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CDL Day 3 Match Blogs (Part 1)

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  • Before the game

Match 1:

by Amar (CITY UC Tigers)

First of all..Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera and Salam Satu Malaysia. Today we, City TIGER team facing the team from UCSI which well-known as the strongest team among the player.

We start the match with quite slow little bit but suddenly fire up by the UCSI team power strike. City TIGER struggling to get manage of all the strike point to us, unfortunately we failed and lost the first score. Secondly, our team can see all afford from UCSI team where they try to get their second score point for the match and again they succeed.
On the run, while we looking for our first point score we try all our best and all out which cause us quite dangerous game strategy just because looking for the first point score. Not while, we succeed to collect our point score but that not stand long enough after UCSI team won for their third point.

City TIGER keep playing with high pressure and a lot of psychological obstacle in their most good condition but however the strategy seem liked to be little bit crack. We couldn’t manage to win the point score after we lost the fourth point to UCSI.

Lastly, after all rearrange the strategy and other team setup we still cannot find the weakness of the UCSI team and we, City TIGER team will fix this in our next move facing the UCSI team.


Judge’s Comments:

1. There are some grammar and sentence structure errors.

2. One picture was repeated – perhaps you can sound more upbeat?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 1:

by Charity Lim (UCSI DD)

Can you feel it? I sure can. The heat is on! The Devil’s Dukes are definitely feeling the pressure. From what I heard, today’s game was important for our team and they were feeling extremely nervous! Quoting one of Devil’s Dukes star player, “We CANNOT lose today’s game! We HAVE to win!” says Sina Delivari. Their energy is infectious as they gear up for today’s game against the Tigers.

It was a pretty tight match as the Tigers were pretty strong. Not only that, they are just as devious as the Devil’s Dukes can be! One of the players from Tigers loves to use his favourite technique by looking at one person, but aiming for some other player.

Fortunately, the Devil’s would NEVER give in without a fight, roaring tigers or not. The first and second round was won by the Devil’s Dukes.  Even though, their focus seemed to have gone for a moment, as they lost the third round of 3+3 game.

But they rose up again just as fiercely as before and won the 4th round with a 3:1 points. The whistle blew, and they walked out of the gate with their heads up and their eyes filled with pride. They have once again shown everyone what they’re made of.

Oh by the way, did I mention that the dodgettes ran into the cage with such hot vibes? They impressed the crowd with their new sexy routine and won the hearts of many with their vibrant energy! The Tigers’ dodgettes routine wasn’t lacking either. Good job Tigers!

Next up was the all-guys game and it started off with an excited vibe from both the players and the cheering crowd. I don’t know about them, but I screamed myself hoarse! The Devil’s dukes didn’t fail us of course, and they went on to win all of the games played continuously! Tell me, how can you NOT feel excited when you watch your teammates play with not just their minds, but also with their hearts?? They never fail to amaze me with their infectious passion! I sure hope that’s how everyone here today was feeling.

To you Tigers, you guys played an amazing game today! Not only do you guys (and girls) have strong throws, you guys can definitely DODGE! My nerves were shaken and I was definitely terrified of your outstretched claws! Good game players! All the best to you Tigers!

As for the Devil’s Dukes, according to the games I’ve seen you guys play, be sure that the other teams will be fearing your devious ways and your mighty strength!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great use of pictures – I like how you encouraged your opponent.

2. You engaged with your readers which is key – great job!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2:
Metropolitan Maestro vs Masterskill Vipers

by Je Hui (Metropolitan Maestro)

Marching into the battle field, we Maestros are back at Politeknik again to face our third opponent, the Vipers from Masterskills!! Having only watched the Vipers fought against other teams (live and from Youtube) but never played with them before, our players proceeded cautiously as our first match started.

Meeting the Vipers!

Wham! One of our Maestro was out. Bang! Another Maestro followed suit. One by one, the Vipers wiped us out and soon, Richard was the only one left struggling on the court. His one-man show lasted for a painful period and finally, a Vipers knocked him out.

When the second match started, our players were down very quickly once again. But Richard remained vigilant and when almost all the players were out, he caught a rough ball from a Vipers attempt! Immediately, Guna returned to the court and together, they ended the second match.

By the time the third match commenced, not much time was left. Our players continued to fight until only very few of the Vipers were left. Just while Guna and Richard were to attack, the ear-piercing whistle from the marshals ended the game, with victory belonging to us as as we had more players left on the court.

Score: Maestro vs Vipers, 2- 1

Our all-boy dodgettes (all dodgers) entertained the crowd with a new routine, improvised (by our captain Aamos and his sidekicks) to be longer and more entertaining than our previous one~

For a short while, we had a break while our captain Aamos quickly went through a short strategy meeting and gave a pep talk. Then it was time for our fighters to re-enter the battle field. The first match started with both teams attacking each other aggresively. Soon, the players on the court were down to 3 Maestros and 2 Vipers! A simultaneous attack from Guna and Charles knocked out the remaining Vipers and we won another match!!

When the second match, two strong players from both teams tried to ambush each other. Bang! Sounded the two soaring balls as they collide in mid-air while the two shooters swiftly drew back.

As the players on both teams were reduced slowly, Su Yang caught a ball from a Vipers with his arms (which were holding a ball at the moment) and his chin, another Maestro revived! Soon, our remaining players took out the rest of the players and we won another match!

By the time the third match started, only 1:13 minutes was left. With our strong team spirit we ended the final match!!

Final Score: Maestro vs Vipers, 5 -1

For a new team, the Vipers were strong and its players are very united. Every player moved in a synchronized rhythm and gave us a hard time to break their defense. But it was a great game and we really enjoy the game!!


Judge’s Comments:

1. Good descriptive details.

2. Good pictures.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2:
Metropolitan Maestro vs Masterskill Vipers

by Brendan (Masterskill Vipers)

So it has come to the third day of the event. But it has been an unfortunate turn of luck for us Vipers. Today we were up against Metropolitan’s Maestro and somehow they have managed to out-manoeuvre us Masterskill’s Vipers. The score was a devastating 5-1. We had it rough, I must say. Although we lost to the Maestro, we actually had fun doing so. So it wasn’t all bad for us. Simply saying ‘Better Luck Next Time’ right?

But enough of the negativity, Vipers had actually been a great team against the Maestro today. On the first round, we managed to ‘own’ the Maestros. Then they countered us with a 1-1. Oh and by the way, did I mention that one of team member, Andrew a.k.a our ‘Quarterback’ had an awful head concussion. But with his determination, he ‘rose up from the ashes’. Our team’s captain Danson Chiew had the fight of his life against the opposing team. I say ‘GO GO VIPERS’ to that. In addition, our dodgettes was looking voluptuous as ever today with their top notch dance routine accompanied by ‘BOOM BOOM POW’ by Black Eyed Peas and did I mention BEP is my favourite RnB group.

We Vipers may not have won the CDL, but we definitely had so much fun being a part of the Malaysian Association of Dodgeball. All thanks to our sponsors, Revive, Lenovo etc. And that is all I can say about today’s turn of events for us. My comment of the day is …


Judge’s Comments:

1. Lacking in pictures but good choice of words, could have used more details to make up for the pictures.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3:
HELP Hyperblades vs Sunway Pharaohs

by  May Lim (HELP Hyperblades)

Help Hyperblade’s 3rd match was a proven success after their 2nd win out of 3 matches for this year’s Campus Dodgeball League, 2010 organized by MAD (Malaysian Association of Dodgeball), sponsored by Revive Isotonic Drink, Lenovo, Figos, RTM, and a few other sponsors.

The first round of the match against the Sunway Pharaohs finished within a neck breaking speed of 52 seconds, all thanks to the key players of the team, Captain Tan Jun Kit, Vinod Menon and Chin VK, who are also part of the United Colleges Dodgeball Team. The Sunway Pharaohs were fairly alright in terms of play, though they didn’t manage to dodge the strongly thrown balls of the HELP Hyperblades team members.

The first ten minutes of play was started by the usual starting 6 of the HELP Hyperblades: Chin VK, Vinod Menon, Tan Jun Kit, Lim Su-Zen, Tan Hong Yen and Shiann. The game was mostly lead by the 3 males, who managed to hit as well as dodge with amazing swiftness.

It didn’t take the HELP Hyperblades long to hit all 6 of the Sunway Pharaohs time and time again. Even so, the Sunway Pharaohs managed to win once in that first 10 minutes.

The second ten minutes of the 20 minutes game then had a change of players, then sporting 6 males, all equally ‘alpha’ as the next. It was the same with the Sunway Pharaohs. High speed balls were seen flying back and forth from the court; everyone could sense the tension in the court as they played on.

Both teams played well; the Sunway Pharaohs even managed to outnumber the HELP Hyperblades to their last standing male, Chin VK. To the last second, every team player played their best but despite the efforts of the Sunway Pharaohs, the HELP Hyperblades managed to win 7 – 3.

It was a good game, the HELP Hyperblades went home happy and all the more ready to take on their next opponent on Wednesday. Congrats and kudos to them!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great pictures, especially of players in action.

2. Solid details, good words of encouragement.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3:
HELP Hyperblades vs Sunway Pharaohs

by  Sunway Pharaohs

The third match of the day kick off with Pharaohs from Sunway University College against Help Damansara Hyperblades. This is a game of newbie against the veteran as Pharaohs is new to the sport. However, Pharaohs has definitely portrayed strong sportsmanship in the game as they are all persistent to fight till the very end. Generally, the score was seven over two. In other words, Hyperblades has been dominating the entire game.

Pin point accuracy attack, well time throwing and speed of Hyperblades have facilitated them to thrive in the game. On the other hand, brilliant dodging skills and strong corporation were possessed by Sunway team which helps Sunway to score in this match. Sammy and Wei Leng have displayed exceptional dodging skills during the first half of the game.  During the second half, there is a substitution between Sammy and Wei Leng with Ivan and Sam.

* Sammy and Wei Leng in action

Although we had been run over by the opponent, I strongly believe that this match has definitely tightened up the relationships among the players and make us more resilient. In fact, new friendships were made with the opponent team. Pharaohs will stand up and are looking forward for the next game!

Stay current with the latest news and photos of Sunway Teams on our Facebook page!

Below are some of the photos when both teams are in action.

*Before the game

Judge’s Comments:

1. Work on a better / more exciting intro paragraph.

2. Write enthusiastically.

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Match 4:
Taylor’s Lakeside Storm vs PSA Eagles

by  Adam Riff (Taylor’s Lakeside Storm)

Stormy Greetings

Hey there, Dodgeball fans and my ever loyal Stormies! Here I am again to bring you Taylors Lakeside Storm’s latest match report and club updates. The Campus Dodgeball League has gone very well so far with the Malaysian Association of Dodgeball handling proceedings rather well I must say. Although we would have liked to have played in a shopping complex where the atmosphere is like a stadium, the PSA venue is well maintained and conducive to closer rapport between the players. Our club has also bounced back quite well from the starting games, with a well-fought draw with Inti Hybrids. Read on as I bring you through our club’s preparations as well as the all-important report of our 3rd league match.

Club Spirit and Preparation

After last week’s result with Inti, the players’ morale soared as onlookers thought that with the Hybrids’ experience, they would still pull through with a win over Storm. But as things played out, we “battled like champions” (so some people said). It was a memorable match that even Inti’s captain, Ismael; applauded our efforts.

Jerrard gave a spirit-lifting speech during the following training session that gave us all the might to march on. Our sessions were like never before. The girls trained as if their lives were at stake, catching the guys’ speedy shots and killing as well. But egos were not bruised as they were proud of the girls as well. We could only imagine what other teams would think if we all played the same way in the upcoming match. Belief was strong within the squad that we would come out with a good win against the PSA Eagles.

Unveiling of banner

Jeff Ler, our ever ‘semangated’ crutch-ridden spokesperson, player and now designer, did an amazing job on creating the club’s 1st ever banner. In just one day I might add. When he posted it on Facebook, Storm members and the public alike loved it and praised him for his skills and passion. It will last through the ages.

Match day – 1st Half

Standing proud alongside the Eagles team in the arena, the players posed for pictures and listened to the marshals’ instructions as well as the standard fair play procedures. Even though this match was not as anticipated as the previous one with Inti, as a Storm member, I eagerly await the start. The starting co-ed team consists of:

  • Fred – No.8
  • Mike – No.9
  • Justin – No.7
  • Roxanne – No.23
  • Leen – No.63
  • Car Yi – No.5

Compared to the previous games, this match was less stressful for our players as the Eagles were comparatively new compared to many teams here. However, we still approached the match with caution and determined to win and win with a higher margin in order to gain on the group leaders.

Fred started well as he killed 3 in the 1st game; I am glad as the past few weeks have not been well for him. He even killed the last opponent with a leaping suicide shot. The 1st half went thick and fast from then onwards. Everyone on the team did well, even when we substituted a few players every game. This showed that we have strength in depth and team unity compared to the earlier weeks. Jerrard finally made his appearance after winning the 3rd game and rebooted their partnership during their Taylors Hyenas days. And a partnership they did have with catches and kills left, right and center. We won the 1st half 4-0. A great lead to take into the 2nd half.


The team headed out for a breather after the fast-paced action while the charismatic cheerleaders from both teams took our place. And honestly, every time I watch Storm Dodgettes, I get wowed as they always came up with a new routine. With basket tosses and pyramid formations, they impressed all onlookers. The crowd cheered as if they were the cheerleaders’ cheerleaders. I am confident they would bring us the full points again.

2nd Half

This half of the match is played with a full male team. Jerrard already picked out the first team for the guys earlier and so here they are:

  • Justin – No.7
  • Chuan – No.11
  • Rafiq – No.69
  • Ren-To – No.21
  • Jen Jun – No.2
  • Mike – No.9

The guys built on the foundations laid in the earlier periods. They showed no mercy as they rained on the Eagles’ defense with a mighty torrent of dodgeballs.  I cannot name anyone who stood out. If I did, this would be a very long paragraph. Jerrard continued his strategy of substituting players to give everyone experience in this league. This seemed to unite the team more as they slapped each other’s hands and cheered each other even though some attempted shots or catches were missed. We got a lil bit of scare when they got a game back and it was 5-1. We then got another game back and ended the match 6-1. An impressive win to boost our morale as UCSI Red Legion awaited us this Wednesday. GO STORM GO.



Group Support

Spokesperson and player – Jeff Ler No.3

(Not only does he do an awesome job in commentating, he is also one heck of a designer)

Storm Dodgettes lead by Cassandra Kiu

Let’s Go Taylors Let’s GOOO ~~ RAWR

And last but not least,
Adam Riff, signing out.
Blogger, Secretary and Player (No.10)

(That’s a lollipop haha)

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great layout, good to have a consistent one for your readers to familiarize with.

2. Good details.

3. Be careful – Manglish isn’t allowed.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4:
Taylor’s Lakeside Storm vs PSA Eagles

by  Nazri (PSA Eagles)


Shah Alam, 3 Oktober 2010 – Telah berlangsungnya liga kampus dodgeball (CDL) untuk hari ketiga. Pada hari ini Storm dan Eagles akan berentap untuk perlawanan kali ketiga untuk perlawanan yang keempat. Pada perlawanan pertama pada separuh masa pertama Eagles telah menurunkan barisan pemain yang terdiri daripada Atiqah berjersi 13, Taufiq berjersi 1, Farizan 9, Hazrin 3, Teha 17, dan Linda berjersi 7. Pada perlawanan ketiga bagi mereka bermula dan pasukan Storm telah mengalahkan pasukan Eagles dengan meninggalkan seorang pemain dan Storm masih kekal dengan enam orang pemain. Eagles mengalami kekalahan pada perlawanan pertama pada hari ketiga pada minit yang kedua dan empat saat. Perlawanan kedua bermula. Sebelum perlawanan kedua bermula, Storm telah menukar pemain, turut diikuti pasukan Eagles. Pada minit yang keempat, Eagles hanya tinggal dua orang pemain manakala Storm tinggal 4 orang pemain. Perlawanan kedua pasukan Storm memenangi. Pada perlawanan ketiga tamaat pada minit ke 8 dan 57 saat. Ini bermakna Storm memenangi tiga perlawanan berturut-turut.  Perlawanan keempat bermula dengan Storm sekali lagi menukar pemain dan permainan tersebut tamat dengan kemenangan milik Storm pada minit ke sepuluh. Perlawanan berehat untuk santapan dari pasukan sorang pasukan masing-masing. Pasukan sorak bermula dengan pasukan Eagles yang terdiri dari tiga lelaki dan empat perempuan. Seterusnya, Storm menunjukkan bakat mereka melalui pasukan sorak mereka dengan menurunkan lima orang perempuan. Masing-masing menunjukkan persembahan yang menarik. Separuh masa kedua bermula dengan pasukan Eagles menurunkan Annas 19, Rafi 2, Izzi10, Fendi 23, Ignatus 22, dan Adam 4. Pada minit ketiga perlawanan, Eagles telah tewas ditangan Storm dengan pemain Storm masih kekal eman orang pemain. Pasukan Storm masih kekal dihadapan dengan lima mata. Perlawanan kedua separuh masa kedua bermula. Minit kedua dan lima puluh saat, tiga orang main Eagles telah terkeluar dan seorang pemain Storm tersingkir dari gelanggang. Minit keenam dan dua belas saat perlawanan tamat. Perlawan ketujuh bagi kedua-dua pasukan bermula dan menunjukkan  kemenangan milik Storm apabila balingan dari Storm gagal untuk dielak oleh pasukan Eagles. Perlawanan terakhir pada hari ini buat mereka adalah prelawanan yang kelapan. Storm Berjaya dikalahkan oleh Eagles pada perlawanan ini dan membuatkan pasukan Eagles Berjaya untuk mendapatkan mata terakhir untuk mereka. Ini membuatkan perlawanan tamat dengan kemenangan milik Storm dan hasil mata enam berbalas satu. Tahniat buat pasukan Storm!

Pasukan Sorak  Eagles (Kiri), Pasukan Sorak Storm (Kanan)


Judge’s Comments:

1. Good stats, inspiring content directed at the other team.

2. Pictures could be bigger.

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