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CDL Day 6 Match Blogs (Part 2)

October 14, 2010

Match 5

Taylor’s Lakeside Storm vs PSA Eagles

by Adam Riff  (Taylor’s Lakeside Storm)

Three’s a  Crowd

It all boils down to this.

For all the blood, sweat and tears…

This was it.

The final day of the group stage. The final match.

Our group has always been unofficially called the ‘Group of Death’ since the powers that be determined that not one, not two, BUT THREE mighty teams were drawn into the same group.

No offense to PSA Eagles though and kudos to them for going all out even though they were very new to the sport. To be honest, seeing UCSI Red Legion, Inti Hybrids and Taylor’s Lakeside Storm grouped together at such an early stage of the competition was exciting for a neutral. But for the respective teams, it was hell.

Storm had to win against Inti on Match Day 5 or we were out of the league. And win we did. Emphatically I might add. But I did not celebrate much as Hybrids were our friends and allies. As the latest standings show, no one can predict which 2 teams will go through to the quarterfinals. As mentioned by one of the MAD admins on Facebook,

“The heat is on in Group B”.

But It Could Have Just Been Two…

It was the day after the Inti match.

Just as we were about to report the fantastic result to our management, tragedy struck.

They had some mind-numbing bad news for us as a mistake done on our part has left us staring at the nothingness that is; a withdrawal from the competition.

After all the superhuman efforts and so close to qualifying, this had to happen. Those of us at the top level of the club were dejected but did not let our members find out just yet. It was unbearable to imagine the look on their faces if we told them.

I have already told too much and divulging more would be the end of me.

It was a case of “If I told ya, then I would have to kill ya”.

Well, not literally.

But as fate would have it, we were given a second chance the next day.

One that we gladly took.

One that they would never regret giving us.

This was our time to shine. Even God has smiled upon us and saw that our hard work and undying spirit deserved some timely rewarding.

After all, it was a human error that could be forgiven but never repeated.

And so we marched on, towards our destiny.

Breaking News

As we arrive at the venue, news started to stream in that Inti HAS DRAWN their game with UCSI RED LEGION!

This means that if we win our match against PSA Eagles, and everything else goes our way; we WOULD QUALIFY to the quarterfinals!! After all the nail-biting nights calculating how we would qualify, this is extremely good news to calm our nerves.

Before the match started, Jerrard gave a heart-warming team talk that made the team cry as one. Again, I do not want to reveal too much but this definitely united the team more right before we play.

Roxanne shone in the 1st half with multiple catches and kills, the talent that made her stand out earlier this year. Looks like she has got her form back just in time. The Eagles went down 1-0, then 2-0 as Roxanne, Heidy, Jerrard and the guys made very good kills.

In 3rd game, Jerrard made some changes to increase the tempo. Yoesia and Julius made fabulous catches to get their team-mates in when they were down. And suddenly it was 5 Storms against 1 Eagle in the remaining minutes of the 1st half. Alas, the PSA girl finally could not dodge Jack’s shot after evading several. It was 3-0 at the end.

I Solemnly Swear

It was Pledge Day as the cheerleaders had to perform the Dodgeball Pledge as creative as possible. They decided to incorporate mini-flags and home-made pom-poms as part of the routine. The entire team was pulled in to participate as we swore our allegiance to the cause.

1, 2 Dodgeball!

This included a spectacular longer routine by the girls as they pulled off surprise after surprise. The tophat dance was top notch as usual.

A note to the Eagles : Your Thriller medley was awesome! Haha. Good job guys!

Road to Glory?

Though we were 3 games up, it was still tense as the match was not over. The 2nd half started quite badly for Storm as they were quickly 3 men down. The Eagles were trying to make a fantastic comeback and they did. With Jen Jun the last player, he got hit with a flying Eagle Suicide!

Then, Jerrard subbed Fred in; who broke his finger yesterday to get him some playing time in order to get into the MVP team. It was a bold move indeed by the Captain with the Eagles coming back into the game. In the end, Fred was the last man standing with all his teammates out. He was against 3 Eagles and everyone thought he was a goner.

But, Fred had the last laugh as he evaded many shots and played very smartly to while the time away. Though Eagles had the numbers, the win came too late as Storm got a 3-2 win.


I don’t know much but all I know is WE WERE ALL HAPPY THAT WE MADE A COMEBACK IN THE LEAGUE. Hopefully, our group support don’t lose points and we would be there this Saturday for the FINAL!


Group Support

Spokesperson and player – Jeff Ler

For commentating with a broken ankle, he is amazingly spirited.

For persisting with a cracked elbow, he is just too awesome.

Storm Dodgettes lead by Cassandra Kiu.

How cute to see the cheerleaders making their own flags and pom-poms.

Wish I could reward them every day.

Uh-oh, I might need to retract my statement. Haha.

And that’s me,

Adam Riff.

Proud Blogger, Secretary and Player of the Taylor’s Lakeside Storm.

I do not know if I will get to blog again for CDL as the blogger marks will only be published later.

So, in case I don’t, take care and thank you for reading!

P.S. My hand has been fractured for the past 3 blogs =)

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great story and you did a fine job with including in the behind-the-scene details! Your flair for writing is clearly evident and you deserve recognition for that – kudos!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 5

Taylor’s Lakeside Storm vs PSA Eagles

by Nazri  (PSA Eagles)

Perlawanan cemerlang Eagles sepanjang CDL.

Pada 14 Oktober 2010 telah berlangsungnya perlawanan kelima, hari keenam di Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam. Eagles memulakan perlawanan dengan kategori tiga lelaki dan tiga perempuan di mana menurunkan Nurul, Hafiz, Farizan, Muhaimi, Atiqah, dan Marziana. Pada ketegori ini, Eagles tidak menunjukkan taringnya lagi apabila tewas 3-0 di tangan Storm pada kira-kira lima puluh saat terakhir. Namun, semangat pasukan Eagles terus berkobar-kobar apabila semua pasukan dan penonton terus memberikan sokongan yang padu dari luar gelanggang. Pemain perempuan Eagles menunjukkan peningkatan yang memberangsangkan apabila mereka akhirnya berjaya menangkap sebiji bola yang dilontarkan oleh pemain Storm pada hari keenam CDL ini. Usaha pemain ini harus dibanggakan.  Separuh masa pertama bagi kategori ini tamat dengan mata 3-0 dimana nilai mata tiga adalah milik pasukan Storm.

Perlawanan berhenti berehat untuk menyaksikan persembahan pasukan sorak dari kedua-dua pasukan. Persembahan dimulakan dengan persembahan pasukan sorak Eagles. Diakhir persembahan, sebahagian pemain Eagles menyertai pasukan sorak untuk memberikan semangat untuk memastikan hari ini adalah perlawanan terbaik untuk mereka. Syabas kepada mereka! Pasukan Storm memulakan persembahan dengan ikrar mereka yang diketuai oleh ketua pasukan mereka. Selesai berikrar dengan perkataaan, “1, 2, Dodgeball”, mereka memulakan persembahan dengan menggunakan tongkat dan meneruskan persembahan mereka.

Perlawanan separuh masa kedua perlawanan kelima dimulakan dan perlawanan menjadi sengit apabila pasukan Eagles menurunkan Annaz, Raffi,Izzi, Taufiq, Hazrin, dan Adam. Perlawanan pertama separuh masa kedua berakhir dimana pasukan Eagles berjaya mendapatkan mata pertama buat mereka. Tahniah! Perlawanan terus menjadi hangat apabila pemain Eagles berjaya menumpaskan seorang demi seorang pemain Storm sehinga pemain Storm hanya tinggal seorang di dalam gelanggang. Pemain Storm terus bertahan hingga masa perlawanan sepuluh minit tamat. Pasukan Eagles akhirnya berjaya merapatkan jurang tetapi hanya satu mata sahaja membezakan mereka pada perlawanan tamat. Perlawanan antara Eagles dan Storm berakhir 3-2 dengan kemenangan milik pasukan Storm. Tahniah buat pasukan Eagles! Eagles adalah salah satu pasukan yang baharu dan perlawanan ini harus dibanggakan kerana perlawanan ini adalah salah satu corak permainan yang cemerlang buat Eagles untuk CDL kali ini. Teruskan usaha Eagles untuk CDL akan datang.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Good reporting skills but again, lacks that something extra to get your readers excited.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 6

HELP Hyperblads vs Sunway Pharoahs

by May Lim  (HELP Hyperblades)

Match 6 of Day 6: I’ve always believed that two similar numbers bring me luck. Could it be the same for either the Sunway Pharoahs, or will Lady Luck do favours for the HELP Hyperblades? Once again, balls were flying as both teams needed to fight for the win: it would be the last match played by either one of the teams.

The starting 6 of the match was the usual; Captain Tan Jun Kit, Vinod Menon, Chin VK, Lim Su-Zen, Ng Shiann and Jessica Tan. The match started off with a false start due to the excitement of the Sunway Pharoahs. The usual strategy was played by the HELP Hyperblades: 3 would run for the ball, and one would pass one back to Vinod. However, Vinod missed hitting one of the Sunway Pharoahs. VK was the first of the HELP Hyperblades to be hit out, followed by Vinod and Jessica. One of the Sunway Pharoahs managed to catch a ball thrown by Shiann, causing her to be out of the game. The same happened with Jun Kit, and it was Su-Zen left in the cage against the Sunway Pharoahs. Could she defend the HELP Hyperblades? Alas, she couldn’t as the Sunway Pharoahs hit her out with 7 minutes and 22 seconds left on the clock.

Su-Zen and Jessica, tired and sweaty, were replaced by Trisha and Lynn. Once again in the second match, VK was the first to be hit out. The players of HELP Hyperblades were playing more aggressively, throwing balls so hard, they bounced out of the cage. Jun Kit and Vinod were hit; we all could tell that the Sunway Pharoahs were trying really hard to beat the HELP Hyperblades. This time, the match ended with the Sunway Pharoahs having one girl left in the cage. The HELP Hyperblades drew with the Sunway Pharoahs with 5 minutes and 38 seconds left on the clock.

Third match was equally exciting: this time, Vinod was the first to be hit out but the marshalls called a false start once again. The Sunway Pharoahs were really getting their game on! They certainly put up a really good fight, catching the HELP Hyperblades off guard. The 3 boys of the HELP Hyperblades were certainly panicking inside; they knew they had to win this match to stay in the League. The Pharoahs found themselves outnumbered once again with one girl left in the court.

Forth match: this time the girls were having a really good time! The Audience witnessed very well blocks by Lynn and Trisha, though as usual, the boys were the ones leading most of the game. The Sunway Pharoahs seem to favour hitting VK and Vinod out as soon as possible, to no avail. However the Sunway Pharoahs managed to catch up, winning the match. It was a draw by half time.

The dodgettes of HELP Hyperblades 6 lovely ladies and 2 very talented men, got the crowds hearts racing, dancing to song Rockstar by Prima J. They ended with a pledge: SUPPORT TO MADNESS. PLEDGE TO THE JOURNEY. 1, 2, DODGEBALL!

The first match of the second half started ONCE AGAIN with a false start. Players Jun Kit, VK, Vinod, Jason, Gar Jun and Shen were playing this time round. High speed balls were flying to and fro: the HELP Hyperblades probably couldn’t accept the results of the first match. Sure enough, the HELP Hyperblades won once again.


The following matches saw more false starts: were the players excited or full of anticipation and determination to win? The Sunway Pharoahs certainly looked like they wanted to win this game: they were playing really well. More dodges from the HELP Hyperblades brought the score to 6-2 by 3 minutes and 33 seconds left on the clock for of the second half.

In the last match, all the players in the court were extremely panicky. Even the marshalls couldn’t keep up with the boys. However, the Sunway Pharoahs won that round as there were more Sunway players in the cage. Despite their final win, the HELP Hyperblades still won the match with a score of 6-3.

To the Sunway Pharoahs, it’s not the end! Keep it up and practice makes perfect; we’ll see you again next year at CDL 2011.

As for the HELP Hyperblades, CONGRATS ONCE AGAIN! You’ve moved on to the next level.. GAMBATEH AND KUDOS TO YOU ALL!

In the words of HELP Hyperblade’s spokesperson, Denise Chan, ‘YOU GO, HYPERBLADES!’

“It’s S for SUPERSPOKESPERSON” – Denise Chan.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great details & pictures. Good job with inspiring the other team as well.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7

Metropolitan Maestro vs Masterskill Vipers

by Elizabeth Lee  (Metropolitan Maestro)

“We’re ready! We’re ready!”  Our team captain, Aamos cheered out loud, mimicking Spongebob Squarepant’s catchy phrase as he danced at the Politeknik car park! And indeed we were! After our encounter with UPM’s Tupai Kilat on Monday, we; the Maestros, were amped for yet another adrenaline pumping dodgeball match!

Today, we’re up against Masterskill’s Vipers once again (fierce team with an ever more ferocious looking logo)! Our last match with this vivacious team saw us winning with a close score of 4-2. As Wilma Rudolph once said, “Never underestimate the power of human spirit”. The Vipers’ sheer determination and spirit was acute in our minds, and we were definitely going to do our very best!

This time instead of a coin toss, we settled things with a game of one two juice!

Sooner than you know it, the first half began with the Maestros consisting of Guna, Rick, Charlie, Je Hui, Elizabeth, and Serene. At the blow of the whistle, players from both teams dashed for dodgeballs. The game paced quicken as Charlie and Guna were knocked off the court by the Vipers. However, with fantastic catching from Rick, Guna was revived and on his feet (he continuously caught two balls within seconds!). With only a single Viper girl left, Rick went for a shot and we were victorious! The second game was epic! The Maestros nearly suffered a triple kill; but we were saved by Charles as he successfully caught that live ball (reviving three of us!). We were victorious yet again!

And within moments, it was time for an interval! We began with a pledge towards the beautiful sport of dodgeball, increasing our patriotism to the fantastic game! The Vipers’ dodgettes  then showcased an exciting performance of a dance, leaving us dancing to the beat!  Our Maestro dodgettes carried on the show with a performance from our guy players who looked sexy (I must say) with their savvy moves! The thunderous cheers filled us with excitement to continue the game!

Testosterone was pumping at the start of the second half! The blow of the whistle saw Rick attacking quickly with a shotgun. However, the fast shots of the Vipers were difficult to dodge; leaving Guna on his own. We lost the match when Guna failed to catch a fast Viper ball! The next game was a draw filled with anxiety as we had to restart the game twice. Following that, we lose two games to the intense fangs (or dodgeball shots) by the amazing Vipers. The last match of the day was a success as Guna beautifully defended and killed Vipers one by one!

Final Score: Maestros – Vipers 5 – 4

What an exhilarating match (with such a close score!)!! We definitely had a great time playing against the Vipers who gave it their all!  We learnt a lot from this match; gaining more experience on how to improve our techniques and formations. And so, we step out of Politeknik once again, growing and learning as a team (or as we Maestros would say; as a family!). A Revive toast to you Maestros! An awesome job today! We will be back for the much anticipated grand finals on Saturday! GO MAESTROS!

Judge’s Comments:

1.There’s excitement in the way you write – which is good! Solid details on the match and good pictures too.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 7

Metropolitan Maestro vs Masterskill Vipers

by Nabilah  (Masterskill Vipers)

Tonight our journey started a bit late, where we all still got our time for a lil bit of laughs and a lil bit of some practical jokes on each other. Since today is the last match before the finals, we’re VIPERS trying to keep it cool and stay neutral so the nervousness won’t affect us in some ways for tonight.

The players were warming up themselves at the compound here in Politeknik and so was our group support, the dogettes were getting their grooves up ready and Joe  our spokesperson was also preparing his amazing voice for the audience tonight.

As you all would know, the adrenaline rush attacking us again tonight, it may be a lie if we are telling you there was no shaking nor trembling in our team, apparently there was, but with a lil bit of prayers from each of us in the team is good enough to release all the bad negativity feelings.

Picture above was the vipers having a some prayers

On the first few minutes (9.23) the adrenaline rush still irritates our players, how 5 of them leaving got knocked out leaving Danson with a huge hope to catch a ball, there wasn’t any, so Maestro got the first score 1 and 0 on us. It’s cool..

At the 7.47 minutes, 4 of us were out f the court, Ulau was trying to get a good catch but luck wasn’t on her side and making Maestro having scored again 2 on them and 0 on us. Game was getting tense more and more for our players to actually get even one point, and just like Joe has mentioned our girls were still striking even though they were feeling fatigue against the Maestro’s! First game was all on Maestro which was a darn good 4 and us 0.

Amazingly done, our team scored by a counter by Eddly and a catch by the vipers in getting a score finally for the first tonight we got a 1 at 8.35 minutes and at 6.25 minutes we got a 2.. :0 Happy 😀 and addernaline rushing still!

At the very last 1.35 minutes amazingly done by Vipers, by getting another 1 score and timewas on our side this time we got a 4 against Maestro who got a darn good score as well 5.






Judge’s Comments:

1. Please take note of the spelling errors and there were some sentence structure errors as well. Pictures were good but something extra is missing – do try and challenge yourself to come up with an interesting introduction and conclusion.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8

City UC Tigers vs UCSI U DD

by Aman  (CITY Tigers)

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera, Salam Satu Malaysia for all dodgeball team present today. Here we meet again in TIGER blogger comment side and today, I represent my team member don’t have much to comment about.


We start with good performance from the beginning but however TIGER lost their first score point. This might be because of all the team member quite little bit scare to the most powerful team and well developed. TIGER try to fight back and try to win the first score luckily we did that and also we manage to get our second score point.


After not quite long leading at the in front with 2-1 score, TIGER seem like to be little bit lack of focus and also don’t really inside the game and the consequences we get tied 2-2 just before the end of the first half.

Like entering the second half there nothing to setup anymore like this is our last match for the group stage level and TIGER think the only way to win again UCSI team is play with all our strength and skill. However, end of the second half we lost again UCSI

and there a lot of weakness that we have to fix.

See u on Saturday

Judge’s Comments:

1. The post kind off reads as if you’ve given up or decided to not put much effort into writing it. Pictures were good nonetheless.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 8

City UC Tigers vs UCSI U DD

by Charity  (UCSI DD)

This was the second time the Devil’s Dukes were playing against the Tigers. Since our game was the last game of the day, the team was finding it difficult to keep their focus until it was their turn to play. In the first match, it was pretty obvious they were trying to get their head in the game and seemed to be slacking a little. They won the first game, but went on to lose to the determined Tigers for the second and third round. They drew the last round of 3+3 and the score was 2 to 1.

Then, it was once again time for our amazingly talented dodgettes to perform their routine!They managed to shock us all AGAIN, with their new stunt. It’s called the ‘basket toss’. Everyone cheered and applauded loudly for the spectacular act! Even i was stunned and was in awe. Great job dodgettes and keep it up! We’re proud of you.

As we proceeded into the all-guys game, the guys realized that the Tigers meant business and were fighting to win. So the boys gathered their act together, regained their focus and went all out, not daring to underestimate the ferocious Tigers anymore. Sure enough, they didn’t fail us. They managed to win 3 out of 4 games with a draw for the last game. All of the players did well for the second half. Amazing leg-shots by Casey, one of our strong attacker and catches from our star catcher, Sina.

I should also mention that the Tigers were great dodgers! They managed to dodge most balls that came hurling their way. Amazing performance Tigers, keep up the good work and continue roaring!

Well what can I say, the Devil’s Dukes are definitely going to the knock-out stage! I am so proud of you guys for you have worked hard, trained hard and played hard to get to where you are now. I have seen you guys train in the stuffy Multi Purpose Hall in our university and you guys always seem to enjoy the game and not just training just for the sake of winning. You guys rock on to the finals! Devil’s Dukes lets go for it and fight till the end!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Inspiring and encouraging words are always a plus. Pictures were good too!

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