hyperblades to 5 players in just 23 seconds. The KDU Chronos put up a really good fight, outnumbering the HELP Hyperblades several times. However, key player Vinod Menon managed to catch a few balls, bringing a couple of HELP Hyperblades’ players back to ‘life’.

Although the KDU Choronos definitely improved in terms of technique and game plan, the HELP Hyperblades once again won them 6-1, as they did in their previous meet on Day 1. Congrats to the HELP Hyperblades, and to the KDU Chronos, keep up the good dodging!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great pictures, and details on the game. I liked how you included in that bit about what the spokesperson said – showed you were focus not solely on the game but what was happening around the hall as well.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 5

KDU Chronos vs HELP Hyperblades

By Fiona Tan (KDU Chronos)


Day 5 : KDU college ( Chronos) Against HELP college ( Hyperblades )

Chronos players today came with high spirits. We were the 1st team to reach the hall.  As we put our things on the chair we did a little warm up before the training. We were training with the second team who came in (SUNWAY College Pharaohs).

The game began between Segi Barbarians and Sunway Pharaohs first at 7. As the game began, we went out to the nearest KFC and enjoy ourselves.

At around 9.00pm, the game between Chronos and Hyperblades started. The players (Wee Liam, Simon, Eric, Kai won, Jesyka and me) was really excited with this game. As we ran for the ball we knew that the chances to beat the Hyperblades were high.

The results of the game between 3+3 was 2-1 (giving 2 to Hyperblades and 1 to Chronos). Well we believe that we can beat them in no time for 6 + 0. Well then it’s the time for the dodgettes from Chronos. I heard loud cheers from the surrounding as the dodgettes dance with all their power. And best of all the players from both Ronins and Chronos was cheering out of their lungs. It was an awesome dance.

After the dodgettes dance it’s time for 6+0 game. As the game start, the players ran and get the ball. Hyperblades was sure sharp and fast like a blade. But Chronos aren’t bad too as the dodge with all they might.

As the marshal blow the whistle showing those 10 minutes has ended. The results between the Chronos were a 5-1. Giving 5 to Hyperblades and 1 to Chronos.

Chronos players were happy as they had played one of a best game in life. The Hyperblades sure was a good opponent to play with no regrets.

We Chronos will come back on Wednesday and with better winning chances. We are going to win the Barbarians and get into the semi-finals.  The spirit of dodge ball is in all of us; no matter it’s a win or lose at the end. I believe the dodge ball spirit will always be in us. We will train better. Well get ready Barbarians, we are ready for you all.  Are you Barbarians?

Judge’s Comments:

1. Definitely can be better, a few grammar errors here and there. Try including one or two pictures or coming up with a great title.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 6


By Melinda Lee (INTI Hybrids)

This is it; the game against the only opponent that we’ve tied with so far. A week ago, Hybrids met with the Storms in the cage of dodgeball and it was one of the tightest game CDL has seen. Today, they meet again to see who would bring home the victory which was left unclaimed last week.

Both sides conspired and did a bow towards the judges and audience before the start of the game. The audience cheered and the Hybrids were in their gear to race for victory. During the first minute itself, Storm showed us what we’ve missed: within the first minute, one player was retained; third minute, they outnumbered us and charged with vigor; 4th minute, only two Hybrids were left on the court to defend our points; by the 5th minute, they scored their first. Hybrids were outraged but morale was still high and burning. Hybrids on the court yelled out commands and threw motivating words at each other as the second set started. During the sixth minute, we had our first player out. One by one, we had our players retained and Storms were cheering arduously. Quickly, during the seventh minute, Hybrids slipped another score and Storms were suddenly leading. Our third set started with our best players out there. We re-strategized but we couldn’t match Storm’s sudden show of power, strategy and determination. During the 8th minute, Storm had a ‘double kill’, which retained two players with only one ball. Hybrids started to panic but still continuously charged and defended. With only forty seconds left, Hybrids were outnumbered yet again and our fellow opponents scored another point.

While the second half started after a motivating speech from our captains, Storm’s performance continued to escalate while we were left perplexed, nervous and almost desperate for a score. Everyone knew Hybrids had more than what they showed in the first half, but we were intimidated. Those who stood by the side-lines cheered louder and louder and it brought up morale when we retained 2 players during the 4th minute of the second half. But Storm was right behind us with detainments; within the next 30 seconds, they stored another one of us in the detainment area.

The game went by so swiftly with Hybrids adrenaline and anxiety increasing every second that fell on the clock. The game ended with a 5-0.

Hybrids walked out of the cage disappointed and sullen. But what is one lost compared to the past 4 winnings Hybrids have so claimed with pride and skill? Every great power falls once, but every fall only makes them stronger. Failure, they say, is the best teacher. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and through wars and battles, through loses and wins, they framed their influence and power.

Hybrids walked out today only to return anew. The next time we enter the cages of dodgeball, Hybrid will show and prove their worth, determination and skill.

Today, Storm showed us what we missed last week and impressed, intimidated and blew us out. Next time we meet, Storm will meet with a Hybrid that none has seen before.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Interesting pictures and good details on the game, great job at inspiring your team too!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7

SEGI Avengers vs CITY UC Tigers

By Hazz (SEGI Avengers)


Avengers Humbled By Tigers

It was basically a must win game for SEGi Avengers as they have lost 3 matches beforehand. Even so, by the end of it, they fell off short and pretty much lost their chances to proceed to the next stage. They were beaten by Unity Tigers with the score 3-1. In the first half, it was really all Tigers as they fought and look organized in all aspect. Avengers really look out of sorts and they just could not get a solid game behind them. Performing players from the previous game like Jason, Deva and Donovan of the Avengers really fell off form and did put in the shift that was expected of them. The first half ended 2-0 to the Tigers. In the second half, the Avengers did try to fight back but it was to no avail as the lost another one. It was 3-0 with 5 minutes at this point. This was really a huge climb for the Avengers team to march forward.  Eventually, they did managed to pull one back but it was really too late at this point and that is how the game ended. It definitely is the end of a wonderful journey to the SEGi Avengers as they would have gained knowledge and experience from the tournament. There is one more game to play for the Avengers and perhaps they can end their campaign on a high. They should be very proud of themselves as they really did do a great job for the team. GO AVENGERS!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Match details were good, but perhaps pictures or interesting titles would add an extra punch to the mix.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7

SEGI Avengers vs CITY UC Tigers

By Aman (CITY UC Tigers)

Assalamualaikum..Salam Sejahtera, Salam Satu Malaysia…

First of all again, today TIGER were facing the AVENGER for the second league match after we strike a win last time we were compete. And today as well as last time we TIGER time were targeted tostrike a win again AVAENGER for the second time

For the games today TIGER were seem like more ready than last time which is we setup every move that we going to execute or that we have done for today match. And luckily our strategies were going as its planned. We manage to lead the match with 2 score point in the first half.

However we tied on our end of the first half which make us lost our third score point today.

Starting the second half, we put some more energy and strategies to the game plan so that we can give more challenges to the AVENGER. We struggled quite hard for the winning and we success. Other thing is that we can see AVENGER little bit underestimate us maybe because TIGER were short of their girl player. But that is not the weak point for the whole TIGER team mate.

So better watch out…..

Judge’s Comments:

1. Good action shots! Do take note on the grammar and structure of your sentences.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8

UPM Tupai Kilat vs METROPOLITAN Maestro

By Shahmi (UPM Tupai Kilat)

Hari ke-5: UPM Tupai Kilat Vs Metropolitan Maestro

Perlawanan hari ini Tupai Kilat turun menentang pasukan Maestro. Kali ini Tupai Kilat turun dengan matlamat untuk memenangi perlawanan ini. Pada separuh masa pertama, Tupai Kilat menurunkan pemain mereka yang terdir daripada, Hafifi, Norkhizan, Ziman, Yusra, Azlina dan Norain. Ziman merupaka pemain terbaik pada perlawanan separuh masa pertama ini keran berjaya mengeluarkan ramai pemain lawan. Pada awal perlawanan Tupai Kilat telah ketinggalan 1-0 tetapi itu tidak mematahkan semangat mereka untuk mencari mata. Itu yang ditunjukka oleh Tupai Kilat dimana corak permainan yang perlahan berjaya mempengaruhi pihak lawan dan membawa kepada keputusan 1-1 pada separuh masa pertama.

Separuh masa kedua diteruskan dengan perlawanan yang di barisi oleh kesemua lelaki.  Tupai Kilat menurunkan pemain mereka yang terdiri daripada Ridzuan, Ammar, Hasmawi, Lutfi, Amir dan Risham. Separuh masa kedua ini berlangsung agak sengit dan Tupai Kilat turun dengan strategi bertahan mereka. Hasmawi merupakan antara pemain terbaik bagi Tupai Kilat kerana beliau telah dua kali berjaya menangkap bola pihak lawan. Perlawanan ini berkesudahan dengan keputusan 4-2. Tahniah kepada Tupai Kilat kerana berjaya menunjukkan prestasi yang memberangsangkan dan menjadikan pihak lawan lebih gerun untuk turun menentang.

Judge’s Comments:

1. The post seemed to be a little short, but your details on the match was sufficient. Try to make it sound more interesting the next time around.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8

UPM Tupai Kilat vs METROPOLITAN Maestro

By Elizabeth Lee

The clock strikes 11! We, the Metropolitan Maestros, rose to our feet, ready for yet another action packed dodgeball game! Our last triumphant match against Taylors Hyenas was definitely a boost to our morale!  Being the last match of the day, we were pumped, filled, and overflowing with adrenaline; set for our second battle against UPM’s Tupai Kilat! Our previous encounter with this new team was victorious. However, the Tupai Kilats are definitely not a team to be underestimated as they exhibit fantastic skill and spirit (and a really cute team logo too)! We huddled up for an inspiring speech by our captain, Aamos. With a loud cheer “GO MAESTROS!” we entered the court with vigor and determination!

The first half began with our team consisting of Guna, Rick, Charlie, Elizabeth, Serene, and Je Hui. With the blow of the whistle, the players rushed forward. Within seconds, we successfully knocked out 3 Tupai Kilat male members through Guna’s great catching skills leaving 3 Tupai girls behind. With further swift motions, two other girls were out and finally, Rick ended the match by giving a headshot (ouch!) to one of the members. Victory! The second match showed our fatigue where we lost two members, Lucas and Aamos quickly and finally leaving only Gene and Elizabeth. The time of the first half ran out causing us to lose the match as Tupai Kilat outnumbered us.

After that exciting first half, both teams took a short rest while we were entertained by the dodgettes. Our Maestro dodgettes, displayed a humorous and enjoyable performance dancing to the beat of club hits; giving everyone a good laugh! Not forgetting, the beautiful Tupai Kilat dodgettes who showcased a talented dance using dodgeballs (extremely creatively thought!).

With the blow of a whistle, the second half began! The Maestros were ready for more! Consisting of Aamos, Guna, Charlie, Rick, Lucas, and Gene, Maestros charged through the court and successfully beat Tupai Kilat! The next game was just as exhilarating with Gene catching a ball during the last moments. However, luck was on Tupai Kilat’s side and they emerged victorious.

The third game showcased Maestros extreme determination by knocking out two Tupai Kilat members within the first minute! Losing focus because of our excitement, we had to roll over the balls. However, Charlie’s amazing catching skills revived our lost members, Marcus and Jon bringing us success! With one minute left on the clock, both the Maestros and Tupai Kilat were filled with excitement to win! Aamos and Guna were knocked out quickly; and unfortunately, we failed to maintain defense as we loss due to Tupai Kilat’s more members.

Final Score: Maestro – Tupai Kilat  4-2

WE WON!! It was definitely another incredible match against Tupai Kilat; leaving us with new experiences and fond memories. As we leave the Politeknik hall, our heads ringing with whistles , and smiles on our faces; we eagerly await our next match!


Judge’s Comments:

1. Great choice of words, your excitement is evident and practically jumps off the page!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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CDL Day 5 Match Blogs (Part 1)

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Match 1

SEGI Barbarians vs SUNWAY Pharoahs

By Cedric (SEGI Barbarians)

In physics it is stated that when the pressure increases the force decrease, BUT in when it comes to dodgeball, we break the laws of physics, because we can see that as the Campus Dodgeball League’s group stages are coming to an end we can see that every player is under such pressure that the force exerted by each player increases together.

Its Day 5, and what a start it gave. We watched Segi Barbarians take on Sunway Pharaohs. The Pharaohs looking to take a revenge on Segi Barbarians, who took them out them, 9-1 when the first met on Day 2 of Campus Dodgeball League. When a young team like Sunway gets beaten with mind blowing score lines, morale levels usually plummets down to the ground, and to look at them coming back to take the barbarians for the second time shows great sportsmanship and determination. Give it up for both TEAMMMMMMMSSSSSS SUNWAY PHAROAHS and SEGI BARBARIANS!!!! *CHEERS*

The first game of the day finally begun. Sunway making the first attack as the aimed and fired. Barbarians who came into this game not underestimating any team, dodge the balls fired at them like they were dancing ballet. Ballet is an art and has been a proven source in providing great agility and smoothness in sports. The first half ended with barbarians taking the lead 5 to nothing.

Dodggetes my dodggetes,w ho are definitely m source of inspiration and motivation, and I am very sure it’s the same to most of the players out there. Doddgestes brings the spitit back in the game, and when the barbarians dodggets performed my spirits were lifted.

Getting back to the game. Second half. YEAH!!! Can The pharaohs come back. 1.2 DODGEBALL AND the second half begun. Sunway and Segi were performing the Mozart of dodgeball. Sunway never giving the barbarians non-stop attacks. Segi who kept practiced newtons 3rd law, kept attacking sunway back. Barbarians finally won the game 11-0. It was a great win for the barbarians and great game too. Sunway Pharoahs were the great opponents





Judge’s Comments:

1. Great introduction, you managed to not only capture your reader’s attention – but keep it throughout your whole post!
One or two grammar mistakes here and there – do keep a lookout for those next time around.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 1

SEGI Barbarians vs SUNWAY Pharoahs

By Jeffrey Ong (SUNWAY Pharoahs)

The heartbeat, the passion, the determination from all the insane today in the stadium. We Sunway Pharaohs had successfully left a scar today in the Politeknik School. It’s not easy to play without a cheer leader team its like a bunch of soldier going for war without medic team but yet, we never gave up ourself. Being an non experience team and participating in such a big competition, we brought not just our body, we brought our soul of passion without thinking much and never tend to win. Instead, we rather go for the experience that you will never and ever get elsewhere!! We had trained ourself so hard that we always talk about it like the commando giving the command and plan the strategies. Although we lose in the game, we lose to the opponent, but, we never lose our passion of playing such an energetic game. As people always say, how do you win when you never lose? Being a winner ain’t easy but we will try hard and get to there which we believe soon! Lastly, all the best to ourself and opponent too because we will be stronger and stronger!!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Despite your efforts to make your post uplifting (which you succeeded in doing!) the grammar errors and sentence structure errors kind of made it hard to identify or relate to what you were saying.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2

UCSI Red Legion vs PSA Eagles

By Tyler Lim (UCSI Red Legion)

Yet again Red Legion have brought you an A game!

Today (11th day of October 2010) will be the 5th day of the tournament in Campus Dodgeball League (CDL).  This time Red Legion was assigned to play against the home ground, Eagles from PSA. And we were scheduled as the 2nd game of the day. Though it was kind of ‘cold’ in the beginning, but as the game was going on, the environment in the court was getting more and more heat. Though at first, I was feeling a bit thrilled with what is going to happen, but as the game keep playing, my team, The Legions have brought back my confidence as they were playing their heart out.

As for the first half, our captain (Benji) have picked 6 players who are Aaron, Jacky, Benji, Vanessa, Valerie and also Summer as the starting lineup for today during the short meeting before the game. For the first few games, Legions have controlled the game really well. And within minutes Legions had lead the game with 1 point. To us one point actually mean a lot to us, hence after leading the game, my fellow Legions  continued back with their main strategic which is try to stay alive throughout the whole game.

Even though I was only watching the game from the outside of the cage, I actually felt like throwing myself into the game to play with them in person. Though I am can’t play dodgeball that well, but I think that’s totally fine because to me the most important thing in dodgeball is to have fun. After a few minutes leading the game, Legions have won the second game which brings the score to 2 to Red Legion and 0 to Eagles. As what our captain has said before the game, ‘If we lead the game by 2, all the substitute players will play this I promise you all.’ As promised, Benji have changed the whole lineup with the substitutes.

Though the second team for the Legions was playing their hearts out as well, but Eagles won the 3rd game. Which have changed the scoreboard to 2 for Red Legion and 1 for the Eagles. To me, first half was really on my team’s side whereby we have leaded the Eagles with 6 to 1. As soon as the time stops ticking, first half was over. And during the break, Red Legions have sent out their own dodgettes to perform some dance move. To tell you the truth, they are really good!

After the dodgettes performed, second half begins right away. In the second half, Red Legion was really hyped up with the score, or in other words, they were feeling a bit more confident with the lead. After a few games, ten minutes just flew by just like that and Red Legions have won the match with the score of 8 against 1 for the Eagles.

To me, the star players of the day will be Aaron and Jacky. The reason being is because both of this Legion have caught quite a number of balls and also did a lot good throws which have helped the team to win the match. Well as for last words, I would like to shout out to the Eagles, a lost does not mean you will lose forever. You guys really did a great job yourself and you guys should be proud because you guys are only 2 months old, but people tend to think that you guys are professional players or in other words, experienced players. Keep up the good work Eagles, and till we meet again. Good luck with your games ahead.

As for my final words, I hope that everyone enjoyed the game and hope to see you all soon. Take care and good evening!

Red, Red ,Red Legion, RAWR~

Judge’s Comments:

1. Glaring grammatical and sentence structure errors – but I still believe you can do much better. Remember to not just report on the game, you have to engage with your reader, give them something to think about and make it interesting. Pictures were good!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2

UCSI Red Legion vs PSA Eagles

By Nazri (PSA Eagles)

Perjumpaan perlawanan kedua buat PSA Eagles dan UCSI Red Legion.

Pada 11 Oktober 2010 bertempat di Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah telah berlangsung perlawanan kedua hari keempat. Perlawanan kedua adalah diantara pasukan Eagles dan Red Legion. Perlawanan ini berakhir dengan kemenangan milik pasukan Red Legion dengan mata 8 berbalas 1.  Eagles memulakan perlawanan 3 lelaki dan 3 perempuan dengan menurunkan Farizan 9, Irfa 56, Muhaimi 8, Nurul 11, Marziana 21, dan Atiqah 13. Pada perlawanan pertama ini, Eagles tewas pada minit pertama apabila Red Legion berjaya menumpaskan semua pemain yang berada di gelanggang. Selepas Red Legion mendapat mata pertama, mereka terus mendapatkan mata kedua apabila sekali lagi berjaya menewaskan Eagles pada minit ke-3 dan 25 saat.

Bola balingan dari Red Legion yang berjaya dielak oleh pemain Eagles

Perlawanan ketiga buat kedua-dua pasukan diteruskan apabila kira-kira minit 4 terakhir, Red Legion berjaya menyingkirkan 5 orang pemain di gelanggang dan mengekalkan seorang pemain Eagles untuk mendapatkan mata ke-3 pada 30 saat berikutnya. Perlawanan diteruskan dan kira-kira 2 minit terakhir Eagles akhirnya berjaya mendapat mata pertama untuk mendekatkan jurang dengan 3-1.


Perlawanan ke-5 diteruskan dan berakhir dengan kemenangan milik Red Legion apabila pasukan mereka berjaya mengekalkan lebih ramai bilangan pemain berada di gelanggang. Separuh masa pertama tamat dengan menangan milik Red Legion 4 mata berbalas 1 dengan Eagles. Perlawanan berehat dengan persembahan dari pasukan sorak kedua-dua pasukan. Eagles menggunakan tema 70-an.






Separuh masa kedua diteruskan dengan perlawanan melibatkan semua pemain lelaki. Eagles menurunkan Hafiz 18, Izzi 10, Affendi 23, Taufiq 1, Hazrin 3, dan Adam 4. Permainan dimulakan dan berakhir pada minit 2 dan 59 saat dengan mata milik Red Legion apabila 2 pemain Red Legion berjaya menangkap bola balingan Eagles yang masa kedua-dua bola tersebut hanya 3 saat sahaja. Perlawan diteruskan apabila Red Legion sekali lagi berjaya mendapatkan mata ke-6 untuk menyukarkan Eagles untuk mengejar pada minit kira-kira 3 minit terakhir perlawanan.


Perlawanan ke-8 diteruskan dan Benji dari pasukan Red Legion berjaya menangkap bola balingan dari Eagles membuatkan Red Legion terus dihadapan dengan 7 mata pada minit 8 dan 19 saat. Perlawanan terakhir diteruskan dengan harapan Eagles dapat merapatkan jurang tetapi nasib menyebelahi Red Legion apabila Eagles gagal untuk mengekalkan lebih ramai bilangan pemain di dalam gelanggang. Lalu, Red Legion terus mendapat mata ke-8 pada masa tamat. Tahniah di atas kemenangan Red Legion kali ke-2 pertemuan dengan Eagles. Eagles, jangan mengalah. Teruskan usaha sehingga CDL tamat!

Juru  ulas kedua-dua pasukan


Pasukan Eagles keluar gelanggang setelah pelawanan tamat

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great specific details on the game and players, the pictures complimented the text well too. Do try and challenge yourself next time around by coming up with a captivating introduction.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3

KDU Ronins vs UCSI Devil’s Dukes

I  am here to represent KDU Ronnis team to write the blog. Today are KDU Ronnis versus UCSI DevilDuke match. What a hard game for KDU Ronnis Team because all the players went into the match with full body injuring. The result of the game is KDU Ronnis got 1 point and UCSI DevilDuke got 8 points. That was really a nice game we seem before. KDU Ronnis’s players all were trying their best to show all the ability that they can do when in match. Although the result was not that good, but as long as whole team have teamwork and trying their best in the game. Even though the game was lose and they never give up. Still continue concentrate and focus in the game. Although all players was get injured during training, but they still stand with all the muscle pain and injured and play a nice game in the match. When the result was UCSI DevilDuke 8 points, KDU ronnis still 0 points, and the time of the match only left 3 seconds, KDU Ronnis never and ever give up and really trying their best to get at least 1 mark in the match. It was so interesting game that we can saw the spirit of never give up. Cause of the spirit of NEVER GIVE UP. KDU Ronnis team get 1 mark in this match even though they are suffer in injured. After the game today, KDU Ronnis will improve and become stronger and stronger until they can really beat every single dodgeball team. No matter how, I am her represent KDU Ronnis to said congratulation to UCSI DevilDuke team win the match. And KDU RONNIS…. DON’T GIVE UP, CONTINUE YOUR SPIRIT AND KEEP IMPROVE!!!! You all still the best in our mind!!! This week Wednesday will be another match that you all got chance to show ability!!!! Continue with it and you all can make it!!! Wednesday!!!! GAMBATE KDU RONNIS!!!!  You all can be more strong and better than this time. Next game will more good. ALL THE BEST KDU RONNIS!!!!!

Judge’s Comments:

1. I must applaud your efforts to keep your team’s spirit positive but please be careful with your grammar, tenses and sentence structure. Also, a few pictures or even an interesting title would have helped you score more points.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3

KDU Ronins vs UCSI Devil’s Dukes

By Charity Lim (UCSI Devil’s Dukes)

As CDL proceeds on nearing its knock-out round, the games got more and more intense! I could barely tear my eyes away, hoping and praying to God that no mistakes were made again for today’s game. Last Wednesday, the Devil’s Dukes spirits were low although they won the game against the Avengers. They weren’t satisfied with their performance and knew they could have played better. But their spirits were lifted high, soaring again as the captain gave them a pep talk and told them they did well.

They were determined to do so much better in today’s game against the KDU Ronnins, and they didn’t disappoint the onlookers and the rest of the team’s supporters as they won the first round of 3+3 in just a minute’s time! Given that Casey’s arm was injured pretty badly, he did extremely well today and showed the rest what he was made of. “I apologize for my bad performance last Wednesday,” said Casey, “I’ll do my best and pour out all of my energy today!” They moved on to win the second and third round of the game.

The KDU Ronnins played extremely well themselves today! They have great counter attacks by one of their players, number 44. From what I observed, they fought till the very end and refused to give up, and indeed their determination paid off by managing to draw the last game of 3+3. This is our second time playing against you guys, and I can safely say you all have gotten a lot better from the last time the Devil’s Dukes played against you guys. Great job and keep it up!

Let me tell you, the Devil’s Dukes dodgettes sure surprised me this time! They went all out today and executed a fantastic routine complete with stunts that could make your heart stop beating for a second. I don’t know about all of you out there, but I was definitely stunned till my jaws were dropped. I’m pretty sure you saw that girl dropping down from that guy’s shoulders! A huge shout out to you girls, you girls showed your talents and courage and managed to leave us wanting more as usual!

Next up was the 6+0 all boy game. I’m sorry to say, but I did laugh at Casey’s stunned expression when his first shot of the ball was caught by his opponent from Ronins. Good job Ronins! But fortunately for the Devil’s Dukes they won their first game. The second and third game was also won, with a strong headshot by Jason! He’s been complaining that he couldn’t control his headshots and he seems to be using it a lot lately. So my apologies to the Ronins who got headshots from the Devil’s Dukes, they are sincerely sorry about it.

The fourth game got everyone pretty excited I must say. With just THREE seconds left on the clock, everyone wondered who will win this round. The Ronins managed to save their reputation by hitting Navid, our captain, with a chest shot and went on to win the last round, head held up high and filled with pride. The crowd cheered and applauded them with encouragement.

Trust me, these players, fierce and driven with determination, will be back on the court to show everyone what they’ve got. Until then, congratulations my Devil’s Dukes players! You guys did well and managed to get back on top form again after falling with low spirits. I can’ tell you how proud I am of all of you players, dodgettes and supporters alike. Keep it up! Go Devil’s Dukes~~

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great details on the game, however – it would have been better if the picture of your dodgettes team was placed either right after or right before your paragraph on them. Otherwise great effort!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4


By Adrian Anthony (TAYLORS Hyenas)

Nobody likes to lose. Period. More importantly, nobody would even contemplate about losing twice in a row, regardless of what sport they play, and the same could be said for the sport of dodgeball. After suffering a shocking 5-2 loss to Maestros from Metropolitan, Hyenas of Taylor’s Subang were looking to bounce back, to reclaim their pride against the Viper.  However, as always, things didn’t start in their favour.

At the start of the marshal’s wisthle, the Vipers initiated their new (and somewhat improvised) “shotgun” strategy, and it surprisingly paid didvidends, as they knocked out 2 Hyenas players. Though Hyenas, famed for their fighting spirit, put up an excellent fight, the Viper’s maintained their composure and this resulted in them leading 1-0 after approximately 90 seconds. At this point, it was as though someone had poured lemon juice on the Hyenas’ wounds.

With their initial strategy of catching failing them, Hyenas then came into the second game with a more offensive play, and true enough, the tide then swung in their favour as they leveled the score 1-1 with 6 minutes on the clock. However, the Vipers too introduced some great shooting aibility with both their guys and girls shooting. This unfortunately made the score 2-1 to Vipers. With that, the Hyenas introduced 2 shooters, namely Jun Hsien and Deepak. With their newly found resilience, the Hyenas made things all square with a 2-2 score at half time.

As per usual, both teams had their dodgettes perform at the interval, with both the performances by both teams turning out to be sexier than usual. Nevertheless, it was motivating indeed as their effort was brilliantly displayed.

After a quick break, the 6+0 second half commenced, with both teams introducing their strongest lineup to ensure a solid victory. At the start, Vipers attempted their shotgun maneuver, but it was unsuccessful as they fumbled the ball. Hyenas, felling a bit luck, turned on the heat with a barrage of missile like shots, but Vipers matched them shot by shot, and the crowd was entertained with some marvelous dodging by both teams. With the determination by the Hyenas, they managed to knock out all Vipers’ players with some scintillating attacking play to make things 3-2.

By now, the clock showed  a little under 3 minutes left, and Hyenas, who were hungry to seal both a victory and their spot in the next round, were looking to finish things up. Once again, the crowd was entertained with breathtaking shots and dodges by both sides, but Hyenas managed to hold their nerves and kill 3 players in a row, denting the momentum of Vipers. With just one minute left, Deepak of Hyenas slipped, but the Vipers’ player still shot him, prompting some protests by Hyenas. But, eing a true Hyena, Deepak stood up and fought on. In the end, Hyenas won the match 4-2.

“we don’t care if we win or lose, but we just make sure we win”. Trailing 1-0 at the start, the team once again demonstrated their fighting spirit for  the umpteenth time.

Judge’s Comments:

1. You’ve got a way with storytelling and your pictures went will with your text as well. Great job!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4


By Nabilah (MASTERSKILLS Vipers)


ONE we would like to apologize for our previous blog post up, it was brief yet still reviving. Today another journey of the VIPERS and the HYENAS begins to show their talent on the court. Last match was a lil bit of a poor outcome, but well handled by the team.. Although some of our vipers can be fragile but the venom will always run in their veins.

TWO On the first round of match between Vipers and Hyenas was utterly a beautiful beginning, unlike last match, our team was off because there was no warm up, but this time we did. A good start by the both team and VIPERS scored 1 against Hyenas 0 at the 6.03 minutes, wasn’t even half of the match timing. Danson and eddly wasn’t able to dodge a ball during the 4.04 minutes. Both team were getting warmed up where HYENAS scored 1 against VIPERS (1), amazingly done by both team in giving hard team work during the match.

On the last couple of minutes, a nice shot gun was done by Dewi towards Danson, a good team work I should say because form there our team was smartly being defensive but yet striking! Which got us another score 2 and Hyenas 1

Apparently what our team was expecting didn’t actually turn to be quite right for the last few seconds, time wasn’t on our side tonight, which made us a tide with Hyenas 2-2 J but yet VIPERS was really grateful to have such a respect from the other team by giving our team such a good spirit to gain more energy and good footwork for the next men on men match.

After a good support from the viewers and our group support, both team were looking ready for the men on men match. After a score of 2, obviously both team would give anything to get another score further to make the team proud. By the 8.20 minutes Vipers was able to put out two Hyenas but then 2 minutes later Vipers was already pretty tensed, match end up with Andrew, damson, muis and roland  out of the court. Dylan good a good catch but sadly time wasn’t on our side again Vipers end up getting 2 and CONGRATS to HYENAS in getting a good score tonight (3) !



Judge’s Comments:

1. Good pictures and details on the match – well done!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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CDL Day 4 Match Blogs (Part 1)

October 9, 2010 Comments off

Match 1
UPM Tupai Kilat vs Masterskill Vipers

by Shahmi (UPM Tupai Kilat)

Hari ke-4 : UPM Tupai Kilat VS Materskills Vipers

Pada hari keempat ini, separuh masa pertama berlangsung dengan penuh dramatik, dimana tupai kilat telah berjaya mendahului separuh masa pertama. Pemain Tupai Kilat yang beraksi pada separuh masa pertama ini adalah Norkhizan, Ziman, Hafifi, Chin, Norain dan Yusra. Pada separuh masa pertama, Tupai Kilat mendahului pasukan Vipers dengan mata 1-0.

Hari keempat ini adalah hari dimana dogettes akan mempersembahkan satu persembahan kebudayaan pada waktu rehat kedua-dua pemain. Tupai Kilat telah mempersembahkan satu pesembahan yang bertemakan Satu Malaysia dimana menggabungkan kesemua tarian tradisional di Malaysia dengan diiringi lagu yang berjudul Selamat Datang.

Separuh masa kedua diteruskan dengan, Tupai Kilat menurunkan pemain-pemain mereka iaitu Ammar, Hasmawi, Lutfi, Amir, Ijan, dan Sham. Separuh masa kedua ini berlangsung penuh mendebarkan dimana sekali lagi Tupai Kilat turun dengan strategi yang mereka gunakan pada separuh masa pertama.  Permainan yang ditunjukkan oleh Tupai Kilat telah berjaya mengikat perlawanan dengan menjadikan keputusan 2-2. Tahniah Tupai Kilat kerana bejaya memberikan satu perlawanan yang menarik dan penuh bertenaga. Teruskan semangat ini untuk perlawanan seterusnya.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 1
UPM Tupai Kilat vs Masterskill Vipers

by Brendan (Masterskill Vipers)

This was the day where we were all late for the match due to some mishaps. Deepest apologies! Anyways today we were  again up against UPM’s Tupai Kilat.

The first initial match was intense and as the games goes on everybody got all pumped up.On the first match we won with last hit from Senorita(jersey number 8).

Look at that pose. It’s a WINNING STRIKE!!!

Then number 8 from the opposing team got us back with catch. What a waste!

Did I mention this was our team’s logo. It resembles a viper-like serpent. It represents cunningness packed with potent venom! Our trump card.

But that’s enough to take out the Vipers. The bombarding of dodgeballs got everybody adrenaline pumped! The longer the game, the noisy the court is as if like a MEXICAN PARADE was on the move.

Below we have our Dodgettes performing their routine. This time it was cutural night. We have kicked it up a notch by mixing an Indian mix along by the Sarawakian dance followed by the ever modern Tectonik or so the term goes.

Our war cry before the charging to the battlefield! And it goes GO GO GO VIPERS!!!!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2
SEGi Avengers vs UCSI DD

by Hazz (SEGi Avengers)

Close Fight between Avengers Vs Devils Duke

In a tense match between SEGi Avengers and Devils Dukes, The Avengers came out short as they lose out 3-2 to Devils Duke.  In the fight half of the match, it was really looking like the first game was heading towards Avengers as Jason one of our inform player tonight put out a man of a match display as he took out the likes of Navid and Raj Khan by catching their balls. Even so, Avengers became more and more careless as they became less consistent and eventually lost their game. The next game was not much difference as there was fire burning in the Avengers as they try to prove their worth after losing badly in their previous match against them.  The first half ended 2-0 but it did not kill off their spirit. The second half became more intense as Devils Duke picked up the pieces and starts to build a lead and they eventually lead 3-0. The next game was an even more exciting one as Avengers pulled on back and due to the careless mistakes from Devil’s Dukes Casey in the end gave another one to the Avenging Avengers. It was a very entertaining match for the neutrals and it is certain The SEGi Avengers team will come out fighting and be more confident facing their remaining matches.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2
SEGi Avengers vs UCSI DD

by Amelia (UCSI DD)

Devil’s Duke against Avengers, makes the 2nd game against each other. Tough game, yet good. We have Ilya as our spoke person commenting on our moves and also the opposing teams. The first round of the first half, it was a tough game which left Kris the only one standing. But awhile later, she manage to touch the ball and brought Navid back into the game. With their teamwork, they manage to bring Raj back into the game. Raj gave a headshot awhile after he came back, and it was Kris standing alone with two others. She manage to bring KeeChai back which made them win. The first half got them a score of 2-0. The supporters of Devil Duke brought a lot of energy by cheering with intense spirit.

After the first half, came the dancers of both teams. Dancers of Avengers did a good job in bringing out the authentic Malay dance. So did the dancers of the Devil’s Duke who gave an authentic Indian dance.

After the short break, the next second half of the game started with more spirits from both teams and with more cheering from the cheer team. With number 7 of the Avengers who got killed by Casey from the Devil’s Duke team with his famous Jumpshot attack. Raj was next to kill Number 8 from the opposing team who is said to be the best striker on the team. It was then 2 against 2, Jason killed number 69 from the opposing team. And with the teamwork of Jason and Raj, they manage to kill all of the 6 players from Avengers. Avengers too did a great job by working together to bring the Devil’s Duke down. But for the last two rounds Avengers was playing real hard which I have to say Good Job to all of them, the last 20 seconds of the  game was 5 against 5 which brought a good game till the end. The last 4 seconds, the players from Avengers attacked Casey and he slipped and with that there goes the whistle which marks the ending and Devil’s Duke won with the score of 3-2, which Avengers won their last game. It was a good, intense game.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3
INTI Hybrids vs PSA Eagles

by Melinda (INTI Hybrids)

After an exciting and exhilarating match on Monday night, Hybrids were all pumped up with spirit. Tonight, our game was up against our first competitor from our first game : Eagles from PSA.  The last game, we took them by 5:1, but tonight, things got a little more interesting.

The game started off fast. Just after the first 30 seconds, 2 Eagles were retained and Hybrids was playing strong. The game went by with balls flying across the court and by the 5th minute, Hybrids had already scored our second point. During the last third minute of the first half, Eagles suddenly showed what we didn’t know was in them. With only one Eagle left on the court, he managed to save 2 balls and retained 3 Hybrids. Though Hybrids persisted in attacking and won the third set, the determination and skill showed by that Eagle shook us. With only a less than a minute left on the clock, Eagles took their chances, threw hard and precisely at the Hybrids. They charged, retained and their supporters chered. They managed retain most of our players, and when the whistle blew we were outnumbered. Suddenly, Eagles scored their first.

The cheer for tonight was a little different. CDL has set the theme to be traditional. Both teams brought into the court what we all tend to forget: tradition. Eagles performed a slow dance of a hero who took down his enemies slowly but strongly, and that certainly reflected Eagle’s spirit tonight. Our dodgettes on the other hand, put up an Indian dance accompanied with the famous song –Jaiho.

The second set began and Eagles were all strategically stood. They were in a line, and all had a determined look on their face. Hybrids quickly scored our 4th score, but were starting to get nervous over Eagles’ sudden show of skill and strategy. During the second set of the second half, Eagles refused to let their previous fate repeat itself. With the score of 4:1, Eagles stayed on, stubborn to allow an easy win.

During the 7th minute, Hybrids newest player was the only one left on the court. He took them down one by one, but all it took was a little swing from Eagles, and score! Eagles had their second point. At that moment, it seemed as if the Eagles we were up against were a completely different team. They were more accurate, persistent and coordinated. With so little time left on the clock, Hybrids lined our best players. Swing after swing and throw after throw, Hybrids put up their best to retain the Eagles. But this only pushed Eagles to their full potential; they showed an even more aggressive side and put our players in the detainment zone. Fortunately for us, experience overpowered determination.

With only 42 seconds left on the clock, the best of eagles were already brought out. Within that 42 seconds, they retained enough of Hybrids to outnumber us. When the whistle blew, Eagles scored another point.

The game ended with a 5:3. It was definitely not an easy win for hybrids. This time around, Eagles showed us what 2 weeks can change a team of great potential into a team of excellent improvement. It seemed as if we should start warning our counterparts of Eagles new boundaries and potential.

Just as the queue for players to leave came, a few of the Hybrids seemed extremely unhappy with some of our opponents. A fight broke out within the court. Marshalls were blowing their whistles, and players were seen pushing each other apart. The crowd fell silent and the whole hall suddenly dimmed.

As the secretary general of MAD walked in to resolve the matter, the crowd burst into harmony with a birthday song. The fierce looks on our players suddenly turned around and became big grins. They hugged the sec. general and threw him up in the air.

The whole fight was staged. And it was all an act to fool the birthday boy into action.

Tonight, we witnessed the strong comeback of Eagles, the beautifully themed dance and the staged performance that concealed a birthday surprise.  This year, clearly, CDL is witnessing a new culture being born.

As what the Hybrids would say: Jaiho!


Judge’s Comments:

1. You’ve got a keen eye for detail – which is great as you’ve managed to take your reader on a journey giving them a vivid mental picture of how exactly the game transpired. Keep up the great work!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3
INTI Hybrids vs PSA Eagles

by Nazri (PSA Eagles)


Pada 5 Oktober telah berlangsung perlawanan keempat buat pasukan Hybrics dan Eagles di Dewan Serbaguna Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (PSA), Shah Alam. Mereka berentap perlawanan pertama dengan tiga pemain lelaki dan tiga pemain perempuan. Eagles telah menurunkan pemain berjersi 11,5,9,8,17 dan 7. Manakala bagi pasukan Hybrics menurunkan pemain berjersi 27,8,9,25,99, dan 10. Perlawanan bermula dan 2 orang pemain Eagles telah tersingkir pada saat ke-20. Pemain Hybrics berjersi 9 telah berjaya menangkap bola dibaling oleh pemain berjersi 9 pemain Eagles. Perlawanan pertama berakhir dengan kemenangan milik Hybrics pada minit kedua dan 33 saat.

Perlawanan kedua bermula dengan pemain Eagles terkeluar dahulu berbanding pemain Hybrics. Pada minit ke  4minit dan 35saat permainan tamat dengan kemenangan turut milik Hybrics. Pusingan ketiga bermula dan pemain Eagles berjersi 56 adalah pemain pertama yang terkeluar pada pusingan kali ini. Pada kali ini, pasukan Eagles berjersi 8 berjaya menangkap dua balingan dari pasukan hybrics membuatkan pemain tersebut dapat kekal pada minit kelapan dan 43saat. 8minit dan 43 saat perlawanan ketiga tamat dengan kemenangan milik Hybrics.

Mata pertama Eagles dapat dikutip pada perlawanan keempat apabila masa tamat dan pasukan Eagles mempunyai bilangan pemain yang lebih ramai berbanding Hybrics di dalam gelanggang. Separuh masa pertama ditangguh dengan persembahan kebudayaan oleh kedua-dua pasukan. Pasukan sorak Eagles mendahului persembahan dengan tarian warisan Melayu dan diikuti oleh Hybrics dengan persembahan tarian Hindustan.

Separuh masa kedua bermula.  Hybrics menurunkan pemain berjersi 20,9,15,10,5, dan 77. Eagles pula menurunkan pemain berjersi  19,2,10,1,13 dan 14. Pada perlawanan pertama separuh masa kedua, pemain pasukan Hybrics telah terkeluar apabila gagal mengelak balingan dari pemain Eagles. Pada minit kelima dan 35 saat, Hybrics terus mencuri mata. Hybrics 4, Eagles 1. Perlawanan kedua bermula dan  pada minit keenam Hybrics dan Eagles beraksi dengan hanya seorang pemain di gelanggang. Perlawanan ini kemenangan milik Eagles dan Eagles mengutip mata yang kedua. Perlawan ketiga bermula dan Hybrics dapat mata kelima pada saat 58 yang terakhir. Perlawanan terakhir pusingan ketiga, hari keempat bermula. Eagles terus mengatur strategi untuk mengutip mata terakhir. Akhirnya, strategi Eagles berjaya dan mendapat mata yang ketiga apabila mampu bertahan sehingga masa tamat dengan bilangan pemain di dalam gelanggang lebih ramai berbanding bilangan pemain Hybrics. Perlawanan berakhir dengan nilai mata pasukan Hybrics adalah 5 dan Eagles mendapat sebanyak 3 mata.  Perlawanan tidak berakhir begitu sahaja apabila berlaku pergaduhan pemain antara Hybrics dan Eagles. Malangnya, itu hanyalah lakonan semata-mata kerana lakonan tersebut bertujuan untuk menyambut ulang tahun Wai Tat. Itulah dikatakan permainan penuh erti. Perlawanan berakhir dengan menyambut ulang tahun Wai Tat. Perlawanan ketiga pada hari keempat berakhir. Tahniah kepada Eagles kerana akhirnya berjaya mendekatkan jurang nilai mata dengan Hybrics. Tahniah juga buat Hybrics dengan kemenangan pada hari ini.


Judge’s Comments:

1. I had to cut marks because you kept spelling your opponent’s team name wrongly. Please be aware of details like these. Besides that, good match details – a few grammar details here and there.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4
KDU Chronos vs Sunway Pharaohs

by Fiona Tan (KDU Chronos)

I see the Chronos team coming again for the Campus Dodge ball League. As the players of Chronos is all injured and that sure make our chance of winning lower, but that didn’t stop us.  Well well the spirit in us sure makes me touch. *smile*J

If we can win Sunway once maybe we can win them again. I hope.

Will God give us a miracle and let us win? I really hope so. OK now we shall see the process of the game.

The injuries players being heal before the game.


After the 1st game, it’s time for the dodgettes.

After the amazing performance from the dodgettes of Chronos. It’s time for the second game to continue.

When the game end the results was a 5-3.

5 to Sunway and 3 to Chronos.

Well I see Sunway has improve a lot from the last game. They fight with more teamwork this time.

Truth to say the result sure was saddening thing to see. Well I am not really satisfied with the results. But looking at the players all injured and hurt, what I can say is FIGHT AND WIN FOR THE NEXT GAME.

The spirits of dodge ball is in our players. Not even the injuries stop them from coming to this match. I hope God can give me a miracle for the next game. We need all the lucks and I mean Good Luck.


Judge’s Comments:

1.It’s good that you made an effort to start your post of creatively, but there are too many grammar errors throughout the article which made it confusing.

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CDL Day 4 Match Blogs (Part 2)

Match 5

By Leah Lewis (TAYLORS Hyenas)

And it’s the fourth day of CDL and our hyenas are up and ready to play! Playing for the hyenas today for the 3 on 3 would be Hui Xian, Pua sze, Rachel Tan, Jin, Boon and our captain, Wei Liam! Let’s go Hyenas!!

Spirits were high as the game started out well with no kills on the Hyenas side; they wiped Maestro out! As usual the players showed good sportsmanship and excellent team work; working together to make sure they dominated the first match. Kills by Wei Liam and catches by jin are always entertaining, right? The second game didn’t go so well for our players as they lost. Even though the reserves and cheerleaders did an excellent job at supporting their team, it was a straight win by Maestro. The third game was dominated again by Maestro as Boon was out first due to an attempt at a catch. Following that, Hui Xian was out due to a direct hit to her; impossible to dodge. Jin made an impressive dodge as he always does; leaping into the air to avoid getting hit. Our captain was the next one to be killed after his ball was caught by a Maestro player. Jin was out next, even though he tried his hardest to dodge the fast ball. Maestro’s player, number one was out next but unfortunately, due to all the kills by Maestro’s players, Pua Sze was the only one left. And an impressive win by Maestro; good job! The fourth game started in Hyenas’ favour as the number ten player for Maestro was out first. The next player to get sent out was Boon; another miss at catching. The next was Hyena’s catcher, Jin. Pua Sze was the next one to get killed; a good direct hit from Maestro. The cheerleaders and reserves cheerleaders cheered loudly for their players as the game went on, showing the spirit and support the Hyena’s are famous for. The next out was our captain again after two Maestros aimed directly for him; no way to dodge it. Hui Xian was the next out as she tried to make a catch but the ball slipped through her fingers. Rachel was the last one left and, though she tried hard and gave it her all, she was killed due to her ball being caught by a Maestro player. The last game of the first round was an easy win for the Hyenas; a straight kill by Jin followed by a quick contemplation by the marshals due to a hit by a Maestro player but after the whistle had sounded. The ending decision? Hyenas won the last game!

Our hot cheerleaders came onto the court showing real support and love for their team. Since the theme of the entire day was ‘Traditional’, they’d chosen to dance a traditional Malaysian dance first followed by a very sexy belly dancing number, using the song Jai Ho by the Pussycat Dolls. The song had been used by previous cheerleaders for other teams but our cheerleaders used real belly dancing moves, choreographed by one of our very own cheerleaders!

The next game started with high hopes again with Wei Liam, Deepak, Boon, Min Xun, Jin and the famed Jun Hsien playing for the Hyenas. There was tenseness in the air as the Maestro players spotted Jun Hsien; famed for his quick kills and dangerous fast balls. Deepak as well posed a threat thanks to his excellent aim and unseen fast balls. Unfortunately, Jun Hsien was the first one killed due to a shotgun move gone wrong. Next out was our captain again, Wei Liam. Deepak killed next, followed by a kill by Jin and Boon and finally, Min Xun was out due to a mistake in catching. In the end, although the hyena’s tried hard to make it, they lost the game. It’s okay Hyenas; it’s the first lose of the entire 4 days! Good job guys! Keep it up! Lets go Hyenas!

Judge’s Comments:

1.Great details on the match – especially with the players. And it’s good to see you sound positive despite the outcome of the game!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 5

By Je Hui (METROPOLITAN Maestros)

A dream within reach yet feels so distant at the same time, isn’t just a mere dream with a little help of Campus Dodgeball League! And that’s why there’s something different, something special about tonight’s CDL game, because we get to witness a fusion of cultural dance and cheerleading from the sexy dodgettes of every team!!


While we were totally blown away by the dodgettes delicious performances from the earlier matches, nothing can ease our restless hearts as we’ll be facing the Hyenas from Taylors for a second time later! Brrrrrr! Whenever we reminisces our previous game with them, our heart would go ‘thump-thump-thump-thump-thump-thump-thump-thump’ hammering against our rib cages like crazy. Their attacks were fierce and merciless, every hit, if taken is bound to make the oh-so-unlucky area to agonize for days. No joking, we have evidences!! Not to mention that the thought of a headshot/faceshot from them is absolutely forbidden!! *touch wood* After all, no one wants to end up lying on a hospital bed speaking Maori and gibberish to the puzzled nurses and doctors for 2 hours straight just to tell them that he/she needs to pee.

Here we were, warming up outside and meditating for the best conditions while waiting for our turn~

Will the heart-wrenching history replay itself??

‘NO WAY!!!’

Roared Aamos and the rest.

We won’t let the Hyenas beat us for a second time!!! The thought of it is too devastating!!!

We’ll win them this time, or to be more realistic (it’s not like we don’t know where we stand), give them a ROUGH time trying to kick us out. We Maestros have been through hell with Aamos wearing his ‘I AM CAPTAIN’ shirt driving us during every training session as if there’s no tomorrow. We were so obsessed with dodgeball that not even the rain can drench our burning spirits to defeat the Hyenas, our arch nemesis since ancient times! (ok, I may have exaggerated a tiny bit on that.)

This time, the players met outside before our game starts to save time.


As the match begins, our players proceeded carefully. While we managed to knock out a few Hyenas, we still lost the first match.


We told ourselves.



Despite that we lost the first game, we remained vigilant and positive in the following matches. Players on the court were so aggressively dodging, ducking, jumping and not missing out shooting all the time! The Hyenas won another match, but we put up a tough fight for the Hyenas and by the time the first round ended, we can’t believe it ourselves, but we did it.


Score: Maestros vs Hyenas, 3 – 2





Our captain Aamos giving a pep-talk and strategy speech!!


When the Hyenas dodgettes finished their sexy performance, our dodgers re-entered the battle with such confidence and optimism we’ve never seen before!!!




The second round was so intense with all the male hormones boiling in the players’ veins while the crowds were cheering so wildly to show their support for their friends. The players from both teams not fighting on the court were shrieking and screaming so crazily, a player of ours, Elizabeth even ‘pop’ a vein in her left thumb for clapping too hard!!! (WOW. Never knew that could happen, good thing she’s right-handed!!)

The Hyenas were attacked our players so ruthlessly as they were desperate to catch up with out points. The moment both team players seized their balls, Jun Hsien and Aamos attacked at the exact same moment!!! The Maestro girls cheered and shrieked when Aamos was unscathed but Jun Hsien was OUT!!!!!

Jun Hsien, OUT!!



Even though the Hyenas’ star player was out, our players remained cautious and slowly picked out the Hyenas one by one as 6 minutes passed by!!!!





When the marshal finally blew their whistles to end the final match, victory was ours!!!!


Final score: Maestro vs Hyenas, 4 -3



Good Job Hyenas, they were really tough and the main reason we suffered. But the match was extraordinarily exciting and fun!!


Well, I’ll be signing off now, till the next match!



HAVE A BLESSED BIRTHDAY WAI TAT!!!! (If you’re reading this by any means) =D


Judge’s Comments:

1. The excitement in your writing leaps off the page and its infectious! Good job!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 6
CITY UC Tigers vs KDU Ronins

By Ben Koh (KDU Ronins)

Ronins with a team still in recovery had great dreams for tonights match, hoping to steal a win to boost them in the group standings. Starting with the line up of Lollo, Timothy, Faiz, Jolyn, Shan Wei and Wei Yuan. The team started off well going head to head with those from the Tigers.

But it soon turned into a one way ticket and Ronins was going in the wrong direction; losing the first game. The second round saw a swap in the line up with Lollo being substituted with Ehkwan. There was a quick change in the atmosphere with the new sub turning on the heat and inspiring a win for the ROnins. The score was now one to one!

With all to fight for, both teams attacked the starting charge with full gusto! Tigers were unfortunately faster and shot a shot gun (a special technique in dodgeball where the runner runs for the ball and passes it to a shooter who is ready to shoot). However, the ronins defence was strong and no one went out. The match eventually went to the ROnins.

The all male event was next up, with all the macho man taking the field! Both teams kept each one entertained with throw after throw. Both seemed equally match and that showed in the final score. Ronins did avoid a defeat but only managed to steal a draw. We will have to try harder next time it seems. BUT WE WILL…RONINS NEVER EVER GIVES UP!!!!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Good details on the match, but the stretched pictures weren’t to great to look at.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 6
CITY UC Tigers vs KDU Ronins

By Aman (CITY UC Tigers)

First of all Assalamualaikum..Salam Sejahtera  and Salam Satu Malaysia.., to all member of dodge ball league team. Today we, City TIGER again faced the RONIN from KDU for our second round league. We with the firing spirit were ready to face them with all the strength.

Starting the match, RONIN little bit manipulating the advantage where we from TIGER short one of our girl team player which is having the health problem. Despite that, the rest of the team more inspire with that which they consider as try to gain the winning for the unfortunate girl player that cannot play today. We push as hard as we can try to get the score point but we got beaten by RONIN 2 – 1.

Again we losing the focus of the games and been scolded by the captain. TIGER little bit exhausted after two and half hour waiting same as RONIN but look like they still maintain. We manage to get the tied point 2 – 2 in the earlier of the second half. Then we gain another score point by leading 3 – 2 but without any notice RONIN win their third score point in sudden.

When approaching the end of the games, TIGER take out all the energy to try to get tied with the RONIN for this second league match and we won. Lastly, after 3 – 3,both of the team were playing in the picnic mood then the match finish by the time count.

We will improve more in our next macth…see u all.


Judge’s Comments:

1. Good details on the match and on your team. However you must be careful with your grammar and sentence structure errors.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7

By Tyler (UCSI U Red Legion)

Came back stronger!

Today will be the fourth day of the Campus Dodgeball League. This time Red Legions were assigned to play against the Stroms from Taylors Lakeside. Once again, Red Legions have won the match with the score of 3 to 2 against the Storms. Though on the previous day of the competition, Red Legions were defeated by the Hybrids from Inti College, but that definitely did not bring the spirit of the Red Legions! Thus, we have proven to everyone by winning the game today.


On the first half, the starting line ups for the Red Legions were Benji, Jacky, Aaron, Vanessa, Valerie and also Summer. Though at first it was a bit shaky for the Legions, but they have kept their heads up towards the whole game. Plus with lead by our captain in the team, Legions had played their heart out. Well, not to forget, Aaron has once again done an awesome job with his catching and shooting as well. As the first half time hits zero second, Storm have lead the match by 2 to 1.

During the break in between the first half and second half, both team’s dodgettes have performed and it is really hard to explain the excitement with words. Well in other words, you should be here to experience it yourself. During the dodgettes, the captain of Legions have given some words to his team and with that, Legions have come back with more confidence. The 6 men from the Legions were Benji, Ah Kean, Aaron, Mamali, Ali and also Jacky. As for the second half for today, both Aaron and Jacky were doing really-really good with their catches and throwing.

As for the second half, it was a really-really tight match; where by Legions only get too tied up with the Storms at the almost final minutes of the game. When the point was given to the Legions, everyone in the stadium was cheering their lungs out. As for the both team’s supporters, they were so loud that when the head marshall was shouting, no one can hear what he was trying to say. It was that loud people. Anyways, as the both teams were fighting for the team, Legions tried to counter as much as they can and that have given them the advantage since the survivors from the Legions are more than the Storms. Everyone was shouting for the last 10 seconds countdown, and thankfully, the Legions managed to survive and they have been awarded with a point which means Legions won the match by 3 to 2 against the Storms.


That’s about for today; I wish everyone had a great time watching the games. Take care and good night!

Red, Red, Red Legion! Rawrr~

Judge’s Comments:

1.Good game details but what’s lacking is a story. You’ve done a good job so far on the reporting side but remember that you have to keep coming up with new ways to capture the attention of your audience.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7

By Adam Riff (Taylor’s Lakeside Storm)

A storm is brewing

After the last morale boosting victory against PSA, we again face the big guns of this crazy Group of Death. UCSi Red Legion gave us a hard time and downed us in the 1st meeting.

But we were ready this time.

Ready to bring the rain…

A big bad torrent of rain…

But First, A Birthday Surprise

Coincidentally, today was the birthday of one of our squad members, Rafiq Iqbal. The ‘family’ has always tried to celebrate special occasions together, especially when we have big games coming. His girlfriend, Michelle wanted to surprise him at campus and so we all did.

As I stood watching the laughter and cake-flinging, I felt a sense of camaraderie that is never seen in a sports club or any other club for that matter. After my recent personal issues, I teared deep inside; knowing that I could never have gone through it all without these bunch of jokers. My brothers and sisters, who will always be a part of this magnificent Storm; and me.

A Late Entrance

Our match was the 2nd last of the day and we decided to drive there ourselves instead of taking the team bus. We celebrated the birthday abit too much and arrived slightly later than planned. However, we were still focused on getting maximum points to finally be group leaders. This was the turnaround that everyone was waiting for, since the loss against them in the opening match. Our team still had time to fool around though. Talk about mental preparation. Haha.

The red revenge

Time was running slow for MAD as the teams celebrated Wai Tat’s birthday earlier in the court. So it was decided that the pre-match briefing should be done outside the hall to save some time. Funny thing though, as the coin toss was replaced by a simple ‘one-two-jus’. Proud to be Malaysian. Haha.

The air was thick with tension as players stared down each other on the court. Fierce rivals indeed. The 1st game did not go so well as Storm went down 1-0 quickly. It seemed like the players were not mentally prepared yet. However, in the next 2 games, the blue team raced into the lead as Fred put in a starring performance again. Killing 4 players alone in the 3rd game to make it 2-1, a former Hyenas star indeed. Mike was also particularly impressive as his ankle injury flared up yet still stayed in the court. It was not in vain as he dived down to make an important catch. The best comeback so far made in the league.

1Malaysia Extravaganza

MAD predetermined earlier that all teams must perform a cultural dance as part of the dodgettes’ halftime performance. As usual, the girls choreographed an awesome routine that incorporated Malay, Indian and Chinese traditional dance moves. They also roped some guys in to partner them in the Indian piece while the entire team was used as the grand finale of the act. We laughed unprofessionally throughout the dance but still managed to pull it all off. We were the only team so far to include the entire team so far.

Lightning Strikes twice

The 2nd half started with a good vibe for Storm as they go in with a 2-1 lead. Fred continued playing as his form was outstanding today. Mike was supposed to play but succumbed to his injury. It was some intense dodgeball with players being defensive; not wanting to take unnecessary risks. Red Legion got a game back to make 2-2 with some fine catches by their players. Ren-To was the last man standing in that game and did very well against the other lone UCSI player. Alas his shot was caught by the one in the red.

Only 3 minutes was left. Players started to panic and raced against time to make shots. In the chaos, both UCSI and Taylors teams had players shot down. Taking turns to kill each other’s players, it was difficult to see who would come out tops. Red Legion put on a defensive formation to run out the time and got the win with more players. Again, the match of the day. Impressive performance by both sides though Storm are dejected at press time. Still, I truly believe Storm will come out of the league triumphant.

Group Support

Spokesperson and player – Jeff Ler No.3

(It is inspiring to see this supposed invalid walking up the stairs in campus all the time when there are elevators, but Jeff takes the cake by dancing along with us at halftime)

Storm Dodgettes lead by Cassandra Kiu

These girls give their hearts and souls everyday to practice and perform for us. It never ceases to amaze me.

And well, there’s me…

Adam Riff. =)

Remind me to get new pictures for this section.

Judge’s Comments:

1.  Another great story on top of reporting on the match!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Match 8
HELP Hyperblades vs SEGI Barbarians

By May Lim (HELP Hyperblades)

Should the yellows win the red that night, they’re be out of CDL for 2010.

Temperatures were running high at approximately 11pm that night. Cultural night as it was, heartbeats could be heard among the HELP Hyperblades players that night, even the sound of the balls being dodged couldn’t hide the anticipation, so thick you could slice it with a knife, of both teams: HELP Hyperblades and the SEGI Barbarians.

It was no wonder; the HELP Hyperblades were to play against the defending champions, the SEGI Barbarians that night. Even a dose of Revive isotonic drink, one of the sponsors along with Malaysian Dodgeball League, RTM, Lenovo, Figos, and a few others, couldn’t calm the players down.

Proudly marching into the court with their red, white and black jerseys (and some donning t shirts due to unforeseen circumstances), the HELP Hyperblades stood at their end of the court facing the the bright, bold yellow of the SEGI Barbarians.

First six consisted of the 3 usual males, Vinod, VK and Jun Kit, as well as Trisha, Shiann and Lynn. It was a disappointing first half of the first ten minutes, as the score was 2-0 to the SEGI Barbarians.

Frustration coupled with determination to win was probably what drove the HELP Hyperblades to pick up their game; they managed to catch up to 2-2 right at the last minute as Captain Tan Jun Kit managed to catch a ball thrown by the SEGI Barbarians at the LAST MINUTE, thus making the SEGI Barbarians short of one player as compared to the HELP Hyperblades.

Spokesperson Denise Chan, clad in a brilliant red sari (to match the HELP Hyperblades colours) was running on high, absolutely excited with the draw.

Choosing their song, Jai Ho, which means Destiny, the Dodgettes had their fair share of entertaining the crowd. After whole lot of hip shaking and jingling from the belly dancing skirts, the crowd was buzzing with even more excitement.

Like Shakira’s, DAMN, the HELP Dodgettes’ hips sure don’t lie!

Both teams were full of anticipation after the insanely exciting first half. The next 10 minutes, the hall could feel the tension along the 12 male players of both teams. It was super intense, the score went up to a draw once again to 3-3. It was a neck to neck race to the win; WHO WOULD WIN THIS ROUND?

Just as the buzzer went off, one of the SEGI Barbarians caught a ball thrown by the HELP Hyperblades, making the HELP Hyperblades short of one player, making the SEGI Barbarians the winner of this game, instantly kicking the HELP Hyperblades out of the next round.


Referees and Marshalls were called aside to discuss white the crowd of yellow were celebrating and the crowd of red and black were thundering.

Turns out, it was a draw after some heated discussion among the Marshalls and the SEGI Barbarians.

Guess we’ll be seeing the HELP Hyperblades in the next round.

WILL they meet the SEGI Barbarians again?
WILL there be any more last-split-second drama?

WHO will be this year’s champions?

Could it be the SEGI Barbarians once again? Or would they make way for a new team? preferably the HELP Hyperblades, of course 😉

Stay tuned for more!


Judge’s Comments:

1. Good details and choice of descriptive phrases, great pictures too.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8

SEGI Barbarians vs HELP Hyperblades

By Cedric


Its day 4 and what a day it has been. Don’t you think that as the day goes by every match is becoming more exciting? I can say that again because game 8 was nothing less than heart stomping. Defending Champions Segi Barbarians took on Help Hyperblades. It was fantastic when they first met on the first day of this seasons Campus Dodgeball League and it got greater when they met today.

Help Hyperblades came in this game looking confident and ready for second round after Barbarians taking them out 4-2 the last time they met. No player underestimated each other and Barbarians knew they were facing a good team and it was going to get nasty.

When the Head Marshal Raymond yelled 1, 2 Dodgeball, It was the moment the greatest game of the day had begun. Balls flew like bullets where no catchers dare to catch, and when they did it was awesome. First half ended with a draw, where both teams shared two points apiece. And like every other day the dodgettes played their parts, by entertaining and stress relieving.

Players came into the second half vicious and ready to win the game. The second half gets better because it was the all-male round and every guy on the court is eyeing for the gold. The second half was a little better and feistier than the first half. BUT the worst part was it ended with the first controversial decision this year. Barbarians who thought they won was sadly was wrong because of a decision the judge had made saying that Help HyperBlades had more players on the court when the whistle was blown.

Anyways, in a nutshell both teams played superbly and deserve great cheers. The game ended with Segi Barbarians drawing the game 3-3 with Help HyperBlades. Now what is going to happen on day 5, let’s wait and see!!!


Judge’s Comments:

1. Good details on the match, good introduction!

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CDL Day 3 Match Blogs (Part 2)

October 5, 2010 Comments off

Match 5
KDU Ronins vs SEGi Avengers

by Benjamin Koh (KDU Ronins)

Having a year long history since the inception of dodgeball in Malaysia, the Avengers and the Ronins have been exchanging throws with full passion and enthusiasm. Having players that are extremely experienced and well skilled. Today’s match was indeed a highly anticipated match to watch; sad to say it was not to be.

The Ronins today unfortunately were with an injured full team and it could be seen the match. The Avengers on the other hand seem to have the exact opposite with the full team looking absolutely athletic. Both teams on the outside looked strong and raring to go, however, the Ronins knew that if they were to steal today’s match it would have had to be a day of miracles.

At the get go of 1, 2, dodgeball, the Avengers seem to pull the game to their side. No doubt the Ronins were a battered force, but they would not give up. The Ronins didn’t let the Avengers take the matches easily; they toiled and sweated to the very last. In the mixed team event, in just a couple of seconds, all the guys were just simple blown away. It was up to the girls to keep the Ronins flame raging on. It seemed at one point the roses of the team were going steal the thunder of the thorns. Though they put up a strong fight-earning not just our respect but I believe the crowds attention!-it was not to be.

Today just doesn’t seem to be a Ronins’s day. The Avengers took the game 7 – 0. Well it will be another day for the Ronins then, still in search for victories. But we are still hopeful and hungry for victory, a lost is never the end it is just a discovery of ways not to win a match, all we have to do is do the exact opposite AND WE WILL BE WINNING!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 5
KDU Ronins vs SEGi Avengers

by Hazz Haili (SEGi Avengers)

Avengers Comes Back With a Vengeance

In tonight’s match, Avengers played undoubtedly their best game in the tournament.  SEGi Avengers thumped KDU Ronins 7-0. It was definitely a must win game for the Avengers as they have lost their previous 2 games and it was really their last shot to qualify to the knockout stages. It was a resolute performance from the start as they easily disposed their opponents Ronins in under 2 minutes. Accurate throwing and catching from all Avengers players could be seen eventhough Ronin did show a fight back of their own. It was still not enough as Avengers did definitely improved from their previous performance. The first half ended 4-0 and everyone from the Avengers camp were on a high.

Come second half, it was and all guys match between the two.  There were not many changes as Avengers still came out strong in their performances.  It was quite a lacklustre performance from Ronins really as they did not turn up and performs in tonight’s match.  In the end, the match ended 7-0 and a resolute Avengers finally showed their potentials and hopefully push on from here to climb their way up towards success.

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Match 6
Taylor’s Hyenas vs UPM Tupai Kilat

by Adrian Anthony (Taylor’s Hyenas)

The importance of learning from one’s mistake has always been stressed to us by our elders, parents, teachers, etc. For only by doing so can we strive to truly become better at whatever it is we are doing. Having said that, we witnessed an example of the saying on the match between The Hyenas dodgeball team from Taylor’s and Tupai Kilat of UPM.

The Hyenas came into this match brimming with confidence as they had won their fist two group matches, and they were facing a team who had lost their first two. Hyenas were hoping to thrash their opponents, but that was not what it would have been, or so they thought after the first five minutes. At the start of the match, the Hyenas began with their usual counter-attacking strategy, but within 30 seconds, UPM stunned them by knocking out Boon. With their best catcher gone, Hyenas had to push forward. However, things were never easy as an inspired team defended well.

Both sides were knocking each other players out, but the tie swung in UPM’s favour when they knocked out all three male Hyenas. By now, the clock showed 4 minutes, and the score was 0-0, making it potentially the lowest scoring match. As expected, UPM took the first game. The Hyenas team now looked like a wounded animal, and to rub salt into their wounds, they lost to arguably the most inexperienced team in the CDL.

But true to form, they showed great fighting spirit by leveling things up with an improvised counter-attacking style, in which they capitalized on several mistakes by the UPM players, such as solo runs by their players. At half time, the score was all square at 1-1. As per usual, we witnessed some rather sexy but nevertheless motivating performances by the dodgettes of both teams.

After approximately 5 minutes of break time, play resumed, this time with the 6+0 second half. Hyenas immediately turned on the heat with a shotgun attempt, but his shot was unfortunately caught by a UPM player. However, the Hyenas team stuck to their guts and continued to push forward with a barrage of shots which knocked out several players. 3 minutes later, the score line read 2-1 to Hyenas.

With 3 minutes left on the clock, Hyenas were pressing for a win, and with great determination and a resilient defensive play, they won the match as they had 4 players left on their side, compared to UPM who had 2.

Once again, the saying ”we do not care if we win r lose, but we make sure we win” was lived up by the Hyenas dodgeball team.

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Match 6
Taylor’s Hyenas vs UPM Tupai Kilat

by Shahmi (UPM Tupai Kilat)

Hari Ke-3 : UPM Tupai KIlat VS Taylors Heynas

Tupai Kilat turun sekali lagi dengan membawa harapan untuk memenangi perlawanan kali ini. Pada separuh masa pertama Tupai Kilat telah menurunkan pemain mereka yang terdiri daripada Norkhizan, Ziman, Hafifi, Azlina, Norain dan Yusra. Separuh masa pertama berlangsung dengan penuh sengit dimana Tupai Kilat telah mendahului pada permulaan. Semua berpunca daripada fifi yang Berjaya menangkap bola yang dibaling oleh pasukan Heynas. Tiada seorang pemain Tupai Kilat yang terkeluar daripada permainan. Pusingan kedua berlangsung tetapi kecemerlangan pada pusingan pertama tidak dapat diteruskan dimana Yusra, Hafifi dan Norkhizan. Ini telah menyebabkan keputusan separuh masa pertama berakhir dengan 1-1.

Pada separuh masa kedua, Tupai Kilat telah membariskan Ammar, Fazhil, Lutfi, Amir, Ridzuan dan Risham. Tupai Kilat meneruskan rentak yang sama seperti separuh masa pertama. Permainan berlangsung agak sengit. Bermula dengan Lutfi dan Riduan telah berjaya membaling tepat ke arah pemain Heynas. Balingan daripada Hyenas tidak dapat di elak oleh Amir dan Fazhil menyebabkan mereka terkeluar daripada permainan. Separu masa kedua ini, pertukaran dilakukan oleh Tupai Kilat dimana membawa masuk Ziman dan Ijan bagi menggantikan Fazhil dan Ridzuan. Lutfi merupakan pemain terbaik bagi pasukan Tupai Kilat diman balingannya telah membuatkan ramai pemain Heynas terkeluar daripada permainan. Corak permainan yang ditunjukkan oleh pemain Tupai Kilat banyak mempengaruhi permainan pasukan Hyenas dan menyebabkan mereka berasa tertekan. Nasib belum masih menyebelahi Tupai Kilat di mana mereka kalah sekali lagi dengan keputusan 3-1

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7
SEGi Barbarians vs KDU Chronos

by Cedric (SEGi Barbarians)

Day 3 ,and what an exciting day it was, like every other days before this teams come in more experience and ready for round 3. We have experience teams being humbled by smaller inexperience teams, which proved the point that Dodgeball is indeed an underdog game.

Fast forwarding to the second last game, which was Segi Barbarbarians versus KDU Chronos. What an interesting game it was. We watched great teamwork from both teams. It was an ordinary game where you will watch one team attacking and the other laying back defending their lines. First half ended with a 4-0 score line, where barbarians were taking the lead.

Dodggetes by both teams gave awe-inspiring performances. Barbarians ended the game with a 8-0 win. BUT do not let the score line fool you, like mentioned earlier both teams played well and, we got to give it to KDU Chronos who fought with full determination until the end despite being left behind. Towards the ended KDU’s determination proved a point where they were taking barbarians out one by one, but time was not on their side barbarians won the round with more players on the court. Inspiring performances by both team. Well done and good luck for both teams as they go for round 2 facing the same teams they faced in day 1.

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Match 7
SEGi Barbarians vs KDU Chronos

by Yi Yian (KDU Chronos)

The 3rd day of Campus Dodge ball League 2010. Before the game start, Chronos had complains from the judges that we have to wear shoes to play. But the floor is so slippery and you know what. She says if you play football under a raining field will you wear shoes, well well whats your opinion? Mine experience tells me I don’t wear shoes.

A beautiful Monday yet my mood is not so good from the results of the game between KDU College Chronos and SEGI Barbarians. The result was a total defeat for Chronos as we got 0 while the Barbarians got 8.

The game started with 3+3 as always. The Barbarians was strong as they get Chronos out quickly. I myself was playing in the game it sure was a heart attack. Simon was sweating and he was trying his best to command who to throw. The situation was not good as the players from Chronos get hit 1 by 1. The girls was the ones left and sure the Barbarians can get them easily.

As the time continue to decrease, both teams run for the ball again. Well the Barbarians miss as they aim Simon. The game was exciting yet super tiring. The judges saw with their eyes and together commenting what’s good and bad.

The results were 4-0.

4 to Barbarians and 0 for Chronos.

As the second game begin (6+0). Chronos members were stress and tired. Will we make a turn and win the Barbarians. I hope so. I heard cheers for the Barbarians and Chronos.

The Barbarians hit the players of Chronos 1 by 1 not letting the Chronos to have a chance to fight back. The game soon comes to an end. And the KDU College Chronos was totally defeated by the Barbarians.

As I was walking from the hall to blog bout this post I heard comments saying that the floor was slippery. It’s sad to hear these comments.

But I do agree that the Barbarians are good players.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8
UCSI Red Legion vs INTI Hybrids

by Tyler Lim (Red Legion)

Though we lost, but we definitely had fun.

Today, 4th of October 2010 is the 3 day of the Campus Dodgeball League (CDL). Red Legions were assigned to play against the Hybrids. In case you don’t know who the Hybrids are, they are teams that were based on really experienced players. Nevertheless, same goes to the Red Legions! Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side this time. Though we have won the previous games back to back, this time the winning wasn’t with us.

Even though we lost the game, our captain of the team, Benji Wong was really proud with the performance of his fellow team mates. As for the first half of the game, Mamali, Ah Kean, Aaron, Vanessa, Summer and also Ofelia were the players. Despite the fact, Aaron being injured, he was doing his best and giving out his best performance in the game. He manage to kill Mun Wai will his first ball and catch I’ Smile’s ball after that. Besides being a good thrower, he was catching the balls over and over again.

Not to forget, Vanessa one of our best female player in the team, was doing a good job in dodging all the balls that were coming towards her.  As the time hits zero, we were down with 2 to nothing on the score board. But that didn’t affect any of our players and also our fellow supporters. They were cheering their lungs out and clapping their hands as a sign of congratulating the Red Legions for their amazing performance.

After the dance moves from the dodgettes from the both teams, second half started immediately. This time, not only Aaron was playing on form, but Michiyo a.k.a. Jacky as well. He was catching the balls that are coming towards him as though he was playing as a goal keeper in a football match! I would say it was an awesome performance from him. As for conclusion, as the blogger of the team, I am very proud of my teammates as they have tried their level best in the game. Well, as our captain always says to us, ‘We win as a team, we lose as a team!’ And that is the spirit of Red Legions!

Despite being the losing team, we are still strong and passionate with the game of dodgeball. We will come back as a better team in the upcoming matches and hopefully will win the matches ahead. I think that is about all, I really do hope that you all had an awesome day today. Red Legion blogger, signing out!

Red, Red, Red, LEGION! Rawr~

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8
UCSI Red Legion vs INTI Hybrids

by Melinda Lee (Hybrids)

After Hybrids last game where it tied, Hybrids were determined to come back and give their best performance. The players gathered out at the car park half an hour before the game and formulated a new game plan while the dodgettes came up with new routines and props to excite the audience. When all the players entered the cage, they were all ready to put up their best game of CDL.

We thought we were geared up and confident for the play, but our opponents cheered even more zealously when we were in the cage. Their players had their eyes set and mind at an end: victory.

The game started and players rushed towards the lined dodgeballs. Hybrids were extremely nervous, but UCSI showed confidence and determination at every throw. Both teams were equally strong and unwilling to backdown but instead pushed the games to its limit when no scores were made at the 5th minute itself. Slowly, Hybrids were one by one contained in the boxes. But as Hybrids were losing hope, our co-captain, Mun Wai, striked one player out and within the same second saved a ball. The whole crowd roared and the table turns. Within the next few seconds, simultaneous balls were saved and Hybrids was finally controlling the game. By the 6th minute, Hybrids scored their first mark.

Spirits were high when the second set started. It all seemed as if the new strategy was working out. But such a strong team as UCSI would not let 1 point bring down their spirits. They came back strong. 2 minutes into the game, Hybrids were outnumbered. UCSI players were gleaming with confidence and assurance of the game. But what is an exciting game without a little twist? By the 8th minute, two balls were saved and 4 UCSI players were out. Our players were released from the detainments and loaded back into the game.  Suddenly, Hybrids outnumbered UCSI.  And before you know it, Hybrids scored our second point.

The Hybrid supporters roared with joy and excitement as the players retired and dodgettes showed. This time, our dodgettes came with pom poms, a new song and a whole new dance routine. They had stunts and excellent coordination. Again, we were fired up.

When the 3rd set started, Hybrids spirit was sky high but UCSI was still determined. The third game was an easy win with UCSI being low on morale. But when the 4th game started, UCSI put up their best show of the day. They didn’t back down this time and refused to allow no scores. They had the strongest defence that frustrated the Hybrids. Suddenly, UCSI regained their drift and put out our first player, then the second, then the third. We were outnumbered by the strong willed UCSI. And at the 7th minute of the game, USCI’s preserverence and determination proved worthy as they scored their first match. That 1 point ignited and refuelled UCSI.

At the last 2nd minute, the 5th set of the game, UCSI was cheering strongly. The last game of the day roared within these 2 minutes. Balls flew, players sprinted and the supports screamed enthusiastically. UCSI eagerly threw and tried to score the last match. They knew victory was impossible but yet they put up their most coordinated and best game to prove they were not easily defeated.

The game ended with 3 – 2, but it wasn’t without strong resistance on UCSI’s part. The rumours of UCSI being a strong team proved right tonight.

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