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CDL Day 5 Match Blogs (Part 1)

Match 1

SEGI Barbarians vs SUNWAY Pharoahs

By Cedric (SEGI Barbarians)

In physics it is stated that when the pressure increases the force decrease, BUT in when it comes to dodgeball, we break the laws of physics, because we can see that as the Campus Dodgeball League’s group stages are coming to an end we can see that every player is under such pressure that the force exerted by each player increases together.

Its Day 5, and what a start it gave. We watched Segi Barbarians take on Sunway Pharaohs. The Pharaohs looking to take a revenge on Segi Barbarians, who took them out them, 9-1 when the first met on Day 2 of Campus Dodgeball League. When a young team like Sunway gets beaten with mind blowing score lines, morale levels usually plummets down to the ground, and to look at them coming back to take the barbarians for the second time shows great sportsmanship and determination. Give it up for both TEAMMMMMMMSSSSSS SUNWAY PHAROAHS and SEGI BARBARIANS!!!! *CHEERS*

The first game of the day finally begun. Sunway making the first attack as the aimed and fired. Barbarians who came into this game not underestimating any team, dodge the balls fired at them like they were dancing ballet. Ballet is an art and has been a proven source in providing great agility and smoothness in sports. The first half ended with barbarians taking the lead 5 to nothing.

Dodggetes my dodggetes,w ho are definitely m source of inspiration and motivation, and I am very sure it’s the same to most of the players out there. Doddgestes brings the spitit back in the game, and when the barbarians dodggets performed my spirits were lifted.

Getting back to the game. Second half. YEAH!!! Can The pharaohs come back. 1.2 DODGEBALL AND the second half begun. Sunway and Segi were performing the Mozart of dodgeball. Sunway never giving the barbarians non-stop attacks. Segi who kept practiced newtons 3rd law, kept attacking sunway back. Barbarians finally won the game 11-0. It was a great win for the barbarians and great game too. Sunway Pharoahs were the great opponents





Judge’s Comments:

1. Great introduction, you managed to not only capture your reader’s attention – but keep it throughout your whole post!
One or two grammar mistakes here and there – do keep a lookout for those next time around.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 1

SEGI Barbarians vs SUNWAY Pharoahs

By Jeffrey Ong (SUNWAY Pharoahs)

The heartbeat, the passion, the determination from all the insane today in the stadium. We Sunway Pharaohs had successfully left a scar today in the Politeknik School. It’s not easy to play without a cheer leader team its like a bunch of soldier going for war without medic team but yet, we never gave up ourself. Being an non experience team and participating in such a big competition, we brought not just our body, we brought our soul of passion without thinking much and never tend to win. Instead, we rather go for the experience that you will never and ever get elsewhere!! We had trained ourself so hard that we always talk about it like the commando giving the command and plan the strategies. Although we lose in the game, we lose to the opponent, but, we never lose our passion of playing such an energetic game. As people always say, how do you win when you never lose? Being a winner ain’t easy but we will try hard and get to there which we believe soon! Lastly, all the best to ourself and opponent too because we will be stronger and stronger!!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Despite your efforts to make your post uplifting (which you succeeded in doing!) the grammar errors and sentence structure errors kind of made it hard to identify or relate to what you were saying.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2

UCSI Red Legion vs PSA Eagles

By Tyler Lim (UCSI Red Legion)

Yet again Red Legion have brought you an A game!

Today (11th day of October 2010) will be the 5th day of the tournament in Campus Dodgeball League (CDL).  This time Red Legion was assigned to play against the home ground, Eagles from PSA. And we were scheduled as the 2nd game of the day. Though it was kind of ‘cold’ in the beginning, but as the game was going on, the environment in the court was getting more and more heat. Though at first, I was feeling a bit thrilled with what is going to happen, but as the game keep playing, my team, The Legions have brought back my confidence as they were playing their heart out.

As for the first half, our captain (Benji) have picked 6 players who are Aaron, Jacky, Benji, Vanessa, Valerie and also Summer as the starting lineup for today during the short meeting before the game. For the first few games, Legions have controlled the game really well. And within minutes Legions had lead the game with 1 point. To us one point actually mean a lot to us, hence after leading the game, my fellow Legions  continued back with their main strategic which is try to stay alive throughout the whole game.

Even though I was only watching the game from the outside of the cage, I actually felt like throwing myself into the game to play with them in person. Though I am can’t play dodgeball that well, but I think that’s totally fine because to me the most important thing in dodgeball is to have fun. After a few minutes leading the game, Legions have won the second game which brings the score to 2 to Red Legion and 0 to Eagles. As what our captain has said before the game, ‘If we lead the game by 2, all the substitute players will play this I promise you all.’ As promised, Benji have changed the whole lineup with the substitutes.

Though the second team for the Legions was playing their hearts out as well, but Eagles won the 3rd game. Which have changed the scoreboard to 2 for Red Legion and 1 for the Eagles. To me, first half was really on my team’s side whereby we have leaded the Eagles with 6 to 1. As soon as the time stops ticking, first half was over. And during the break, Red Legions have sent out their own dodgettes to perform some dance move. To tell you the truth, they are really good!

After the dodgettes performed, second half begins right away. In the second half, Red Legion was really hyped up with the score, or in other words, they were feeling a bit more confident with the lead. After a few games, ten minutes just flew by just like that and Red Legions have won the match with the score of 8 against 1 for the Eagles.

To me, the star players of the day will be Aaron and Jacky. The reason being is because both of this Legion have caught quite a number of balls and also did a lot good throws which have helped the team to win the match. Well as for last words, I would like to shout out to the Eagles, a lost does not mean you will lose forever. You guys really did a great job yourself and you guys should be proud because you guys are only 2 months old, but people tend to think that you guys are professional players or in other words, experienced players. Keep up the good work Eagles, and till we meet again. Good luck with your games ahead.

As for my final words, I hope that everyone enjoyed the game and hope to see you all soon. Take care and good evening!

Red, Red ,Red Legion, RAWR~

Judge’s Comments:

1. Glaring grammatical and sentence structure errors – but I still believe you can do much better. Remember to not just report on the game, you have to engage with your reader, give them something to think about and make it interesting. Pictures were good!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 2

UCSI Red Legion vs PSA Eagles

By Nazri (PSA Eagles)

Perjumpaan perlawanan kedua buat PSA Eagles dan UCSI Red Legion.

Pada 11 Oktober 2010 bertempat di Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah telah berlangsung perlawanan kedua hari keempat. Perlawanan kedua adalah diantara pasukan Eagles dan Red Legion. Perlawanan ini berakhir dengan kemenangan milik pasukan Red Legion dengan mata 8 berbalas 1.  Eagles memulakan perlawanan 3 lelaki dan 3 perempuan dengan menurunkan Farizan 9, Irfa 56, Muhaimi 8, Nurul 11, Marziana 21, dan Atiqah 13. Pada perlawanan pertama ini, Eagles tewas pada minit pertama apabila Red Legion berjaya menumpaskan semua pemain yang berada di gelanggang. Selepas Red Legion mendapat mata pertama, mereka terus mendapatkan mata kedua apabila sekali lagi berjaya menewaskan Eagles pada minit ke-3 dan 25 saat.

Bola balingan dari Red Legion yang berjaya dielak oleh pemain Eagles

Perlawanan ketiga buat kedua-dua pasukan diteruskan apabila kira-kira minit 4 terakhir, Red Legion berjaya menyingkirkan 5 orang pemain di gelanggang dan mengekalkan seorang pemain Eagles untuk mendapatkan mata ke-3 pada 30 saat berikutnya. Perlawanan diteruskan dan kira-kira 2 minit terakhir Eagles akhirnya berjaya mendapat mata pertama untuk mendekatkan jurang dengan 3-1.


Perlawanan ke-5 diteruskan dan berakhir dengan kemenangan milik Red Legion apabila pasukan mereka berjaya mengekalkan lebih ramai bilangan pemain berada di gelanggang. Separuh masa pertama tamat dengan menangan milik Red Legion 4 mata berbalas 1 dengan Eagles. Perlawanan berehat dengan persembahan dari pasukan sorak kedua-dua pasukan. Eagles menggunakan tema 70-an.






Separuh masa kedua diteruskan dengan perlawanan melibatkan semua pemain lelaki. Eagles menurunkan Hafiz 18, Izzi 10, Affendi 23, Taufiq 1, Hazrin 3, dan Adam 4. Permainan dimulakan dan berakhir pada minit 2 dan 59 saat dengan mata milik Red Legion apabila 2 pemain Red Legion berjaya menangkap bola balingan Eagles yang masa kedua-dua bola tersebut hanya 3 saat sahaja. Perlawan diteruskan apabila Red Legion sekali lagi berjaya mendapatkan mata ke-6 untuk menyukarkan Eagles untuk mengejar pada minit kira-kira 3 minit terakhir perlawanan.


Perlawanan ke-8 diteruskan dan Benji dari pasukan Red Legion berjaya menangkap bola balingan dari Eagles membuatkan Red Legion terus dihadapan dengan 7 mata pada minit 8 dan 19 saat. Perlawanan terakhir diteruskan dengan harapan Eagles dapat merapatkan jurang tetapi nasib menyebelahi Red Legion apabila Eagles gagal untuk mengekalkan lebih ramai bilangan pemain di dalam gelanggang. Lalu, Red Legion terus mendapat mata ke-8 pada masa tamat. Tahniah di atas kemenangan Red Legion kali ke-2 pertemuan dengan Eagles. Eagles, jangan mengalah. Teruskan usaha sehingga CDL tamat!

Juru  ulas kedua-dua pasukan


Pasukan Eagles keluar gelanggang setelah pelawanan tamat

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great specific details on the game and players, the pictures complimented the text well too. Do try and challenge yourself next time around by coming up with a captivating introduction.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3

KDU Ronins vs UCSI Devil’s Dukes

I  am here to represent KDU Ronnis team to write the blog. Today are KDU Ronnis versus UCSI DevilDuke match. What a hard game for KDU Ronnis Team because all the players went into the match with full body injuring. The result of the game is KDU Ronnis got 1 point and UCSI DevilDuke got 8 points. That was really a nice game we seem before. KDU Ronnis’s players all were trying their best to show all the ability that they can do when in match. Although the result was not that good, but as long as whole team have teamwork and trying their best in the game. Even though the game was lose and they never give up. Still continue concentrate and focus in the game. Although all players was get injured during training, but they still stand with all the muscle pain and injured and play a nice game in the match. When the result was UCSI DevilDuke 8 points, KDU ronnis still 0 points, and the time of the match only left 3 seconds, KDU Ronnis never and ever give up and really trying their best to get at least 1 mark in the match. It was so interesting game that we can saw the spirit of never give up. Cause of the spirit of NEVER GIVE UP. KDU Ronnis team get 1 mark in this match even though they are suffer in injured. After the game today, KDU Ronnis will improve and become stronger and stronger until they can really beat every single dodgeball team. No matter how, I am her represent KDU Ronnis to said congratulation to UCSI DevilDuke team win the match. And KDU RONNIS…. DON’T GIVE UP, CONTINUE YOUR SPIRIT AND KEEP IMPROVE!!!! You all still the best in our mind!!! This week Wednesday will be another match that you all got chance to show ability!!!! Continue with it and you all can make it!!! Wednesday!!!! GAMBATE KDU RONNIS!!!!  You all can be more strong and better than this time. Next game will more good. ALL THE BEST KDU RONNIS!!!!!

Judge’s Comments:

1. I must applaud your efforts to keep your team’s spirit positive but please be careful with your grammar, tenses and sentence structure. Also, a few pictures or even an interesting title would have helped you score more points.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 3

KDU Ronins vs UCSI Devil’s Dukes

By Charity Lim (UCSI Devil’s Dukes)

As CDL proceeds on nearing its knock-out round, the games got more and more intense! I could barely tear my eyes away, hoping and praying to God that no mistakes were made again for today’s game. Last Wednesday, the Devil’s Dukes spirits were low although they won the game against the Avengers. They weren’t satisfied with their performance and knew they could have played better. But their spirits were lifted high, soaring again as the captain gave them a pep talk and told them they did well.

They were determined to do so much better in today’s game against the KDU Ronnins, and they didn’t disappoint the onlookers and the rest of the team’s supporters as they won the first round of 3+3 in just a minute’s time! Given that Casey’s arm was injured pretty badly, he did extremely well today and showed the rest what he was made of. “I apologize for my bad performance last Wednesday,” said Casey, “I’ll do my best and pour out all of my energy today!” They moved on to win the second and third round of the game.

The KDU Ronnins played extremely well themselves today! They have great counter attacks by one of their players, number 44. From what I observed, they fought till the very end and refused to give up, and indeed their determination paid off by managing to draw the last game of 3+3. This is our second time playing against you guys, and I can safely say you all have gotten a lot better from the last time the Devil’s Dukes played against you guys. Great job and keep it up!

Let me tell you, the Devil’s Dukes dodgettes sure surprised me this time! They went all out today and executed a fantastic routine complete with stunts that could make your heart stop beating for a second. I don’t know about all of you out there, but I was definitely stunned till my jaws were dropped. I’m pretty sure you saw that girl dropping down from that guy’s shoulders! A huge shout out to you girls, you girls showed your talents and courage and managed to leave us wanting more as usual!

Next up was the 6+0 all boy game. I’m sorry to say, but I did laugh at Casey’s stunned expression when his first shot of the ball was caught by his opponent from Ronins. Good job Ronins! But fortunately for the Devil’s Dukes they won their first game. The second and third game was also won, with a strong headshot by Jason! He’s been complaining that he couldn’t control his headshots and he seems to be using it a lot lately. So my apologies to the Ronins who got headshots from the Devil’s Dukes, they are sincerely sorry about it.

The fourth game got everyone pretty excited I must say. With just THREE seconds left on the clock, everyone wondered who will win this round. The Ronins managed to save their reputation by hitting Navid, our captain, with a chest shot and went on to win the last round, head held up high and filled with pride. The crowd cheered and applauded them with encouragement.

Trust me, these players, fierce and driven with determination, will be back on the court to show everyone what they’ve got. Until then, congratulations my Devil’s Dukes players! You guys did well and managed to get back on top form again after falling with low spirits. I can’ tell you how proud I am of all of you players, dodgettes and supporters alike. Keep it up! Go Devil’s Dukes~~

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great details on the game, however – it would have been better if the picture of your dodgettes team was placed either right after or right before your paragraph on them. Otherwise great effort!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4


By Adrian Anthony (TAYLORS Hyenas)

Nobody likes to lose. Period. More importantly, nobody would even contemplate about losing twice in a row, regardless of what sport they play, and the same could be said for the sport of dodgeball. After suffering a shocking 5-2 loss to Maestros from Metropolitan, Hyenas of Taylor’s Subang were looking to bounce back, to reclaim their pride against the Viper.  However, as always, things didn’t start in their favour.

At the start of the marshal’s wisthle, the Vipers initiated their new (and somewhat improvised) “shotgun” strategy, and it surprisingly paid didvidends, as they knocked out 2 Hyenas players. Though Hyenas, famed for their fighting spirit, put up an excellent fight, the Viper’s maintained their composure and this resulted in them leading 1-0 after approximately 90 seconds. At this point, it was as though someone had poured lemon juice on the Hyenas’ wounds.

With their initial strategy of catching failing them, Hyenas then came into the second game with a more offensive play, and true enough, the tide then swung in their favour as they leveled the score 1-1 with 6 minutes on the clock. However, the Vipers too introduced some great shooting aibility with both their guys and girls shooting. This unfortunately made the score 2-1 to Vipers. With that, the Hyenas introduced 2 shooters, namely Jun Hsien and Deepak. With their newly found resilience, the Hyenas made things all square with a 2-2 score at half time.

As per usual, both teams had their dodgettes perform at the interval, with both the performances by both teams turning out to be sexier than usual. Nevertheless, it was motivating indeed as their effort was brilliantly displayed.

After a quick break, the 6+0 second half commenced, with both teams introducing their strongest lineup to ensure a solid victory. At the start, Vipers attempted their shotgun maneuver, but it was unsuccessful as they fumbled the ball. Hyenas, felling a bit luck, turned on the heat with a barrage of missile like shots, but Vipers matched them shot by shot, and the crowd was entertained with some marvelous dodging by both teams. With the determination by the Hyenas, they managed to knock out all Vipers’ players with some scintillating attacking play to make things 3-2.

By now, the clock showed  a little under 3 minutes left, and Hyenas, who were hungry to seal both a victory and their spot in the next round, were looking to finish things up. Once again, the crowd was entertained with breathtaking shots and dodges by both sides, but Hyenas managed to hold their nerves and kill 3 players in a row, denting the momentum of Vipers. With just one minute left, Deepak of Hyenas slipped, but the Vipers’ player still shot him, prompting some protests by Hyenas. But, eing a true Hyena, Deepak stood up and fought on. In the end, Hyenas won the match 4-2.

“we don’t care if we win or lose, but we just make sure we win”. Trailing 1-0 at the start, the team once again demonstrated their fighting spirit for  the umpteenth time.

Judge’s Comments:

1. You’ve got a way with storytelling and your pictures went will with your text as well. Great job!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Match 4


By Nabilah (MASTERSKILLS Vipers)


ONE we would like to apologize for our previous blog post up, it was brief yet still reviving. Today another journey of the VIPERS and the HYENAS begins to show their talent on the court. Last match was a lil bit of a poor outcome, but well handled by the team.. Although some of our vipers can be fragile but the venom will always run in their veins.

TWO On the first round of match between Vipers and Hyenas was utterly a beautiful beginning, unlike last match, our team was off because there was no warm up, but this time we did. A good start by the both team and VIPERS scored 1 against Hyenas 0 at the 6.03 minutes, wasn’t even half of the match timing. Danson and eddly wasn’t able to dodge a ball during the 4.04 minutes. Both team were getting warmed up where HYENAS scored 1 against VIPERS (1), amazingly done by both team in giving hard team work during the match.

On the last couple of minutes, a nice shot gun was done by Dewi towards Danson, a good team work I should say because form there our team was smartly being defensive but yet striking! Which got us another score 2 and Hyenas 1

Apparently what our team was expecting didn’t actually turn to be quite right for the last few seconds, time wasn’t on our side tonight, which made us a tide with Hyenas 2-2 J but yet VIPERS was really grateful to have such a respect from the other team by giving our team such a good spirit to gain more energy and good footwork for the next men on men match.

After a good support from the viewers and our group support, both team were looking ready for the men on men match. After a score of 2, obviously both team would give anything to get another score further to make the team proud. By the 8.20 minutes Vipers was able to put out two Hyenas but then 2 minutes later Vipers was already pretty tensed, match end up with Andrew, damson, muis and roland  out of the court. Dylan good a good catch but sadly time wasn’t on our side again Vipers end up getting 2 and CONGRATS to HYENAS in getting a good score tonight (3) !



Judge’s Comments:

1. Good pictures and details on the match – well done!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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