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CDL Day 4 Match Blogs (Part 1)

October 9, 2010

Match 1
UPM Tupai Kilat vs Masterskill Vipers

by Shahmi (UPM Tupai Kilat)

Hari ke-4 : UPM Tupai Kilat VS Materskills Vipers

Pada hari keempat ini, separuh masa pertama berlangsung dengan penuh dramatik, dimana tupai kilat telah berjaya mendahului separuh masa pertama. Pemain Tupai Kilat yang beraksi pada separuh masa pertama ini adalah Norkhizan, Ziman, Hafifi, Chin, Norain dan Yusra. Pada separuh masa pertama, Tupai Kilat mendahului pasukan Vipers dengan mata 1-0.

Hari keempat ini adalah hari dimana dogettes akan mempersembahkan satu persembahan kebudayaan pada waktu rehat kedua-dua pemain. Tupai Kilat telah mempersembahkan satu pesembahan yang bertemakan Satu Malaysia dimana menggabungkan kesemua tarian tradisional di Malaysia dengan diiringi lagu yang berjudul Selamat Datang.

Separuh masa kedua diteruskan dengan, Tupai Kilat menurunkan pemain-pemain mereka iaitu Ammar, Hasmawi, Lutfi, Amir, Ijan, dan Sham. Separuh masa kedua ini berlangsung penuh mendebarkan dimana sekali lagi Tupai Kilat turun dengan strategi yang mereka gunakan pada separuh masa pertama.  Permainan yang ditunjukkan oleh Tupai Kilat telah berjaya mengikat perlawanan dengan menjadikan keputusan 2-2. Tahniah Tupai Kilat kerana bejaya memberikan satu perlawanan yang menarik dan penuh bertenaga. Teruskan semangat ini untuk perlawanan seterusnya.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 1
UPM Tupai Kilat vs Masterskill Vipers

by Brendan (Masterskill Vipers)

This was the day where we were all late for the match due to some mishaps. Deepest apologies! Anyways today we were  again up against UPM’s Tupai Kilat.

The first initial match was intense and as the games goes on everybody got all pumped up.On the first match we won with last hit from Senorita(jersey number 8).

Look at that pose. It’s a WINNING STRIKE!!!

Then number 8 from the opposing team got us back with catch. What a waste!

Did I mention this was our team’s logo. It resembles a viper-like serpent. It represents cunningness packed with potent venom! Our trump card.

But that’s enough to take out the Vipers. The bombarding of dodgeballs got everybody adrenaline pumped! The longer the game, the noisy the court is as if like a MEXICAN PARADE was on the move.

Below we have our Dodgettes performing their routine. This time it was cutural night. We have kicked it up a notch by mixing an Indian mix along by the Sarawakian dance followed by the ever modern Tectonik or so the term goes.

Our war cry before the charging to the battlefield! And it goes GO GO GO VIPERS!!!!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2
SEGi Avengers vs UCSI DD

by Hazz (SEGi Avengers)

Close Fight between Avengers Vs Devils Duke

In a tense match between SEGi Avengers and Devils Dukes, The Avengers came out short as they lose out 3-2 to Devils Duke.  In the fight half of the match, it was really looking like the first game was heading towards Avengers as Jason one of our inform player tonight put out a man of a match display as he took out the likes of Navid and Raj Khan by catching their balls. Even so, Avengers became more and more careless as they became less consistent and eventually lost their game. The next game was not much difference as there was fire burning in the Avengers as they try to prove their worth after losing badly in their previous match against them.  The first half ended 2-0 but it did not kill off their spirit. The second half became more intense as Devils Duke picked up the pieces and starts to build a lead and they eventually lead 3-0. The next game was an even more exciting one as Avengers pulled on back and due to the careless mistakes from Devil’s Dukes Casey in the end gave another one to the Avenging Avengers. It was a very entertaining match for the neutrals and it is certain The SEGi Avengers team will come out fighting and be more confident facing their remaining matches.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2
SEGi Avengers vs UCSI DD

by Amelia (UCSI DD)

Devil’s Duke against Avengers, makes the 2nd game against each other. Tough game, yet good. We have Ilya as our spoke person commenting on our moves and also the opposing teams. The first round of the first half, it was a tough game which left Kris the only one standing. But awhile later, she manage to touch the ball and brought Navid back into the game. With their teamwork, they manage to bring Raj back into the game. Raj gave a headshot awhile after he came back, and it was Kris standing alone with two others. She manage to bring KeeChai back which made them win. The first half got them a score of 2-0. The supporters of Devil Duke brought a lot of energy by cheering with intense spirit.

After the first half, came the dancers of both teams. Dancers of Avengers did a good job in bringing out the authentic Malay dance. So did the dancers of the Devil’s Duke who gave an authentic Indian dance.

After the short break, the next second half of the game started with more spirits from both teams and with more cheering from the cheer team. With number 7 of the Avengers who got killed by Casey from the Devil’s Duke team with his famous Jumpshot attack. Raj was next to kill Number 8 from the opposing team who is said to be the best striker on the team. It was then 2 against 2, Jason killed number 69 from the opposing team. And with the teamwork of Jason and Raj, they manage to kill all of the 6 players from Avengers. Avengers too did a great job by working together to bring the Devil’s Duke down. But for the last two rounds Avengers was playing real hard which I have to say Good Job to all of them, the last 20 seconds of the  game was 5 against 5 which brought a good game till the end. The last 4 seconds, the players from Avengers attacked Casey and he slipped and with that there goes the whistle which marks the ending and Devil’s Duke won with the score of 3-2, which Avengers won their last game. It was a good, intense game.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3
INTI Hybrids vs PSA Eagles

by Melinda (INTI Hybrids)

After an exciting and exhilarating match on Monday night, Hybrids were all pumped up with spirit. Tonight, our game was up against our first competitor from our first game : Eagles from PSA.  The last game, we took them by 5:1, but tonight, things got a little more interesting.

The game started off fast. Just after the first 30 seconds, 2 Eagles were retained and Hybrids was playing strong. The game went by with balls flying across the court and by the 5th minute, Hybrids had already scored our second point. During the last third minute of the first half, Eagles suddenly showed what we didn’t know was in them. With only one Eagle left on the court, he managed to save 2 balls and retained 3 Hybrids. Though Hybrids persisted in attacking and won the third set, the determination and skill showed by that Eagle shook us. With only a less than a minute left on the clock, Eagles took their chances, threw hard and precisely at the Hybrids. They charged, retained and their supporters chered. They managed retain most of our players, and when the whistle blew we were outnumbered. Suddenly, Eagles scored their first.

The cheer for tonight was a little different. CDL has set the theme to be traditional. Both teams brought into the court what we all tend to forget: tradition. Eagles performed a slow dance of a hero who took down his enemies slowly but strongly, and that certainly reflected Eagle’s spirit tonight. Our dodgettes on the other hand, put up an Indian dance accompanied with the famous song –Jaiho.

The second set began and Eagles were all strategically stood. They were in a line, and all had a determined look on their face. Hybrids quickly scored our 4th score, but were starting to get nervous over Eagles’ sudden show of skill and strategy. During the second set of the second half, Eagles refused to let their previous fate repeat itself. With the score of 4:1, Eagles stayed on, stubborn to allow an easy win.

During the 7th minute, Hybrids newest player was the only one left on the court. He took them down one by one, but all it took was a little swing from Eagles, and score! Eagles had their second point. At that moment, it seemed as if the Eagles we were up against were a completely different team. They were more accurate, persistent and coordinated. With so little time left on the clock, Hybrids lined our best players. Swing after swing and throw after throw, Hybrids put up their best to retain the Eagles. But this only pushed Eagles to their full potential; they showed an even more aggressive side and put our players in the detainment zone. Fortunately for us, experience overpowered determination.

With only 42 seconds left on the clock, the best of eagles were already brought out. Within that 42 seconds, they retained enough of Hybrids to outnumber us. When the whistle blew, Eagles scored another point.

The game ended with a 5:3. It was definitely not an easy win for hybrids. This time around, Eagles showed us what 2 weeks can change a team of great potential into a team of excellent improvement. It seemed as if we should start warning our counterparts of Eagles new boundaries and potential.

Just as the queue for players to leave came, a few of the Hybrids seemed extremely unhappy with some of our opponents. A fight broke out within the court. Marshalls were blowing their whistles, and players were seen pushing each other apart. The crowd fell silent and the whole hall suddenly dimmed.

As the secretary general of MAD walked in to resolve the matter, the crowd burst into harmony with a birthday song. The fierce looks on our players suddenly turned around and became big grins. They hugged the sec. general and threw him up in the air.

The whole fight was staged. And it was all an act to fool the birthday boy into action.

Tonight, we witnessed the strong comeback of Eagles, the beautifully themed dance and the staged performance that concealed a birthday surprise.  This year, clearly, CDL is witnessing a new culture being born.

As what the Hybrids would say: Jaiho!


Judge’s Comments:

1. You’ve got a keen eye for detail – which is great as you’ve managed to take your reader on a journey giving them a vivid mental picture of how exactly the game transpired. Keep up the great work!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3
INTI Hybrids vs PSA Eagles

by Nazri (PSA Eagles)


Pada 5 Oktober telah berlangsung perlawanan keempat buat pasukan Hybrics dan Eagles di Dewan Serbaguna Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (PSA), Shah Alam. Mereka berentap perlawanan pertama dengan tiga pemain lelaki dan tiga pemain perempuan. Eagles telah menurunkan pemain berjersi 11,5,9,8,17 dan 7. Manakala bagi pasukan Hybrics menurunkan pemain berjersi 27,8,9,25,99, dan 10. Perlawanan bermula dan 2 orang pemain Eagles telah tersingkir pada saat ke-20. Pemain Hybrics berjersi 9 telah berjaya menangkap bola dibaling oleh pemain berjersi 9 pemain Eagles. Perlawanan pertama berakhir dengan kemenangan milik Hybrics pada minit kedua dan 33 saat.

Perlawanan kedua bermula dengan pemain Eagles terkeluar dahulu berbanding pemain Hybrics. Pada minit ke  4minit dan 35saat permainan tamat dengan kemenangan turut milik Hybrics. Pusingan ketiga bermula dan pemain Eagles berjersi 56 adalah pemain pertama yang terkeluar pada pusingan kali ini. Pada kali ini, pasukan Eagles berjersi 8 berjaya menangkap dua balingan dari pasukan hybrics membuatkan pemain tersebut dapat kekal pada minit kelapan dan 43saat. 8minit dan 43 saat perlawanan ketiga tamat dengan kemenangan milik Hybrics.

Mata pertama Eagles dapat dikutip pada perlawanan keempat apabila masa tamat dan pasukan Eagles mempunyai bilangan pemain yang lebih ramai berbanding Hybrics di dalam gelanggang. Separuh masa pertama ditangguh dengan persembahan kebudayaan oleh kedua-dua pasukan. Pasukan sorak Eagles mendahului persembahan dengan tarian warisan Melayu dan diikuti oleh Hybrics dengan persembahan tarian Hindustan.

Separuh masa kedua bermula.  Hybrics menurunkan pemain berjersi 20,9,15,10,5, dan 77. Eagles pula menurunkan pemain berjersi  19,2,10,1,13 dan 14. Pada perlawanan pertama separuh masa kedua, pemain pasukan Hybrics telah terkeluar apabila gagal mengelak balingan dari pemain Eagles. Pada minit kelima dan 35 saat, Hybrics terus mencuri mata. Hybrics 4, Eagles 1. Perlawanan kedua bermula dan  pada minit keenam Hybrics dan Eagles beraksi dengan hanya seorang pemain di gelanggang. Perlawanan ini kemenangan milik Eagles dan Eagles mengutip mata yang kedua. Perlawan ketiga bermula dan Hybrics dapat mata kelima pada saat 58 yang terakhir. Perlawanan terakhir pusingan ketiga, hari keempat bermula. Eagles terus mengatur strategi untuk mengutip mata terakhir. Akhirnya, strategi Eagles berjaya dan mendapat mata yang ketiga apabila mampu bertahan sehingga masa tamat dengan bilangan pemain di dalam gelanggang lebih ramai berbanding bilangan pemain Hybrics. Perlawanan berakhir dengan nilai mata pasukan Hybrics adalah 5 dan Eagles mendapat sebanyak 3 mata.  Perlawanan tidak berakhir begitu sahaja apabila berlaku pergaduhan pemain antara Hybrics dan Eagles. Malangnya, itu hanyalah lakonan semata-mata kerana lakonan tersebut bertujuan untuk menyambut ulang tahun Wai Tat. Itulah dikatakan permainan penuh erti. Perlawanan berakhir dengan menyambut ulang tahun Wai Tat. Perlawanan ketiga pada hari keempat berakhir. Tahniah kepada Eagles kerana akhirnya berjaya mendekatkan jurang nilai mata dengan Hybrics. Tahniah juga buat Hybrics dengan kemenangan pada hari ini.


Judge’s Comments:

1. I had to cut marks because you kept spelling your opponent’s team name wrongly. Please be aware of details like these. Besides that, good match details – a few grammar details here and there.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4
KDU Chronos vs Sunway Pharaohs

by Fiona Tan (KDU Chronos)

I see the Chronos team coming again for the Campus Dodge ball League. As the players of Chronos is all injured and that sure make our chance of winning lower, but that didn’t stop us.  Well well the spirit in us sure makes me touch. *smile*J

If we can win Sunway once maybe we can win them again. I hope.

Will God give us a miracle and let us win? I really hope so. OK now we shall see the process of the game.

The injuries players being heal before the game.


After the 1st game, it’s time for the dodgettes.

After the amazing performance from the dodgettes of Chronos. It’s time for the second game to continue.

When the game end the results was a 5-3.

5 to Sunway and 3 to Chronos.

Well I see Sunway has improve a lot from the last game. They fight with more teamwork this time.

Truth to say the result sure was saddening thing to see. Well I am not really satisfied with the results. But looking at the players all injured and hurt, what I can say is FIGHT AND WIN FOR THE NEXT GAME.

The spirits of dodge ball is in our players. Not even the injuries stop them from coming to this match. I hope God can give me a miracle for the next game. We need all the lucks and I mean Good Luck.


Judge’s Comments:

1.It’s good that you made an effort to start your post of creatively, but there are too many grammar errors throughout the article which made it confusing.

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