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CDL Day 3 Match Blogs (Part 2)

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Match 5
KDU Ronins vs SEGi Avengers

by Benjamin Koh (KDU Ronins)

Having a year long history since the inception of dodgeball in Malaysia, the Avengers and the Ronins have been exchanging throws with full passion and enthusiasm. Having players that are extremely experienced and well skilled. Today’s match was indeed a highly anticipated match to watch; sad to say it was not to be.

The Ronins today unfortunately were with an injured full team and it could be seen the match. The Avengers on the other hand seem to have the exact opposite with the full team looking absolutely athletic. Both teams on the outside looked strong and raring to go, however, the Ronins knew that if they were to steal today’s match it would have had to be a day of miracles.

At the get go of 1, 2, dodgeball, the Avengers seem to pull the game to their side. No doubt the Ronins were a battered force, but they would not give up. The Ronins didn’t let the Avengers take the matches easily; they toiled and sweated to the very last. In the mixed team event, in just a couple of seconds, all the guys were just simple blown away. It was up to the girls to keep the Ronins flame raging on. It seemed at one point the roses of the team were going steal the thunder of the thorns. Though they put up a strong fight-earning not just our respect but I believe the crowds attention!-it was not to be.

Today just doesn’t seem to be a Ronins’s day. The Avengers took the game 7 – 0. Well it will be another day for the Ronins then, still in search for victories. But we are still hopeful and hungry for victory, a lost is never the end it is just a discovery of ways not to win a match, all we have to do is do the exact opposite AND WE WILL BE WINNING!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 5
KDU Ronins vs SEGi Avengers

by Hazz Haili (SEGi Avengers)

Avengers Comes Back With a Vengeance

In tonight’s match, Avengers played undoubtedly their best game in the tournament.  SEGi Avengers thumped KDU Ronins 7-0. It was definitely a must win game for the Avengers as they have lost their previous 2 games and it was really their last shot to qualify to the knockout stages. It was a resolute performance from the start as they easily disposed their opponents Ronins in under 2 minutes. Accurate throwing and catching from all Avengers players could be seen eventhough Ronin did show a fight back of their own. It was still not enough as Avengers did definitely improved from their previous performance. The first half ended 4-0 and everyone from the Avengers camp were on a high.

Come second half, it was and all guys match between the two.  There were not many changes as Avengers still came out strong in their performances.  It was quite a lacklustre performance from Ronins really as they did not turn up and performs in tonight’s match.  In the end, the match ended 7-0 and a resolute Avengers finally showed their potentials and hopefully push on from here to climb their way up towards success.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 6
Taylor’s Hyenas vs UPM Tupai Kilat

by Adrian Anthony (Taylor’s Hyenas)

The importance of learning from one’s mistake has always been stressed to us by our elders, parents, teachers, etc. For only by doing so can we strive to truly become better at whatever it is we are doing. Having said that, we witnessed an example of the saying on the match between The Hyenas dodgeball team from Taylor’s and Tupai Kilat of UPM.

The Hyenas came into this match brimming with confidence as they had won their fist two group matches, and they were facing a team who had lost their first two. Hyenas were hoping to thrash their opponents, but that was not what it would have been, or so they thought after the first five minutes. At the start of the match, the Hyenas began with their usual counter-attacking strategy, but within 30 seconds, UPM stunned them by knocking out Boon. With their best catcher gone, Hyenas had to push forward. However, things were never easy as an inspired team defended well.

Both sides were knocking each other players out, but the tie swung in UPM’s favour when they knocked out all three male Hyenas. By now, the clock showed 4 minutes, and the score was 0-0, making it potentially the lowest scoring match. As expected, UPM took the first game. The Hyenas team now looked like a wounded animal, and to rub salt into their wounds, they lost to arguably the most inexperienced team in the CDL.

But true to form, they showed great fighting spirit by leveling things up with an improvised counter-attacking style, in which they capitalized on several mistakes by the UPM players, such as solo runs by their players. At half time, the score was all square at 1-1. As per usual, we witnessed some rather sexy but nevertheless motivating performances by the dodgettes of both teams.

After approximately 5 minutes of break time, play resumed, this time with the 6+0 second half. Hyenas immediately turned on the heat with a shotgun attempt, but his shot was unfortunately caught by a UPM player. However, the Hyenas team stuck to their guts and continued to push forward with a barrage of shots which knocked out several players. 3 minutes later, the score line read 2-1 to Hyenas.

With 3 minutes left on the clock, Hyenas were pressing for a win, and with great determination and a resilient defensive play, they won the match as they had 4 players left on their side, compared to UPM who had 2.

Once again, the saying ”we do not care if we win r lose, but we make sure we win” was lived up by the Hyenas dodgeball team.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 6
Taylor’s Hyenas vs UPM Tupai Kilat

by Shahmi (UPM Tupai Kilat)

Hari Ke-3 : UPM Tupai KIlat VS Taylors Heynas

Tupai Kilat turun sekali lagi dengan membawa harapan untuk memenangi perlawanan kali ini. Pada separuh masa pertama Tupai Kilat telah menurunkan pemain mereka yang terdiri daripada Norkhizan, Ziman, Hafifi, Azlina, Norain dan Yusra. Separuh masa pertama berlangsung dengan penuh sengit dimana Tupai Kilat telah mendahului pada permulaan. Semua berpunca daripada fifi yang Berjaya menangkap bola yang dibaling oleh pasukan Heynas. Tiada seorang pemain Tupai Kilat yang terkeluar daripada permainan. Pusingan kedua berlangsung tetapi kecemerlangan pada pusingan pertama tidak dapat diteruskan dimana Yusra, Hafifi dan Norkhizan. Ini telah menyebabkan keputusan separuh masa pertama berakhir dengan 1-1.

Pada separuh masa kedua, Tupai Kilat telah membariskan Ammar, Fazhil, Lutfi, Amir, Ridzuan dan Risham. Tupai Kilat meneruskan rentak yang sama seperti separuh masa pertama. Permainan berlangsung agak sengit. Bermula dengan Lutfi dan Riduan telah berjaya membaling tepat ke arah pemain Heynas. Balingan daripada Hyenas tidak dapat di elak oleh Amir dan Fazhil menyebabkan mereka terkeluar daripada permainan. Separu masa kedua ini, pertukaran dilakukan oleh Tupai Kilat dimana membawa masuk Ziman dan Ijan bagi menggantikan Fazhil dan Ridzuan. Lutfi merupakan pemain terbaik bagi pasukan Tupai Kilat diman balingannya telah membuatkan ramai pemain Heynas terkeluar daripada permainan. Corak permainan yang ditunjukkan oleh pemain Tupai Kilat banyak mempengaruhi permainan pasukan Hyenas dan menyebabkan mereka berasa tertekan. Nasib belum masih menyebelahi Tupai Kilat di mana mereka kalah sekali lagi dengan keputusan 3-1

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7
SEGi Barbarians vs KDU Chronos

by Cedric (SEGi Barbarians)

Day 3 ,and what an exciting day it was, like every other days before this teams come in more experience and ready for round 3. We have experience teams being humbled by smaller inexperience teams, which proved the point that Dodgeball is indeed an underdog game.

Fast forwarding to the second last game, which was Segi Barbarbarians versus KDU Chronos. What an interesting game it was. We watched great teamwork from both teams. It was an ordinary game where you will watch one team attacking and the other laying back defending their lines. First half ended with a 4-0 score line, where barbarians were taking the lead.

Dodggetes by both teams gave awe-inspiring performances. Barbarians ended the game with a 8-0 win. BUT do not let the score line fool you, like mentioned earlier both teams played well and, we got to give it to KDU Chronos who fought with full determination until the end despite being left behind. Towards the ended KDU’s determination proved a point where they were taking barbarians out one by one, but time was not on their side barbarians won the round with more players on the court. Inspiring performances by both team. Well done and good luck for both teams as they go for round 2 facing the same teams they faced in day 1.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7
SEGi Barbarians vs KDU Chronos

by Yi Yian (KDU Chronos)

The 3rd day of Campus Dodge ball League 2010. Before the game start, Chronos had complains from the judges that we have to wear shoes to play. But the floor is so slippery and you know what. She says if you play football under a raining field will you wear shoes, well well whats your opinion? Mine experience tells me I don’t wear shoes.

A beautiful Monday yet my mood is not so good from the results of the game between KDU College Chronos and SEGI Barbarians. The result was a total defeat for Chronos as we got 0 while the Barbarians got 8.

The game started with 3+3 as always. The Barbarians was strong as they get Chronos out quickly. I myself was playing in the game it sure was a heart attack. Simon was sweating and he was trying his best to command who to throw. The situation was not good as the players from Chronos get hit 1 by 1. The girls was the ones left and sure the Barbarians can get them easily.

As the time continue to decrease, both teams run for the ball again. Well the Barbarians miss as they aim Simon. The game was exciting yet super tiring. The judges saw with their eyes and together commenting what’s good and bad.

The results were 4-0.

4 to Barbarians and 0 for Chronos.

As the second game begin (6+0). Chronos members were stress and tired. Will we make a turn and win the Barbarians. I hope so. I heard cheers for the Barbarians and Chronos.

The Barbarians hit the players of Chronos 1 by 1 not letting the Chronos to have a chance to fight back. The game soon comes to an end. And the KDU College Chronos was totally defeated by the Barbarians.

As I was walking from the hall to blog bout this post I heard comments saying that the floor was slippery. It’s sad to hear these comments.

But I do agree that the Barbarians are good players.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8
UCSI Red Legion vs INTI Hybrids

by Tyler Lim (Red Legion)

Though we lost, but we definitely had fun.

Today, 4th of October 2010 is the 3 day of the Campus Dodgeball League (CDL). Red Legions were assigned to play against the Hybrids. In case you don’t know who the Hybrids are, they are teams that were based on really experienced players. Nevertheless, same goes to the Red Legions! Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side this time. Though we have won the previous games back to back, this time the winning wasn’t with us.

Even though we lost the game, our captain of the team, Benji Wong was really proud with the performance of his fellow team mates. As for the first half of the game, Mamali, Ah Kean, Aaron, Vanessa, Summer and also Ofelia were the players. Despite the fact, Aaron being injured, he was doing his best and giving out his best performance in the game. He manage to kill Mun Wai will his first ball and catch I’ Smile’s ball after that. Besides being a good thrower, he was catching the balls over and over again.

Not to forget, Vanessa one of our best female player in the team, was doing a good job in dodging all the balls that were coming towards her.  As the time hits zero, we were down with 2 to nothing on the score board. But that didn’t affect any of our players and also our fellow supporters. They were cheering their lungs out and clapping their hands as a sign of congratulating the Red Legions for their amazing performance.

After the dance moves from the dodgettes from the both teams, second half started immediately. This time, not only Aaron was playing on form, but Michiyo a.k.a. Jacky as well. He was catching the balls that are coming towards him as though he was playing as a goal keeper in a football match! I would say it was an awesome performance from him. As for conclusion, as the blogger of the team, I am very proud of my teammates as they have tried their level best in the game. Well, as our captain always says to us, ‘We win as a team, we lose as a team!’ And that is the spirit of Red Legions!

Despite being the losing team, we are still strong and passionate with the game of dodgeball. We will come back as a better team in the upcoming matches and hopefully will win the matches ahead. I think that is about all, I really do hope that you all had an awesome day today. Red Legion blogger, signing out!

Red, Red, Red, LEGION! Rawr~

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8
UCSI Red Legion vs INTI Hybrids

by Melinda Lee (Hybrids)

After Hybrids last game where it tied, Hybrids were determined to come back and give their best performance. The players gathered out at the car park half an hour before the game and formulated a new game plan while the dodgettes came up with new routines and props to excite the audience. When all the players entered the cage, they were all ready to put up their best game of CDL.

We thought we were geared up and confident for the play, but our opponents cheered even more zealously when we were in the cage. Their players had their eyes set and mind at an end: victory.

The game started and players rushed towards the lined dodgeballs. Hybrids were extremely nervous, but UCSI showed confidence and determination at every throw. Both teams were equally strong and unwilling to backdown but instead pushed the games to its limit when no scores were made at the 5th minute itself. Slowly, Hybrids were one by one contained in the boxes. But as Hybrids were losing hope, our co-captain, Mun Wai, striked one player out and within the same second saved a ball. The whole crowd roared and the table turns. Within the next few seconds, simultaneous balls were saved and Hybrids was finally controlling the game. By the 6th minute, Hybrids scored their first mark.

Spirits were high when the second set started. It all seemed as if the new strategy was working out. But such a strong team as UCSI would not let 1 point bring down their spirits. They came back strong. 2 minutes into the game, Hybrids were outnumbered. UCSI players were gleaming with confidence and assurance of the game. But what is an exciting game without a little twist? By the 8th minute, two balls were saved and 4 UCSI players were out. Our players were released from the detainments and loaded back into the game.  Suddenly, Hybrids outnumbered UCSI.  And before you know it, Hybrids scored our second point.

The Hybrid supporters roared with joy and excitement as the players retired and dodgettes showed. This time, our dodgettes came with pom poms, a new song and a whole new dance routine. They had stunts and excellent coordination. Again, we were fired up.

When the 3rd set started, Hybrids spirit was sky high but UCSI was still determined. The third game was an easy win with UCSI being low on morale. But when the 4th game started, UCSI put up their best show of the day. They didn’t back down this time and refused to allow no scores. They had the strongest defence that frustrated the Hybrids. Suddenly, UCSI regained their drift and put out our first player, then the second, then the third. We were outnumbered by the strong willed UCSI. And at the 7th minute of the game, USCI’s preserverence and determination proved worthy as they scored their first match. That 1 point ignited and refuelled UCSI.

At the last 2nd minute, the 5th set of the game, UCSI was cheering strongly. The last game of the day roared within these 2 minutes. Balls flew, players sprinted and the supports screamed enthusiastically. UCSI eagerly threw and tried to score the last match. They knew victory was impossible but yet they put up their most coordinated and best game to prove they were not easily defeated.

The game ended with 3 – 2, but it wasn’t without strong resistance on UCSI’s part. The rumours of UCSI being a strong team proved right tonight.

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