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CDL Day 6 Match Blogs (Part 1)

Match 1

INTI Hybrids vs UCSI Red Legion

By Melinda Lee (INTI Hybrids)

After 4 consecutive wins and 1 big defeat, Hybrids were game on for our determining match of CDL. It was either win the game and proceed to the next round or lose and be eliminated. Hybrids spent nights discussing devising a strategy and hours pumping in the confidence lost during the last match.

Tonight, Hybrids wants that place in the finals.

The first minute of the game quickly ruled out 1 Red Legion then 2 within the same minute. With a small audience, the supporters from both sides warmed the hall tonight with their cheers, screams and excitement. At 3.5 minutes, the Hybrids detained 4 players, then quickly 5.

By the fourth minute, Hybrids scored their first point of the day. The lost confidence, sleep and hope suddenly was compensated with this score. Light poured back into our players eyes; they were gleaming and excited to take Red Legions down. But Red Legions remained calm and composed.

The second set started and within the first 30 seconds, 2 Red Legions were out. Hybrid supporters screamed and jumped in the courts. We were all suddenly overwhelmed by that sense of victory and control over the game. Slowly, our counterparts started showing fear and worry—which probably brought out all their reserved strength  and spirit. Hybrids hunger for points didn’t stop. By the 4.5 minutes, Hybrids scored the second point.

The third set was a show of Red Legion’s strong come back. Just 40 seconds into the game, 2 Hybrids were detained and we were outnumbered. Still fuelled with determination, Hybrids charged confidently and strategically. In the next 20 seconds, a Hybrid saved 1 ball and saved one of our detainees, but luck wasn’t on our side this time: that same second, a ball slipped out of one of our players and we lost another player to the detainment zone. Red Legions’ side was equally as exciting. During that same time, 1 Red Legion was detained but one ball was saved. That saved 1 Red Legion on put us under detainment. It was 3 players against 3 players then. With 17 seconds, 16 seconds, 15 seconds, suddenly one ball struck a Hybrid. The Red Legions cheered gleefully. By the time Hybrids could collect themselves, Red Legions had already scored their first point.

The second half of the game exploded with energy on both sides.

Hybrids managed to detain 2 players within the first minute. But Red Legions was fast in their comeback, they scored their second point by the 3rd minute. It was suddenly a tie.

We were baffled but eager to lead the game. 6th minute, 2 Hybrids were detained. 6.5 minute, we detained 2 Red Legions. And with great speed, detained another 3 more and rule out Red Legions during the 4th set. We were in the lead again. The game became so fast paced and unpredictable that it left all of us out of breath, nervous and anxious.

The last set, with only 2 minutes left, was so important to both teams that it became so intense. Balls were flying at top speed on both directions, directions were shouted at players, and whistles were blown over and over again. At 1.25 minute, Red Legions were leading with their number of players. The supporters all screamed “Let’s go Hybrids! Let’s go!” and our players charged, attacked, jumped and – got struck. With 33 seconds left, Hybrids were outnumbered. At the 8th second, Red Legion saved 1 ball.

The whistles were blown hard: it was a 3:3.

It is the last game for Hybrids tonight with this tie. We lack points to proceed to the next stage, but gained more than anything lost. We learned the qualities of honour, perseverance, determination and strong spirit.

Hybrids might have been eliminated early with only 1 lost, 2 draws and 4 wins, but we already won our own game at heart. We entered this game as a team, and left as a family.

CDL is only seeing the beginning of us.

Judge’s Comments:

1. I like your style of writing, you certainly managed to keep me hanging on to every word! Great job.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 1

INTI Hybrids vs UCSI Red Legion

By Tyler Lim (UCSI Red Legion)

Red versus the White!

Once again Red Legion was scheduled to play against Inti Hybrids. Today will be the last day for the qualifying match for Campus Dodgeball League (CDL). And due to that, both teams were playing in their best form in order to take away the winning. The game started off with Inti Hybrids leading the game with 1 point. They won the match by killing all the first line up players from Legions. Well though Legions were feeling a little bit of nervous but that certainly did not bring down the confidents of the entire Legions player.

Benji looking for open targets

The second game started with I’Smile killing Mamali with his first ball. Second kill of the match was successfully made by Aaron, Jacky and Benji by shooting together towards Paul. Though he tried to catch, but the balls were spinning and one of it spun off his hand. But unfortunately, the second point again was grabbed by the Hybrids with their strong communication and team work. Not to say that Red Legions were not team working, but Hybrids were in some way better.

Even though, the Hybrids were leading us, all Legions did not give up. Hence in the third match, they came back stronger and have given them with a point which has changed the scoreboard into 2 against 1. Not forgetting the spirit that was given by the supporters out there, it has definitely pumped up each and everyone in the stadium. To me, with all the cheering and support given by the supporters, it was as though the game was the final match for CDL whereby winners will take away the champions!

Within seconds left in on the clock, Legions won the match by surviving with more players on their side. With the game tied up, Legions has gained back a little bit of hope and confident to win the game. As the Marshal blow his whistle to signal the end of first half, everyone were clapping their hands showing their support for this two teams.

Second half started with Hybrids controlling the game, which has kill one of the Legion’s man, Mamali who tried to catch the ball and slipped. With 5 players left on the Legion side, Hybrids were pumped up and kept throwing their balls once they have one in their hand. Well after a few minutes of surviving in the game, Hybrids won the match by swapping all the players from Legions.

Judge’s Comments:

1.Grammatical errors here and there. I felt like the post ended too abruptly – perhaps more could have been said.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2

SEGI Barbarians vs KDU Chronos

By Rasyidi (SEGI Barbarians)

It was another day of the Campus Dodgeball League, with the Barbarians up against KDU Chronos in the final group match between both teams. Their last meeting ended up with some great action between both sets of player, with Barbarians triumphing 8-0. This meeting was an interesting one, with Barbarians already confirmed qualification into the next round and KDU Chronos playing for pride, being their last game of Campus Dodgeball League 2010. Barbarians were short on players, since Jeffrey and Cedric were not able to make it due to sickness. Their starting lineup of the 1st half consisted of Ezzaty, Awatif and Huda making up the girl’s components and Rasyidi, Mark and Jing the males. With not much at stake, both teams were out to enjoy themselves and soak in the atmosphere.

The first half saw some nice hits from Jing and Mark to see them take a 4-0 lead at the end of the first half. With the absence of Jeffrey and Cedric, they had to call upon veteran players John and Joe, even though Joe was struggling with a long term knee injury. Only 6 male players could attend, making it an exciting half without any substitution of players, with Nadzmi being the other player. The second half saw 2 kamikaze attacks from Chronos players in 2 games after they were the only players left on court up against 5 and 6 players from Barbarians respectively. It was a great show of sportsmanship between both teams, with the kamikaze attacks a somewhat honourable act, since both teams were trying to play as many games as possible regardless of the results, giving each player a lot of match experience. Jing and Mark did not disappoint with countless hits to take out the Chronos players, and Nadzmi and Rasyidi making catches to ensure victory. Their relentless march to victory was stalled by Chronos in game 7 when William, Simon and Ding Dong caught the throws of Rasyidi, Jing and Mark to make it a 4v1 situation with only Joe, the injured player from Barbarians left on court. He managed to stay alive for a few minutes even though he couldn’t dodge or throw, but was finally hit, handing Chronos a game. The rest of the match continued on in good spirits, with both teams shaking hands and congratulating each other for a nice match played, with Barbarians take the match 8-1.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Good details on the players and the game. Pictures were pretty small though. Do try to come up with an attention-grabbing introduction and conclusion next time around.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3

TAYLORS Hyenas vs UPM Tupai Kilat

By Adrian Anthony (TAYLORS Hyenas)

Sports has always been considered a form of entertainment for both men and women. Furthermore, it gets all the better when such form of entertainment doesn’t just come a la carte, but rather it goes hand in hand with the adrenaline rush, and nail biting moments. However, the most ardent of fans would agree from the bottom of their heart that, entertainment aside, a comfortable victory is most favoured, and it was exactly the way the Hyenas dodgeball team intended to finish their final group game against UPM.

At the start of the 3+3 half, Hyenas made several changes to their regular line up, introducing Ming Xun and Deepak to provide a more attacking play, so as to start the game in style. And boy did they do so, for within seconds into the blow of the whistle, they struck first blood, knocking out a UPM player. With an arsenal of hard shooting players, combined with a resolute defence, Hyenas made it 1-0 within 2 minutes.

The second game followed suit with sublime acrobatic dodges and blistering shots as Hyenas made it 2-0. That being said, the best game of the match was to be the next, for with 55 seconds on the clock left, Hyenas had only one player left; UPM had three. 2-1 looked like the likely score, but a catch by the Pua Sze resulted in Wataru returning to the fray, and two bullet shots by him turned the tables and Hyenas led 3-0 at the interval.

Half time, and both teams had their cheerleaders perform their sexy but nevertheless motivating routine. Within minutes, the game then resumed. With the second half being the 6+0 round, the Hyenas, now feeling even more carnivorous, intended to play the game with as much ferocity as possible. They pre-match strategy paid dividends within the start as they made the score 4-0 within 55 seconds.

With things going smoothly, the team intended to flex their muscles and a 25 second blitz knocked out 4 UPM players, causing the morale of UPM to decrease, and it signalled further doom and gloom for them as the scoreboard read 5-0.

2 minutes left and Hyenas now intended to finish things in style, by further turning up the heat (as if they had not). A barrage of bazooka like shots were the final nail in UPM’s coffin, for the final was a morale boosting 6-0 for the Hyenas.

Napolean once said that to triumph without risk is victory without glory, and the risk of placing more emphasis on attack certainly made things more glorious as a resounding rout by Hyenas ensured they finish their group matches in scintillating fashion.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great choice of words, good pictures and I especially liked your conclusion! You’ve found your rhythm and still manage to keep things interesting which is no easy feat, kudos!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3

TAYLORS Hyenas vs UPM Tupai Kilat

By Shahmi (UPM Tupai Kilat)

Hari ke-6 UPM Tupai Kilat Vs Taylors Heynas

Hari ini merupakan perlawanan terakhi pada peringkat kumpulan bagi kedua-dua pasukan. Pada separuh masa pertama ini pasukan Tupai Kilat menurunkan pemain mereka yang terdiri daripada Norkhizan, Syuwari, Fadzli, Chin, Azlina dan Norain. Tupai Kilat turun pada perlawanan ini dengan strategi bertahan mereka bagi mengekang serangan daripada pasukan lawan. Permainan bertahan yang ditunjukkan oleh pasukan Tupai Kilat gagal mengekang serangan bertali arus daripada pasukan lawan. Dalam separuh masa pertama berlaku pertukaran pemain dimana Ziman, Hafifi dan Yusra dibawa masuk bagi menggantikan  Syuwari, Fadzli dan Azlina. Nasib belum lagi memihak kepada pasukan Tupai Kilat dimana mereka ketinggalan dimana Pasukan lama mendahului 4-0.

Separuh masa kedua Tupai Kilat masuk ke gelanggang dengan menurunkan Ammar, Hasmawi, Zheng Long, Fikri, Qairul dan Shah Rezan. Perlawanan yang agak agresif ditunjukkan oleh kedua-dua pasukan. Pada separuh masa kedua ini, berlaku pertukaran pemain oleh Tupai Kilat dimana Tupai Kilat membawa masuk Amir, Ridzuan dan Lutfi bagi menggantikan Zheng Long, Fikri dan Qairul. Malang bagi pasukan Tupai Kilat untuk mengekang serangan daripada pasukan lawan. Keputusan perlawanan berakhir dengan memihak kepada pasukan lawan iaitu 0-6. Tahniah kepada Tupai Kilat kerana menunjukkan semangat juang yang tinggi didalam gelanggang.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Minor spelling errors detected. It feels like the post still lacks some excitement.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4

KDU Ronins vs SEGI Avengers

By Shawn (KDU Ronins)

When the wisel blows the match was an interesting one. The 3+3 game started off with a good lead for KDU as they lead the match 3 to none for the avenger. One of our star player was Shah as he was giving all his strength and skills to play the game. KDU not only got a good lead on avenger but they also showed their true skills on playing dodgeball. There were many fantastic dodge and catches throughout the game. One of them came from Faiz as he caught a ball while not looking. As the game when on, the faces of KDU Ronnins player was clearly having fun as there were some silly moves and players with itchy fingers throughout the game. As there were in between breaks, one of the Ronnins took the place of the dodgette, it was a fantastic song by Chanok.

We look forward to the next year’s CDL as KDU Ronnins will come back with a good performance

Judge’s Comments:

1. Too short, especially at this stage of the competition. Shows a lack of effort.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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