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CDL Day 2 Match Blogs (Part 2)

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Match 5:


by Adrian Anthony (TAYLORS Hyenas)

(Highest Blog points for Day 2)

In football, there is a saying that you are most vulnerable after you’ve taken the lead. On the contrary, that was not the case for the Hyenas dodgeball team of Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya. It was match day 2 of the College Dodgeball League, and the Hyenas were facing their second opponents from Group D-the Masterskill Vipers.

The Hyenas, back from their first victory on Saturday, looked confident at the start. However, the Vipers had other ideas-by taking the lead at the first game of the 3+3 half. Hyenas, shell-shocked for a few moments, regrouped and won the next game to make thing all square. This was largely due to the successful catching attempts by Boon, who made precisely three catches.

With the momentum swinging back in their favour, the Hyenas then took control of the third game with some scintillating counter-attacking display, knocking-out three Vipers’ in quick succession. Successful high speed shots were made by Wei Liam, Jin, and Boon. Within 2 minutes, the score was now 2-1.

At the interval, a sexy and motivating cheerleading display was demonstrated by the cheerleaders of Hyenas, with the song “I Like It” by Enrique Eglesias. After the Cheerleaders of Vipers performed, the 6+0 second half began.

Hyenas, who looked hungrier than ever, returned for more blood. They began with a quick shotgun attempt, knocking out a Vipers’ players within seconds. By the looks of things then, the Vipers began to further strategise by targeting Ming Xun, who is known for his sniping shots. With superb shooting, Hyenas won to make the score 3-1. By now, the Vipers, were getting more frustrated. Having said that, they returned seeming much stronger, and made the score 3-2 with good dodging and blocking, their shots seemed much faster too as one of them caught Jin of Hyenas off guard , knocking him out.

By this time, the clock showed approximately 1 minute and 45 seconds. Hyenas who were wanting to take control of things started stronger in this game with fast, accurate shooting. With Boon and Jin in the lineup, they knocked out 3 Vipers in quick succession. When time ran out, there were 3 Hyenas players left, with 2 on the Vipers’ half, resulting in the final score of 4-2 Hyenas.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 5:

TAYLORS Hyenas vs Masterskills Vipers

by Joseph (MASTERSKILLS Vipers)

Setelah perlawanan pertama di hari pembukaan pada 25th September 2010 bukan penghalang bagi kami pasikan viper’s untuk terus melayak kan diri terus ke perlawanan hari pertama liga kampus dodgeball 2010 yang diadakan di Dewan sebaguna Sultan Salahuddin Shah Alam.

Disini hari ini pasukan viper’s telah tewas kepada pasukan Taylor’s Hyenas dengan mata  2-4. Kekalahan dihari yang kedua bukan untuk mematahan semangat pasukan viper untuk terus tidak bertanding di Liga kampus dodgeball 2010 ini. Dengan semangat perpaduan yang telah di terapkan oleh pengurus pasukan bahkan dari setiap pemain itu sendiri membawa kepada semangat yang jitu untuk terus bersama di dalam sukan dodgeball ini.

Walaupun baru sahaja setahun jagung ditubuhkan setiap pemain di dalam pasukan Viper’s amat menitik beratkan semangat perpaduan di kalangan pemain dan kejujuran yang ada membolehkan kami di pasukan viper’s terus mara ke perlawanan seterusnya.Dengan semangat dan sorakan yang padu dari setiap penyokong Viper’s akan membuktikan bahawa viper’s akan terus mara seperti bisa viper’s sendiri.

Melihatkan semangat yang ada di hari kedua perlawanan diantara Taylor Hyenas kami di pasukan viper’s akan terus bersama dengan setiap pemain yang ada untuk membawa semangat satu belia satu masterskil dan satu dodgeball ke arena Negara bukan sahaja di dalam Malaysia bahkan ke peringkat antarabangsa. Seperti yang dikatakan oleh jurulatih pasukan Viper’s sendiri semasa temuramah dengan MAD sebentar tadi “kami hari ini memang banyak melepaskan peluang yang ada dan kami tidak mengunakan strategi yang sebaiknya yang perlu kami gunakan” kata Danson selaku Ketua Jurulatih pasukan Viper’s. Tambahan lagi peluang memang ada untuk pemain Viper’s untuk mara ke pusingan separuh akhir yang akan diadakan minggu hadapan dimasa dan tempat yang sama.

Akhir sekali ingin sekali kami di Viper’s Masterskill merakamkan ribuan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga kepada penganjur liga kampus Dodgeball 2010 kali yang kedua ini iaitu sokongan dari Jabatan Perpaduan Negara Dan Integrasi Nasional serta Kementerian Belia dan Sukan. Tidak lupa juga kepada rakan penganjur iaitu penaja minuman sukan Revive Isotonik, computer riba jenama Lenovo, penaja pakaian sukan Figos dan majalah Campus Plus satu-satunya majalah kampus yang percuma diberikan untuk setiap kampus di Malaysia.

Akhir sekali kepada Radio Televisyen Malaysia selaku penganjur bersama tidak ketinggalan untuk Puan Asmara Sulong Pengarah Politeknik Sultah Salahuddin Shah Alam kerana membenarkan Viper’s dan pasukan Kampus lain yang bertanding menggunakan Dewan serbaguna  bagi perlawanan liga dodgeball 2010. Persatuan Dodgeball Malaysia juga tidak ketinggalan serta Paramedik dari masterskill keranan menyokong dan menghidupkan sukan yeng bertaraf antarabangsa di Malaysia khasnya. Majulah sukan untuk Negara.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 6:

KDU Ronins vs UCSI U Devil’s Dukes

by Ben Koh (KDU Ronins)

Devils!~ Ronins!~ Devils!~ Ronins!~ Devils!~ Ronins!~ These were the cheers that were resounding in the Politeknik Shah Alam Multipurpose Hall. These two teams have a whole long history running from the first ever CDL till now. Though both teams have clashed countless times no love is lost whenever there is a clash.

With both teams having a relatively same line up, both teams were eager to get on dodging! At the sound of “One two dodgeball!!!” both teams went all out to gain the upper hand. The first to strike were unfortunately the devils. Within a matter of seconds the ronins lost another player and another. It all looked bleak but then the ronins drew one back and the team’s spirit looked like it was back. However, it was not to last as the devils switch gears and sealed the game, as the ronins had only one player against a whole 6 players from the devils.

But with the never die spirit that the ronins are known for we charged back into the second game taking a devils player out at the start of the second game. All seemed to go the ronins way but it was sadly not to last…as slowly but systematically the ronins were slowly hit out.

With the ronins trailing two games down, we decided not to give up but give it one more try! The marshals got ready, then the players zoomed down the charge lane. In a split second, two devils were out, a revival was on! We were moving with a second wind! In the end we sealed the game.

We were pumped and excited, we went on to take one more game, though the day just wasn’t ours. The match eventually went to the devils who ultimately play better than us today. Kudos to the devils, but THE RONINS WILL BE BACK! Till the next match, keep a look out for the ronins!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 6:

KDU Ronins vs UCSI U Devil’s Dukes

by Charity Lim Yun-Ci (UCSI U Devil’s Dukes)

My heart has been pounding for the entire time since we’ve arrived here at PSA. I don’t know why, but I was feeling nervous for the players. So when it came the time for Devil’s to get onto the court, I barely pulled myself together to take some pictures for them.  The first round went on quite smoothly and Devil’s won a point.

The second round got a little more interesting with Casey hitting a girl from Ronnins with a headshot! Everyone said “Oooh” right on cue because it really looked like it hurt. Alot! Then Casey and Navid brought the team’s spirits up by catching both balls thrown by the opponents almost simultaneously! Everyone roared and cheered for them with excitement! I was never more proud of them! In the next round, Casey got hit, and even though the marshals didn’t call him on that (they probably missed out on it) he called to the marshal and pulled himself out. Such honesty as expected from a Devil’s player. We all agreed to the Honour Code, and we stick by our agreement.

Then it was the cheerleaders’ turn to show what they’ve got to the crowd. And they didn’t fail to please the crowd with their entertaining routine and “hot” moves. That is not the only thing that pulled our eyes to their routine; it was also their constant flowing energy and facial expressions! Unfortunately, the Ronnins’  cheerleaders were a no show. I have no idea what happened to them, but i’m sure they have a good reason behind their disappearance.

The guys’ game almost brought on a heart attack for me! The Ronnins’ boys got fiercer and started attacking ferociously! Even i was scared just by looking at the expressions on their faces! But luckily, the Devil’s won this round. Even so, the next round was a more shockingly disappointing one.

Somehow, everything went haywire. All the boys started making silly mistakes and allowed the Ronnins’ to win this round. But no matter, the supporters continued cheering on for the Devil’s and they started doing better in the next round. I can excitedly and proudly announce that the Devil’s Dukes won the 3rd and ALSO the 4th round of game! Oh not forgetting to mention that one little incident when one of the Devil’s rebounded a ball, causing it to hit on of the lights hanging just above their heads. The light went out obviously. Never mess with a Devil!

It was all in all, a heart pounding, nerves killing game. But as usual, the Devil’s Dukes manage to play it just right and get themselves another few points with teamwork! I can’t wait for their next game where they would surely play awesomely yet again! (Oh and i would also like to comment on the awesome marshals for calling such a fair game! Thank you marshals!)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7:

UCSI U Red Legion vs KDU Ronins

By Tyler Lim (UCSI Red Legion)

Proud to be Red Legion

Once again, the Red Legion has won their match in the CDL tournament. Today (29th of September 2010) marks the second day of this league and Red Legions were to face the home team which are the Eagles from Politeknik Shah Alam. From a interview, we have found out that the home team a.k.a. the Eagles are only 2 months old, but no doubt they really know the game of dodgeball.

Aaron Tan controlling the game

Even though the games between these two big teams were held at around 2330 hours today, but yet the crowds still has the energy to cheer for their team. As a Red Legion, I am very proud to see that my fellow Red Legions were doing their very best to win the game. And yes, they have won 5 against 1 with the Eagles. At first, the game was a little tight, were both teams were doing their best to win the first match. Well, luck was on the Legions; hence we have leaded the game first.

The Girls for the Legions

As for the first line up of the game, it was of course our very own Benji Wong (captain), Oksilat (Ali), Aaron Tan, Leng Leng, Vanessa Tan and also Valerie Tan. I strongly believe that they all have performed in their very best. Though, Aaron Tan was injured on the first day of the Tournament, but it did not stop him from coming back this match.

Not only he could heal up and play in the game, but he was doing very well as well. Not to forget, in the first match for today, he almost killed the whole team. Not to forget, one of our best foreigners, Oksilat, he was performing well.

As for conclusion, as a member of Red Legion I would like to thank the home ground for giving an A game to everyone. Like what we have hoped for, injuries to be prevented. That is about all for now, I hope for those of you that have witnessed the game yourself, and you have enjoyed the game. Thank you very much for your time, take care and good night!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7:

UCSI U Red Legion vs PSA Eagles

by Nazri (PSA Eagles)


SHAH ALAM, 30 September 2010 – Perlawanan ketujuh pada hari kedua melibatkan pertarungan sengit antara Eagles dan Red Legion. Perlawanan pada separuh masa pertama dimulakan dengan perlawanan campuran tiga pemain lelaki dan tiga orang pemain perempuan. Perlawanan dimulakan dan pemain Eagles yang pertama disingkirkan adalah pemain memakai jersi bernombor 7 pada saat kelima. Balingan demi balingan diteruskan antara kedua-dua pasukan untuk memastikan kejuaraan perlawanan ketujuh hari kedua milik mereka. Nasib tidak menyebelahi Eagles kerana  pada minit ketiga, seorang pemain Eagles telah disingkirkan yang menyarung jersi bernombor tiga. Pusingan pertama pada separuh masa pertama berakhir pada minit ketiga dan tiga puluh saat yang dimenangi oleh pasukan Red Eagles. Pusingan kedua diteruskan dan pada minit keenam dan pasukan Eagles hanya tinggal tiga pemain lelaki apabila pasukan Red Legion telah menyingkirkan kesemua pemain perempuan Eagles. Pada minit ketiga terakhir, Eagles masih gagah digelanggang dengan bermain tiga orang pemain lelaki dengan menyingkirkan dua orang pemain lelaki Red Legion. Red Legion masih bertahan dengan tiga pemain wanita dan seorang pemian lelaki. Pada seminit dan dua puluh tujuh saat terakhir, Eagles mendekatkan jurang dengan memenangi pusingan kedua lalu menyamakan kedudukan satu sama. Pusingan ketiga bermula dan berakhir dengan kemenangan milik Red Legion dan menjadikan mata perlawanan adalah dua berbalas satu. Pusingan pertama ditangguhkan dan diceriakan dengan pasukan sorak oleh kedua-dua pasukan. Pasukan sorak dimulakan dengan pasukan Eagles dan kemudiannya pasukan Red Legion menunjukkan kebolehan pasukan soraknya. Permainan di separuh masa kedua diteruskan dengan perlawanan enam orang pemain berbalas enam orang pemain. Keputusan sebelum separuh kedua bermula masih dua berbalas satu milik Red Legion. Pusingan ketiga diteruskan lalu menyebabkan Eagles tewas pada minit keempat dengan kesemua pasukan lelaki Red Legion masih gagah digelanggang. Pusingan keempat bersambung dengan memenangan milik Red Legion dengan mata empat pada minit tiga dan tiga puluh tiga saat terakhir. Pusingan kelima diteruskan dan pada saat akhir Eagles tewas pada masa tamat dengan dua orang pemain Eagles masih digelanggang. Mata terakhir perlawanan adalah empat berbalas satu dengan kemenangan milik Red Legion. Pada perlawanan ketujuh ini, kedua-dua pasukan menunjukkan kesungguhan untuk memastikan kemenangan milik mereka. Tahniah kepada Red Legion kerana memenangi perlawanan ketujuh pada hari kedua. Kepada Eagles, teruskan usaha!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8:

SEGI Barbarians vs SUNWAY Pharoahs

by Cedric (SEGI Barbarians)

Day 2 of Campus Dodgeball League and with players gaining all the experience they can get from day 1, day 2 was definitely feistier. After a long day watching 14 teams play against each other it was definitely tiring and lethargic for the last teams, Segi Barbarians and Sunway Pharaohs.

Finally the game started 11.30pm to be exact after much waiting the 2 teams finally faced each other before the 1,2 Dodgeball Start.  And so it begun, the 2 teams ran towards ballsS. And with much anticipation the beginning sadly had 2 foul starts where Zhan Jing of the barbarians had received the ball before the ball had cross the line. Balls flew like bullets. 10 minutes flew by and Segi Barbarians was a head of the Sunway Pharaohs by a 6 point lead.

Half time begun and now Sunway Pharaohs had to do something to pull themselves. Barbarians still persistent and wanting a bigger lead fought harder. The Final 10 minutes ended as fast as the first halve. Pharaohs had pulled a point back from themselves but sadly losing 9-1 to barbarians. Sunway pharaohs were a new team but they fought like an experience side. A loss today doesn’t mean the end but a mere beginning. Thank you for playing a good game. And to Barbarians JOB WELL DONE! Now with teams learning from the past 2 days Day 3 is bound to get Freaking Awesome!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


CDL Day 2 Match Blogs (Part 1)

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Match 1:
Metropolitan Maestro vs. UPM Tupai Kilat

by Je Hui (Metropolitan Maestro)

Back from our bitter defeat by the Hyenas last Saturday, we’re back on the battle field today up against Tupai Kilat from UPM. The first match started a lot later than it was supposed. Nevertheless, both teams were on fire as they entered the court. After a pep talk from our captain, (WE CAN DO THIS). One by one, our players stepped back into the court with confidence and the game started immediately.

While the runners darted towards the attack line to seize their balls, the other players behind fall swiftly into their respective positions. As decided by tossing the coin, the Tupai started their assault on the Maestros. Still unsure of the squirrels’ strength, the Maestros proceeded with caution. While our players managed to reduce their numbers, Charles and Guna were killed after some time. While things were not looking good for the Maestros, Je Hui caught a ball from the Tupai that was deflected by Richard and Guna was back on the court. Swiftly, the Maestros gained back their spirit and took out the Tupai Kilat and ended the match.

The second started promptly right after all the players settled down. Now having had a test of their opponents’ power, both teams started their attacks aggressively. And soon, both teams have several players out. The situation was not good as our star player Richard was out rather quickly! Suddenly, Elizabeth managed to seize a ball rocketing at her direction and Richard was resurrected!! Once again, the Maestros knocked out their opponents and the match ended in a while. We managed to win the third game again, but the fourth game was stopped when the time was up.

After the first round ended, our all-boy dodgettes (all dodgers), led by none other than our captain Aamos entered into the court. They managed to pull up an interesting performance as they went ‘GO MAESTROS! WE’RE THE BEST!!’ and did some stunts. Later on, we were entertained by Tupai Kilat’s dodgettes who pulled off an amazing show that cheered up their lightning squirrels.

As usual, the Tupai Kilat started the assault on our players. The Maestros quickly counter attacked but their balls did not get any of the squirrels. Low on balls, our players retreated swiftly to the back and waited for the squirrels to attack. Unfortunately, a Maestro was out when the Tupai attacked him in unison. But then, our players knocked out two squirrels quickly and the players on the court were down to 5 Maestros and 4 Tupai Kilat. Just then, when Guna killed an opponent, Charles was out at the same time. That leaves 3 Tupai Kilat and 4 Maestros. While our players were reducing, Aamos, Su Yang, Guna each took out a player and we won another match!!

In the second match, Aamos’ ball was caught by a Tupai, but Guna saved him back as he caught a ball from the opponent. Then, a short confusion put the game, but it resumed as normal swiftly. After a few spectacular saves and attacks by our players, the second match ended with our victory. Then, with a roaring spirit, our players won the third match again!!

Final score: Maestro – Tupai Kilat, 7- 0

Finally, a victory for the Maestros!! But we can’t relax as we’re still far behind other teams in our group, and the only way to make our way to the quarter-finals is by winning the next match, and we have to!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 1:
Metropolitan Maestro vs. UPM Tupai Kilat

by Shahmi (UPM Tupai Kilat)

Hari 2: UPM Tupai Kilat Vs Metropolitan Maestro

Hari kedua 29 Oktober 2010, Tupai Kilat turun menentang Maestro. Separuh masa pertama, Tupai Kilat telah membariskan pemain-pemain mereka iaitu Chin Mei Lin, Norain, Yusra, Ridzuan, Hasmawi dan Ziman. Pada permulaan permainan, Tupai Kilat bermain dengan cemelang dimana Ziman dan Hasmawi telah berjaya membunuh dua pemain Maestro. Dalam separuh masa pertama telah berlaku pertukaran permain, Amir dan Amar di bawa masuk menggantikan Ridzuan dan Ziman. Separuh masa pertama tamat dengan keputusan 4-0.

Pada separuh masa kedua, Tupai Kilat telah menurunkan Amar, Amir, Lutfi, Sham, Zheng Long, dan Qairul. Separuh masa kedua ini, Tupai Kilat turun dengan harapan untuk merapatkan jarak mata.Permainan yang agak agresif telah ditunjukkan oleh kedua-dua belah pihak. Pada separuh masa kedua ini, Lutfi merupakan pemain terakhir yang berada di dalam gelanggang. Perbezaan pengalaman dan latihan yang diperolehi oleh Maestro menjadi kelebihan kepada mereka untuk memenangi perlawanan kali ini. Pelawanan kali ini berakhir denagn keputusan 7-0. Tupai Kilat akan berusaha untuk memenangi pelawanan akan datang.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2:
CITY UC Tigers vs. SEGi Avengers

by Aman (CITY UC Tigers)

Assalamualaikum..Salam Sejahtera, Salam Satu Malaysia.., specially for all the team today on the 2nd match day. For the first time ever after we start last week, our team has reach to the required performance for team. We proof that today by winning the match again AVENGER team from Segi College.

From what we known, Segi College team which is AVENGER was one of the most powerful and developed team, we was worried and also mean while we try to arrange the best strategy so then we can compete cleverly. From the very first set of the match TIGER player was quite careless but luckily we manage to win the first score but after that we can see that the careless attitude can cause us the big failure which is to be more specifically we tied with the AVAENGER 1 – 1.

After losing that score our captain was quite angry and he scolded us little bit, outside the arena hahahaha. But we all take it very serious because he wants us to win today match so other team will not underestimate us losing twice after the opening match.

We could not accept the high pressure from our captain so we push it to our limits and the team also hardly struggle to win the match with 4 -2 score and will be the most sweet first winning ever after.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2:
CITY UC Tigers vs. SEGi Avengers

by Hazz Haili (SEGi Avengers)

Avengers Crashed In the Hands of the Tigers

It was another disappointing week for SEGi Avengers as they were defeated by Unity Tigers 4-2. It was a lacklustre effort by the Avengers. It was a really hyped up game at first as SEGi Avengers took the first lead by Aaron’s heroics as he was triumphant as both teams were down to one. In the second game, the Avengers became complacent as they were defeated easily and the score was even. It became from bad to worse as by end of the first half, it was 3-1 to the Tigers. It really looked like the Avengers did not turn up for tonight’s match at all.

In the second half, we could see the Avengers trying a fight back and soon after another one on one heroics by Avengers Aymarn. It later became 3-2 and the game is back on. In the final game of the match, it became a close battle as it was really anyone’s game at this point. In the end, the Avengers have fallen to defeat where the score ends at 4-2. It was a valiant effort by the Avengers though it is not enough. They should have been able to capitalize as in honest fact, both teams are evenly matched. Of course nothing should be taken away from the tigers as they looked organized and well prepared for this match. It is going to be a hard climb for Avengers after this as they really do need to win their remaining matches  in order to qualify to the next round.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3:
Taylor’s Lakeside Storm vs INTI Hybrids

by Adam Riff (Taylor’s Lakeside Storm)


A THUNDEROUS greeting to one and all from the Blogger and Secretary of Taylor’s Lakeside Storm, Adam Riff! A special shoutout to my fellow dodgers and dodgettes, Taylor’s University College students, Lakeside Storm members and not forgetting all dodgeball fans, young and old! If this is your first time experiencing or reading about a dodgeball match, then I hope this will get your blood racing in your veins. Most dodgers would hope to get you addicted to this progressive sport, but I KNOW you will. Enjoy the following match report while having a look inside our club.

Behind the Scenes

After last week’s unfortunate 2-1 loss to UCSI Red Legion for the opening fixture, it was time for Taylors Storm’s captain and president, Jerrard Leong; to pick up the pieces and lift the club’s morale as the 2nd fixture was only 3 days away (At press time, the 2nd match has already been played). Contingency meetings were held to hear out the voices of the squad and discover solutions as a team. These comments were then taken into consideration and some were applied to the following training session. Consequently, everyone saw their spirits rose as we reestablished our previous form and communication. Storm members went home with smiles on their faces in anticipation of the matchup with Inti Hybrids.


As secretary, I posted a note on Facebook informing CDL squad members of the bus departure times from campus as well as telling them to wear our jersey the entire day in class as a show of strength and passion. And they did. Everywhere I went, I saw our bright blue jersey, donned by these loyal dodgers. Instantly, I knew they would make the club and college proud today.

1st Half

Fast-forwarding to the game itself, loud cheers and music accompanied our entry into the cage that surrounds the playing court. As the players were given a short briefing by marshals and to line up with the opposing team, the spokesperson of Storm announced our team’s starting lineup for the 1st half that is played with a 3 guys, 3 girls format. The team consists of:

  • Jerrard – No.4 (Captain)
  • Mike – No.9
  • Jack – No.1
  • Roxanne – No.23
  • Leen – No.63
  • Andrea – No.6

The most highly awaited game of the day started off with Jack letting off the 1st shot. The tempo was slow at 1st but gradually rose. Andrea, who came at the last minute even though she has an exam tomorrow, did a perfect sneak attack and got the 1st kill against Inti. Storm became stronger and stronger as they started picking people out. They won the 1st game when the remaining Inti player walked out of the court to save some time. Then in the 2nd game, Jack caught a ball AND killed one of the girls. However, Inti came back by catching and killing some players and got the 1st half to end at 1-1. As expected, that 1st half was incredibly well played by both sides as Jerrard regrouped the players at the break.


The cheerleaders again brought their A-game as they STORMED the floor during the break; with their array of dancing skills and repertoire of moves rehearsed day and night just for today. Although the song is the same as Day 1, they altered their routine slightly to make it more exciting for the audience and judges. Cheerleading points in hand again, just like last week? The points were not announced yet, but in my heart, hell yeah.

2nd Half

This half of the match is played with an all boys format. Jerrard already picked out the first team for the guys earlier and so here they are:

  • Justin – No.7
  • Chuan – No.11
  • Rafiq – No.69
  • Ren-To – No.21
  • Jen Jun – No.2
  • Mike – No.9

The 2nd half started right where it was left off. Immediately the men shot furiously as balls flew all over the place and blinding speeds. As a ball retriever, even I had a hard time collecting the balls. Justin took out Paul from Hybrids while the Inti players started aiming Mike as he was the main catcher on form. More balls thrown at him gives them a higher chance to kill him. However Mike CAUGHT one of the balls aimed at him as their plan backfired. A good dodge by Justin and Rafiq was followed by Mike pocketing another ball. Storm won the 1st game of the 2nd half 2-1. High paced action I must add.

With 4 minutes remaining, the Ismael-led Inti Hybrids tried to claw back the points by shooting with tremendous tenacity. Ren-To got caught stranded while running for the starting balls as Storm started getting shot down. Left with 3 players, Jen Jun caught a ball SITTING DOWN. WOOT. But Inti continued throwing and killing till 2 were left from Storm. As the clock ran out, Inti had more players on the court and got the draw!

Storm players were proud of such an amazing match and the commentators both agreed. But deep down inside, the players were disappointed to not get all 3 points. We shook hands with our Inti friends as we have played together for a long time. It was definitely a match worth watching.

We’ll train even harder and stronger as our quality improved since the last game. Confidence comes from within, and we have plenty of it. It has been one hell of league so far. So come on down and watch all the games!


Group Support

Spokesperson and player – Jeff Ler No.3

(Unfortunately broke his leg, but still kicks ass in commentating)

Let’s Go Taylors Let’s GOOO ~~ RAWR

And last but not least,
Adam Riff, signing out.
Blogger, Secretary and Player (No.10)

(That’s a lollipop haha)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3:
Taylor’s Lakeside Storm vs INTI Hybrids

by Melinda Lee (INTI Hybrids)

The rain poured on this humble Wednesday. While many stayed home and warmed themselves up in front of a television, the hall of Politeknik Shah Alam was flooding with cheers and screams. Even after a long day of college, the Hybrids were excited and fuelled up to battle in the dodgeball court. We were ready to battle and crown the mightier team.

The commentator took his position, the blogger took her spot, and the crowd was all eyes on two sides of the team. One in white and the other in blue; they both crouched over and gave each other mocking smiles.

The game began with aggressive throws and loud cheers. Just 2 minutes into the games, players on both sides were already filling the box but at the same time balls were saved. But after another few minutes, Taylors scored their first game.

Excellent plays of Taylor’s but Hybrids were even more fuelled to put up a better game. Just 30 seconds after the marshal’s signal, one of Storm’s players were already confined into the box. Hybrids supporters screamed jumped into the air and cheered. But none of this affected Storms, they continued charging while their cheerleaders screamed loudly behind the nets. Both teams continued charging but even with more vigor and precision. At 9 minutes of the first game, both teams still stood strong. Hybrids continued putting up bigger throws and one by one, Storm players were eliminated. Finally, Hybrids scored their first.

It was a tie for the first half.

The cheerleaders then swarmed into the courts. Both teams took up fast-beat songs; they swung their bodies in the court, threw their hands up and cheered loudly. The music, moves and grins on the cheerleader’s faces fuelled an even stronger spirit for both teams.

The second half of the game then began. It was the boys’ moment of fame. With no girls on the court, both boy teams charged merciless. By the 4th minute, Taylors put 4 of our Hybrids into the box and left us with little margin to win. Those on the sidelines held onto their fists tightly as the game proceeded swiftly and cruelly. At the 6th minute, Taylor’s pushed us below and put themselves ahead of us by 1 point.

Only with 4 minutes left on the clock, Hybrids had to struggle back to stand a chance for winning the game. With our best players on the court, the Hybrids had to pull themselves together and charge precisely at our opponents. Supporters of both sides cheered as loud as they could and the hall suddenly became a melting pot of excitement and suspense.  With  2 minutes left on the clock and only 1 opponent eliminated, Hybrids gathered all the energy they had and put out the storms one by one.

When the whistle blew, we won. It was another tie.

All in just 20 minutes, it was an amazing showdown between two of the strongest team participating in CDL this year. We, Hybrids may not have been crowned as the mightier, but this tie in score has shown the other teams that CDL is witnessing the debut of the best of dodgeball teams. Watch out.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4:
HELP Hyperblades vs KDU Chronos

by Valentino Choo (HELP Hyperblades)

The match between HELP Hyperblades and KDU Chronos was delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances. However, I believe this is to both parties’ advantage as they get to have some last-minute warm-up and training session.

During halftime, both teams sent their own cheerleaders into the arena. Very interesting cheerleading moves indeed!

Throughout most of the matches today, our key-player, Jun Kit managed to eliminate his opponents, leading by 3-1. The game ended with the score of 6-1.

The sportsmanship in the KDU Chronos can also be seen. At the end of the match, as each and every member shook their hands with the opposition team, it’s still the friendship that counts after all.

I believe this match would be more interesting if it’s accompanied by more pictures instead of the ever ‘long-winded’ blog post. So, as the saying goes, ‘let the pictures do the talking!’

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4:
HELP Hyperblades vs KDU Chronos

by Yen Yen (KDU Chronos)

Today the 29th of September a Wednesday.

Today the Chronos from KDU College is playing against the Hyperblades from HELP College. As always when inside the court before the game both the teams shake their hands to show a manners and same time congratulating.

As the game starts, the hall was a dead silence. The marshall shouts and both the team’s players run and take the ball as both side afraid that the opponents are faster than them.

HELP Hyperblades got 2 marks within 4 minutes on game of 3+3.  Well there seem to be a big problem for the Chronos team as the floor is too slippery. I saw with my own eyes how 1 of my group player fell to the ground. Did they polish the ground? Or the question is was the Hyperblades wearing a kind of anti-slipery shoe?

The game continues and when the 3+3 was finish. It’s the dodgettes turn to dance. The dodgettes from KDU was good as the whole hall was screaming for them. Even the marshals were cheering. I heard 1 of the marshal say that they waited 1year for the dodgettes of KDU.

The games continues with 6+0.

As the whistle blow. The game end.

The results was bad it was a 6 – 1. Chronos got 1 while Hyperblades got 6. The Chronos players walk out half injured and sad for getting such low marks. But who is there to blame? The floor?

Well let’s hope when the Chronos come back on Monday they will be aware of the slipperiness.  And win the game.

CDL Day 1 Match Blogs (Part 2)

October 3, 2010 Comments off

Match 5:
INTI Hybrids vs PSA Eagles

by Melinda Lee (INTI Hybrids)

The day began for Hybrids this morning when we were mistakenly introduced to our competitors as Hi-birds: an innocent mistake that left the crowd puzzled but us chuckling. After months of hard practice, days under the sun and rain, the Hybrids were all geared up to sweep the game this year.

Our first game of the year was up against PSA Dodgeball Team, a first-timer in the courts of dodgeball. Our players were all nervous yet excited. The dodgeballs were all placed in line, the marshal drops his hands as signal, and the time on the clock started counting backwards.

The Hybrid players in the court were tensed, resulting in weak throws. But this in turn fuelled our competitors with zeal and determination. Their throws were harder–but not more precise– and they cheered endlessly. The game picked up when the Hybrids finally got the drift and momentum, so throw after throw our competitors filled the box of shame. But none of this dampened PSA, instead, they cheered louder by the sidelines while the Hybrids were focused and all in seriousness.  By the 7th minute of the first half, hybrids scored our first match.

Again, our determined competitor cheered and jumped in the courts in hope to bring up their spirits throughout each filling of the box of shame. The game caught everyone’s attention, and soon the hall was momentarily filled with silence then loud cheers and boos. It is in the moments such as these, that even as a blogger, a part of the team, that I myself felt like jumping into the dodgeball court to play the fast-paced, cruel, yet heart-racing game of dodgeball.

The final 2 minutes brought on the loudest of cheers. With both teams filled with only boys, they charged endlessly at each other. But, like what they always say: “May the best team win”, the Hybrids proved themselves worthy as we scored 5-1.

So, all in a day, the one wise thing PSA did was choose Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as their cheer song. As the lyrics go “baby, baby, baby, oh. Thought you’d always be mine, mine,” I’d like to just say that the Hybrids will always be yours, but only in memory because we showed you how real dodgeball was played.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Degrading the other team/sarcasm was not necessary.

2. Description was good, good choice of words.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 5:
INTI Hybrids vs PSA Eagles

by Nazri (PSA Eagles)

Perlawanan kelima antara Eagles PSA dan Hybrics.

Shah Alam, 25 September –Bertempat Dewan Serbaguna Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (PSA) telah berlangsungnya Liga Kampus Dodgeball (CDL). Perlawanan ini adalah berlawanan yang kelima di mana jadual sebenar Eagles PSA menentang Hybrics adalah sepatutnya perlawanan keeman pada hari pertama ini. Hal ini berlaku kerana pasukan yang bertanding untuk perlawanan kelima  telah menghadapi masalah teknikal yang tidak dapat dielakkan. Perlawanan ini bermula dengan perlawanan enam berbalas enam yang di sertai tiga orang pemain lelaki dan tiga orang pemain wanita. Eagles PSA menurunkan pasukan utama mereka untuk melawan pasukan Hybric pada perlawanan ini. Eagles PSA adalah pasukan setahun jagung kerana pasukan mereka baru sahaja ditubuhkan selama dua bulan sebelum CDL bermula. Manakala Hybric adalah pasukan yang digeruni ramai setiap kali CDL berlangsung. Apabila pengadil meniup wisel, kedua-dua pasukan beradu tenaga untuk memastikan perlawanan ini milik gelaran mereka. Pada saat ke-45 bermula, pasukan Eagles PSA telah kehilangan seorang pemain menyarung jersi bernombor 13 dan diikuti jersi bernombor 6 pada 12 saat kemudian. Perlawanan semakin sengit apabila kedua-dua pasukan mahu menunjukkan taring mereka untuk menggenggam gelaran juara kumpulan untuk memasuki pusingan seterusnya. Eagles ataupun helang menunjukkan ketangkasan yang dimilikinya untuk berlarutan perlawanan ke minit empat dengan dua berbalas dua. Pemain PSA yang tinggal memakai jersi bernombor 2 dan 13 manakala bagi Hybrics menyarung jersi bernombor 9 dan 99. Minit yang keeman menyaksikan pertarungan satu berbalas satu antara Eagles PSA dan Hybrics.  Perlawan pertama di separuh masa pertama berakhir kemenangan milik Hybric dengan mata tiga berbalas kosong. Melalui mata ini, semangat Eagles PSA tidak pudar untuk menyamakan kedudukan dengan pasukan Hybrics.. Separuh masa kedua diteruskan dengan tiupan wisel pengadil dan Eagles PSA berjaya mendapatkan mata pertama pada minit yang kelapan dalam perlawanan separuh masa kedua. Mata ini tidak berakhir begitu sahaja apabila Hybrics berjaya mendapatkan mata terakhir mereka. Ini membuatkan pasukan Hybrics berjaya memenangi perlawanan pada hari pertama dengan mata lima berbalas satu. Melalui satu mata ini membuatkan pasukan Eagles PSA supaya berusaha lebih gigih untuk mendapatkan tempat untuk pusingan seterusnya. Manakala untuk pasukan Hybrics yang telah mendapatkan mata yang kukuh untuk meneruskan ke pusingan seterusnya juga perlu berusaha lebih gigih untuk berjaya.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Good details of your own team.

2. Could use more separate paragraphs.

3. You got your opponent’s name wrong.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 6:
KDU Chronos vs SUNWAY Pharaohs

by  Yi Yian (KDU Chronos)

Competition between Chronos and Sunway (KDU and SUNWAY College)

Before the competition starts the Sunway college members and the KDU college members shock their hand.  It sure was an advantage for the Sunway College as there were only 5 members playing for KDU College in the tournament of (3+3).

The whistle blow and the environment starts to tense the players run and took the ball. Sunway shoots 1st at Simon Quah 1st and it was a miss. The 2 girls of KDU pick the balls and quickly pass the ball to Simon Quah and Fong Wee Liam. Eric Khoo try to catch a ball as the Sunway members throw but he miss. And as Eric was out everyone in the team of KDU College starts to panic.

As time pass the 1st game KDU College members tend to get hit and slowly 1 by 1 stands out of the ring. Sunway College manage to get 1 mark making them leading.

But at the second round of (3+3) KDU College members manage to equalise the mark to 1-1. At the end of the game, the marks were 2-1.

The 2nd tournament (6+0) started.

As Sunway manage to catch up their marks getting a 2-2.

The judges discusses the results as the games continues.

The results was 4-2. KDU college wins.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Lack of emotion – monotonous- no inspiring words.

2. Good that there are pictures – but blur ones don’t help.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7:
SEGi Avengers vs USCI DD

by Hazz Haili (SEGi Avengers)

SEGi Avengers Humbled by UCSI Devils Duke

It was a match of David and Goliath where Devils Duke defeated Avengers by 5-0. This was all expected as Devils Duke was always the favourite to win the match. It started off fast from Devils Duke where Izzat was shot out followed by Hanif from Avengers. The last guy from Avengers Hazz, was taken out as he fumbled the ball he was holding from shots coming from left and right by Devils Duke. It soon became Devils Duke versus Avengers girls. They of course tried their best to make a fight back but it all came to no avail.

The superior experience and skill that Devils Duke possessed was a little too much for The Avengers.  Their main catchers Sina and Casey really played a strong part by catching most of the ball that was thrown at them. By half time, it was already 3-0 to the Devils. After the interval, it was an all guys match between the two. The trend followed in the second half as The Avengers became more and more demoralised. On the 4th and the 5th game especially, we could see a valiant fight back from Avengers as Hazz caught consecutive balls and it became one vs one between Avengers no.77 and Devils Duke no.10. In the end, Hazz from Avengers was shot out as he slipped and dropped an attempted catch from Devil’s Duke No. 10. At the end of the day, Devils Duke was the much better team and Avengers consisting of mainly new players have a lot more to learn and recollect themselves for the remaining matches. They still have a chance to go through but the need to be more consistent and work together more.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Remember your audience.

2. Separate paragraphs, could use more energy.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7:
SEGi Avengers vs USCI DD

by Charity (USCI DD)

Yes, I have finally screamed myself hoarse! It was all worth it just to watch UCSI’s Devil’s Dukes score a 6:0 over their competitor, the Avengers! It was an amazing game, with two kills from Navid and Sina in just the first minute, followed by another sudden attack by Navid who managed to kick out another Avenger’s player in the next few seconds of the game.

Why do I say it was an awesome game? With another 8 minutes left, only three girls were left in the opponent’s team. The following minute, the game played out well with Kris and Sina’s accurate shots that took out two of the girls. Even so, the last girl from Avengers did a good job of lasting for quite awhile with amazing dodging skills. But in the end, Ah Oh (Hui Lei) managed to take her out with a strong attack.

Just for some personal information, I have only joined UCSI’s dodgeball club recently. I used to think it was a pretty lame game, what with just throwing balls and dodging them. What more, I was EVRY afraid of the balls thrown by the guys. They were strong, fast and light on their feet. Not to mention their amazing accuracy and quick wits. But after a few nudges from my friends, I decided to join and see what dodgeball was all about. Never did I realize that I would grow to love the game so much after just 4 trainings and a game in Jackpot Madness held in Taylors.

And now, as I watched them play the game against the Avengers, I came to realize that not only have I learned how to think and focus while in a game, but also about how important teamwork and friendship is within a team. Well, sorry for making you guys read such unnecessary information. Back to the game!

Well, I have VERY little time left (5 minutes to be exact) so I shall continue on really quick about the all-guys game.  Oh before that, I would like to add that the 3+3 game was won by Devil’s Dukes with 3 to 0! Anyways, as I was saying, the all-guys first round was an intense one.  Amazing throws, frightening counter attacks, and crazy-accurate throws by Raj! He hit so many players in the opposing team that I lost count! He even got in a head shot. I pity the guy really. It looked REALLY painful.

With just 2 minutes left, the boys went all out while the UCSI-ians (Red Legion players and other supportive members) screams at the top of their lungs to support our Devil players. They even sang Ga-Ga-Gazerani (Sing it in Lady Gaga’s song Bad Romance)! Mercury (aka Ahmad) counter attacks with every opportunity while Raj continues to hit and kill the opponents. Everyone got excited as the minutes counted down, and the Devil’s Dukes came one step closer to winning the game against the Avengers. As the whistle blows, we won with pride from the victory. Until the next game folks! Stay tuned, because the Devils are coming back with full force for the next game!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Very good pictures.

2. Nice story.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

Match 8:
UPM Tupai Kilat vs MASTERSKILL Vipers

by Shahmi (UPM Tupai Kilat)

Hari pertama: Tupai Kilat (UPM) VS Viper (Masterskill)

1, 2 Dodgeball… Tupai Kilat kelab yang mewakili Universiti Putra Malaysia memulakan langkah pertama dalam Kejohanan Liga Kampus Dodgeball yang berlangsung di Politeknik Shah Alam. Ini merupakan penampilan pertama UPM dalam kejohanan ini. Tupai Kilat yang berada di dalam kumpulan D bertemu dengan Viper daripada Masterskill pada perlawanan pertama mereka.

Separuh masa pertama perlawanan berlangsung begitu sengit dimana Tupai Kilat hampir mendapat keputusan seri tetapi balingan yang dilakukan oleh permain Tupai Kilat, Norkhizan Che Kamal tidak di kira. Keputusan separuh masa pertama berakhir dengan Tupai Kilat 0-2 Viper.

Sebelum memasuki pusingan kedua, pasukan sorak daripada Tupai Kilat dan Viper telah memberikan satu persembahan yang bsemangat. Kedua-dua pasukan mendapat tepukan gemuruh daripada penonton yang hadir.

Separuh Masa kedua bersambung, dimana kesemua pemain didalam gelanggang terdiri daripada lelaki. Perlawanan separuh masa kedua berlangsung dengan sengit. Tupai Kilat dapt memecahkan mata dimana kami mendapat 1 mata. Segala strategi yang dirancang tidak menjadi dan sebagai pasukan baru didalam liga ini, kami terpaksa akur dengan keputusan. Tupai Kilat tewas kepada Viper dengan mata 1-4. Syabas buat pemain pasukan Tupai Kilat yang menunjukkan semangat juang yang tinggi, berjuang selagi mampu untuk berjuang. Semoga berjaya pada perlawanan seterusnya.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Good details, could have used some pictures.

2. Lacking in paragraph.

3. Lacking in inspiring words/ encouragement.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8:
UPM Tupai Kilat vs MASTERSKILL Vipers

by Brendan Wong (MASTERSKILL Vipers)

The mammoth event which is CAMPUS DODGEBALL LEAGUE has officially started. Officialised by Senator Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, it has been well played by all teams. It has been a tiring day but indeed a worthy one. Obviously, it is my team MASTERSKILL’s VIPERS that is matched against UPM’s Tupai Kilat. To my surprise, our flaws was not degraded by them but instead supported by the opposing team. Okay but enough of the introduction. Onwards to the main event.

All 6 rounds of the game was well played with full confidence.  After a battlefield of catapulting orange- coloured Figos dodgeballs with subsequent knock outs, TEAM MASTERSKILL’s VIPERS owned the first day of CDL.

It is as already predicted that a serpent can obviously catch its prey the SQUIRREL. With deadly accuracy and potent venom to match, the Vipers are the most formidable predators.

Its thanks to sheer determination and blood-sweating hard work that led the VIPERS to win with 4 to 1.

GO GO VIPERS!!!!!!!!!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Good style, good choice of words.

2. Lacking in player details, details about the game

3. Could have used pictures.

4. Grammar errors.

CDL Day 1 Match Blogs (Part 1)

October 3, 2010 Comments off

Match 1 :
HELP Hyperblades vs SEGi Barbarians

by Valentino Choo (HELP Hyperblades)

MAD Campus Dodgeball League 2010

The first match of the day started off between HELP Hyperblades and SeGi Barbarians. The Barbarians lead the first 2 matches before the Hyperblades. Next up was the Barbarians again, followed by the Hypeblades. The Barbarians ended the game with a score of 4-2.

Overall, the game was well played even though team members are anxious for being the first 2 teams to compete. Good co-operation was shown by the opposing team members as well as the Hyperblades.

Interested in knowing the key players of today? The HELP Hyperblades have Jason as the ‘last-man-standing’ while the SeGi Barbarians have Mark playing for them! But wait… when I mention the key players, it doesn’t mean that the other players aren’t important as well. Each one plays an important part too!

In my personal opinion, the crew members of MAD as well as all of the organizing committee had done a good job in making this Dodgeball League a success. Everyone was told to behold the sportsmanship in them, and true enough, it was clearly being seen today at the event itself. Whether a team wins or loses the match, at the day of the day, it’s all about the fun and joy we had, holding on to the value of ‘unity’ and a ‘healthy competition’.

To all readers here, please stay tuned for more upcoming pictures and we had even recorded some videos especially for you! Not to forget, feel free to visit our Facebook! Page where we will be uploading more photos, which includes those from all 3 of our photographers!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Score of inspiring content helped.

2. Lacking in pictures.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 1:
HELP Hyperblades vs SEGi Barbarians

by Cedric (SEGi Barbarians)

25 September 2010 marked the start of an epic tournament called CAMPUS DODGEBALL LEAGUE. This long awaited and much hyped event had to start great and, BOY IT DID START GREAT. The 1st match was what some called the Clash of the Titans. It was from group A as Team A1, Help Hyper Blades took on Team A2 which defending Champions Segi Barbarians.

The First 10 minutes started and just few seconds after the whistle was blow, BANG! Barbarians number 8 Mr. Jing made the first shot and it was a kill, Cheers blasted from every corner of the hall. Without wasting anytime opposing team Help Hyper Blades made a comeback as Jun Kit caught Segi Barbarians Rasyidi’s ball. Mark from Barbarians made the final kill. Segi Barbarians went on to win the next 2 rounds. Just before the 10 minute mark Hyper Blades manage to pull a win back. The first half ended and Help Hyper Blades, who has just won the last match, looked ready and feisty to begin the 2nd Half.

During the 1st half break Dodgettes from Segi Barbarians entertained the crowd by putting on a mouth watering performance. The second half than started and barbarians dominated the wining the whole game 4-2. Congratulations to Segi Barbarians for winning the first game and Good Luck to Help HyperBlades.

Judge’s Comments:

1. The one picture could have been bigger.

2. Good descriptive details, be careful of consistency.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2:
Taylor’s Lakeside Storm vs UCSI Red Legion

by Adam Riff (Taylor’s Lakeside Storm)

For months, Dodgeball has been the focus for this group of youths. Taylor’s Lakeside Storm, as our team is called, trained hard and long for the biggest event of the year in the local dodgeball circuit. The Malaysian Association of Dodgeball also went through periods of arduous preparation to bring us the extravaganza that is the RM10,000 Campus Dodgeball League.

After a night of tossing and turning, we arrived as zombies but still ever confident and ready to play the game. Suddenly we find ourselves at the Politeknik Shah Alam, waiting for the opening ceremony and of course, the matches.

As they called for our name, we marched into the court, proud to don the jersey while our faces were the epitome of concentration. We shook hands with the players of UCSI Red Legion, and then made our war cry to boost our morale just before it all starts.

In the 1st half, a format of 3 girls and 3 guys in each team was enforced.

Our starting players comprised of:






Car Yi

The game started with full force. Balls zipping about the court as players threw them with intensity. Jerrard and Fred were the main throwers for the team as they tried to “kill” the opposing players. Niven had a unique job of being the defense for the team, bouncing the opponents’ shots to protect his teammates as well as letting them catch those deflected balls. The girls tried their best to shoot without attracting the attention of the Red team.

Jerrard had a hard time shooting as the balls were very new and somewhat slippery. The 1st game was lost as Storm found it difficult to maintain their own rhythm. The captain substituted himself with Jack to try to save the 1st half but in vain. The 1st half ended 2-0.

In the 2nd half, the format was of all 6 being guys. Therefore, we put in a fresh team to face UCSI’s men. Our players were:


Jen Jun





With a team raring to bring back the points, the Storm men won the 1st game of the 2nd half. But with so little time left, the match was lost. We will be stronger than ever.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Loved the layout and details.

2. Lacking pictures, good descriptive details.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2:
Taylor’s Lakeside Storm vs UCSI Red Legion

by Tyler Lim (UCSI Red Legion)

Red Legion’s first match on the CDL tournament!

Wow! What an exciting kick off from Red Legion!  In this first round, they had to face the mighty Storm from Taylors! Well, naturally, they were nervous like crazy when they knew they had to do. Nevertheless, our players were ready for the game. Well as the for the first starting line up, it was Mamali, Benji, Aaron, Summer, Vanessa and also Valerie. Though at first we were feeling a bit nervous, but thanks to the cheering from the awesome crowds, they were all pumped up and with that, all the fellow Red Legions were hyped up to face their opponents.

At the beginning, Benji, Mamali and also Aaron ran for the balls. And Benji threw the first shot right after that. Though the ball missed his target, but I’m pretty sure that sends out a clear message to the opponents that we the Red Legions are not easily to be beaten. After the amazing throw from Benji, Aaron tries and his ball hits on target (number 6). Since Aaron hit his target, the opponent has spotted their new target, which is him. But then again, not only he can throw well, he dodges well as well or in other words, he’s what we call a good dodgeballer!

To make the story short, Aaaron has successfully hit two opponents which are number 6 and 23. At the first round, the Red Legions were confident enough that we can take out the opponent. True enough, we took swept the first round within 6 minutes after the game starts. Not to forget, our very first game ended in an EPIC way, where by our very own Summer, was the last woman standing in the pit. Of course, she had made an amazing catch where it has brought a winning point to the Red Legion. After her catch, the crowds went wild and start cheering for her name. Well you have to really be there to experience the wildness of the crowd.

Above will be the picture of our three beautiful dodgettes performing during the break. Well I gotta say, they can really move their body! After the performance, we were back with 2ND half of the match. This time, the players line up were all boys, which are Mamali, Aaron, Ah Kean, Oksilat also known as Ali, Shayne and also Jacky. But unfortunately, one of our good players, Aaron accidently injured himself by knocking his hands towards Jacky’s body, which results a terrible pain on his right hand. Due to that, Benji had to substitute him and take over his place.

Even though, Aaron was not playing for the second half, but Red Legion’s spirit were still high! It was sort of shaky at first, where most of our player were knocked out, but we came back with an awesome results were the Storms (opponent’s team) were left with only one girl. Due to that, Red Legion drags the game so that the time will finally hit 0.

Overall, it was a tight and exciting game we had with the Storms. Of course, they were doing really well themselves. And because of that, Red Legions have given them a round of applause as a sign of respect.

Red, Red, Red LEGION!! RAWRR~

p/s: Kudos to our very own Miss Charity for the awesome pictures.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great pictures, clear story- try not to use blur shots.

2. Grammar and sentence structure errors evident.

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Match 3:
City UC Tigers vs KDU Ronins

by Iqmal (CITY UC Tigers)

First of all, would like to greet all team and members from other team.

What do we gain today are the most great and exciting experience competing in our first match with RONIN from KDU college. We can see that RONIN is a team with fully develop and training process. However, we compete as hard as we in the first half to beat the RONIN so we will lead in the second half also will try to play with psychology and without any high expectation our success.

Entering the second half, I can saw that all my member team seem exhausted and little bit out of stamina already. But our captain…he’s the man who the one keep giving up the team spirit so we will fight and compete till the last minute. Unfortunately..maybe status as intermediate player made our confidence decrease and so on we finish the game by draw result with the RONIN.

That all, for our first game…thank you

Judge’s Comments:

1. Alot of grammar and sentence structure errors.

2. Could use some pictures, needs more energy

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3:
City UC Tigers vs KDU Ronins

by Benjamin Koh (KDU Ronins)

Being the first game of the season this was very exciting yet extremely nerve racking on us. Despite that we didn’t let our emotions get the better of us and play our hearts out!

We started the game with only 5 people as our members could not make it on the weekend as they had urgent matters to attend to. Nevertheless, we decided that it would not be of any disadvantage to us and that we could win the game.

The first game as expected we lost it as the nervousness started to get the better of us.  But we bounced back miraculously as our team spirit was on a high as everyone encouraged each other and truly believed in each other. The second game looked set to be a lost for us but our captain and newly elected president turned on the heat by leading the “frag” (number of kills in Dogeball) stats. This inspired the team to a remarkable comeback. Ehkwan who was being targeted started to catch balls and the rest of the team started to rally behind each other shining in each of their individual roles.

Both teams were equally as good and the opposing team’s teamwork and sportsmanship was truly inspirational. If we had lost this game we would have done so with our heads held high. But the end result of the day was in our favor; to our present surprise!

The six on six all guys game sealed the win for us though the match was indeed keeping the audience on the feet as both sides match kill for kill and catch for catch. All filled with all kinds of styles and antiques were dished out trying to outwit each other. Alas the day was the RONINS! Capturing our first win of the season for us.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Good flair and style of writing.

2. Needs pictures, be careful with grammar and spelling errors.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4:
Metropolitan Maestro vs Taylor’s Hyenas

by Je Hui (Metropolitan Maestro)

(Highest Blog Points for Day 1)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand here we are!! At Politeknik Sultan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Dewan Serbaguna, or Politeknik to us for short (it’s such a long name) where MAD Campus Dodgeball League (CDL) 2010, the ultimate and grandest dodgeball tournament in Malaysia is being held!!!

Ever since we, the Maestros Dodgeball Team from Metropolitan College was formed from scratch by our fabulous captain Aamos for CDL 2009, we’ve been following Aamos’ conquest in many other dodgeball matches besides CDL 2009. Under Aamos’ wacky (sometimes!!) guidance, our family has certainly grown a lot bigger and stronger than ever. Why, we used to be one of the worst newbies among the competing teams in CDL 2009!! But not anymore. After months and months of gruesome training, torturing, sweating under the sun and freezing in the rain (ah, the painful memories~), we were so excited and eager to play with other teams to test our skills!!

At the sight of the crowd, the brand-new orange balls, the smart-looking marshals and the shiny whistles on their chests, adrenaline seemed to have taken over our minds drowning us with excitement and anticipation!!

Waiting outside the hall for our turn, Aamos and his best pal Guna gave everyone a light training – the usual ball catching and dodging.

Finally, it was our turn!! At the ear-piercing sound of the whistle, runners from both teams dashed across the court to seize the balls while the remaining players scattered behind them swiftly falling into their respective places in their formations.

However, the game did not go as we hope. The Hyenas were terribly strong and very soon, our players were out one by one faster than we can count. After 10 minutes, the first round ended with the Hyenas winning all matches.

So we lost the first round, but we were not giving up. Our team spirit was burning after Aamos gave us another motivating talk and our players re-entered the court with flames in their eyes. Go Maestro!!

The second round was a lot more intense with all guys on the court; there was a Japanese player from the Hyenas! As the match commenced, Maestro was down again on the first round. While we were overwhelmed by the Hyenas, our players came back strongly in the second match, with Guna leading the attack taking out all Hyenas. The final match ended swift as there roughly 35 seconds left. But still all players on the court gave their best.

Final Score: Maestro – Hyenas 3-5

It ok, we cn still catch up. It was a good game; the Hyenas were strong and formidable opponents. From the game, it was clear that we were weak in many aspects: better formation, accuracy, speed, and strength. (Uh, I think I can hear our captain screaming ‘TRAINING!!!!’ somewhere behind).

All in all, it was a great start/experience for everyone in the team especially for our newer players! We’ve been playing by ourselves for so long that it was a valuable lesson for us to learn our weakness and of course, where to seek improvements!!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Engaging style of writing, good storytelling.

2. Pictures of the match would have been better – at least one.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4:
Metropolitan Maestro vs Taylor’s Hyenas

by Adrian Anthony (Taylor’s Hyenas)

It was 8.30 am when the hyenas van arrived in front of the multi-purpose hall of the Polytechnic Institute of Shah Alam. Many others early birds were seen training outside the hall at that time. Though we were told that the day’s programme would start at 9 am, the cogs only began to spin in motion at about 12.00pm. After the speeches and the launching ceremony, the clock showed 12.20. It was time for the “real” even t to begin.

The hyenas’ match was scheduled as the fourth of the day, and with a blink of an eye, it was our turn. The day’s action had seen favourites like the red legion team going down; hence some nerves of our team members were shaken. However, an electrifying introduction by the spokesperson had seemed to energize the players, and boys were they pumped. At the sound of the marshal’s whistle, a barrage of shots were fired by the shooters of hyenas, and true to form, they made two kills within the first ninety seconds. In less than 2 minutes, the hyenas were leading 1-0.

During the interval, the cheerleaders entertained the crowd with a rather sexy cheer .The second and third match of the half were of the same, as pua sze, hui xian and jin of the hyenas made a number of catches, in contrast to that of the maestros who failed to make one. By half time, the score read 3-0.

Second half and it was now 6+0 in which all players were guys. Similar to the start of the first, this pack of hyenas made kills in record time as they made the score 4-0 with a win in 1 minute and 25 seconds. however, the Maestros rallied by pulling one back to make the score 4-1, but this was largely due to a few solo attempts by the hyenas’ ‘s shooters. The Hyenas then increased the score to 5-1 with exhilarating attacking play, but the Maestro’s still managed to salvaged another win to make the score 5-2, but it was due to time running out, denying the hyenas a comeback.

All in all, the Hyenas’ stayed true to their motto, which says: “we don’t care if we win or lose, but we make sure we win!”

Judge’s Comments:

1. Uppercasing and lowercasing errors.

2. Good details of your own team.